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How to deadlift: 1. Bend over 2. Pick that shit up
Whoops here's the whole account: http://instagram.com/humansofmanhattan Fucking hilarious dude is top notch trolling lol http://instagram.com/p/pb1yhUFunX/ ALso, was gonna go to the WSO conference but airfare plus two nights at a hotel is like $800 fucking sucks
http://instagram.com/p/pWqc5UFuq7/ omg
Think I'm rounding my back again because my back aches after deadlifting today. Ugh
14" here oh well
I'm up to saving 30% of my net income. Still looking for places to cut costs. Hyped to start making a ton of money because I'm a minimalist at heart and will be able to bank a bunch of it. Everyone says your spending tracks your income but I don't think I'll get to that point like others do.
Glad you caught that subtlety
Feel like I owe everyone an update on this because she totally redeemed herself. Re: girlfriend not moving with me, she told me today she's applying to this dietetics program because if she starts this fall she'll get done in two years, possibly less depending on how many credits transfer from her ugrad. Given that I won't be starting school until next year, that's like 8-10 months apart if she moves after. She also told me she 100% understands that after I graduate...
What's "suck" mean? Long commute, big hassle? How long of a commute, why a hassle? I need more info brah.
NYCers, what would the commute from Hoboken to Columbia be like in terms of time, no. trains, etc. looks like PATH up to 33rd then the no. 1 uptown? Google says 45 mins but not sure if that's just PATH or the entire route. Doesn't look like there's any connections further up in Jersey closer to CBS either, just PATH down by Hoboken. Don't really wanna end up at Stern, but would love to live in Hoboken to save money and looks like a nicer place to live anyways, at least...
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