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Do diets like PSMF actually work? I feel like if you ate 800 cals/day even if it's all protein it's the same as eating 800 cals of anything else and your strength would suffer something fierce
Show it to your gf and tell her to take care of it
Down to 193 with a month to go, should be in the 80's by the time the cut competition's done. Gonna smoke you guys
I get buzzed as fuck off three Miller Lites nowadays, it's pathetic. Not gonna be pretty when I go back to school and start partying again, fuck. NYC brahs aware me on why this apartment is so cheap: https://www.compass.com/listing/b8a774a57c79acc868ac7ea7aa1594feb305e202/view?origin=map Bad neighborhood? Something I'm missing? This search is going to be the death of me. EDIT: Here's...
lolol 3 beers a week is fine. Just count it in your calories, duh
Adding a rep to my bench every single time I go, 2300 kcals was a good target, thanks RHET.
Starting to stop caring about going to the gym. This always happens when I cut. When your numbers stop moving, or really really slow down, going to the gym seems so pointless. I skipped leg day yesterday, saying I'd do it today, and here I am debating on whether or not I should go today. Ugh.
Bro. If you get any businesses in the upper midwest under $10mm EBITDA and 10% cash flow hook me up, gimme that RHET discount brah. Esp. if they have a baller ass management team that wants to get up to like 40% ownership and work with some chill dudez to grow the biz.
Increase cals, ensure adequate protein
So I just ate generally healthy, had some sashimi, had beef & broccoli with rice as an entree, a bunch of edamame, only one or two pieces of some rolls, a small portion of fried calamari and half a small egg roll. Gonna book 1000 cals for it. Hoping this doesn't fuck up tomorrow's weigh in.
New Posts  All Forums: