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I'm getting fat. Knee hurts so I've been skipping leg day. Probably a mistake, I'll try starting up again tomorrow. That is all.
When you get so keyed into the MBA process people talk about b-school rankings as if they're this massive deal. I talked to this guy that worked pretty high up at JPMC and now at a company that sort of does services for private equity firms, and he basically told me that a CBS MBA is about the same as an NYU MBA in NYC. And that there are going to be certain firms that only hire HSW, or only from a certain school, but that's pretty rare and that I've got just as good of...
Rejected at CBS, looks like I'm going to NYU.
Since we're talking about bench, BOOM! 230! Fuckin a right. Just keeps going up. Maybe that's because I ate a metric shit ton of food this weekend. 20 more pounds to go for my 250 bench goal on this bulk. Squat's at 305, 45 lbs away, and haven't deadlifted in ages so no idea where that's at. Weighing in at 193. Look much better than the last time I bulked up to 200 IMO so I'm finally doing it right. What's everyone benching in here nowadays anyways?
I get paid for travel expenses, i.e. gas.
I haven't accepted an offer of admission yet!
It's unpaid, it would just help my future career prospects and maybe to get into Columbia.
I'm being offered a position on the board of a health insurance company that was founded in the wake of PPACA and has made a lot of headway, I think it has like 55,000 insurees as of the last open enrollment period at least, so it's a pretty big operation. Board seats are 3 year terms. I think this would be a massive opportunity for my career, but I'm leaving for NYC in 6 months so I'm not sure how to handle this. I could do a few things: 1. Disclose upfront that I'm...
@fuji you asked me about clen a while back, and where I got it. I don't know if we're allowed to talk about sources here so I won't tell you. I bought the taurine I used while cycling at ar-r.com
grats bruvva
New Posts  All Forums: