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Less than a month til I move maybe. Might move on the first or the 14th, haven't decided yet. Six weeks til school starts. Still have no idea where we're living haha. I've generally been within my calories but haven't been tracking protein and fell off the gym wagon. Life is so hectic, I need to stop using that as an excuse tho.
Down to 181. Lifts went down a little because of that two week gym/diet hiatus. They're very, very slowly creeping back up, though, which is good. Shaved my chest yesterday. My belly is so smooth it feels bizarre but my tits are prickly and didn't seem to like it. Look way buffer though hahaha
Dreading the gym today. moving sucks
lol no just eating one meal today, it'll all fit into my cal/protein requirements (even if I have to drink lite beer).
Lost 3 lbs between yesterday and today. Gonna celebrate with some wings, beer and board games. 5 weeks until the move
Seriously. White people are the fucking worst
So after two weeks off, not dieting, not lifting, no sleep, I'm down to 185.2. Wtf? Feel like shit though. Went back to the gym last night and my strength went down a bit but guessing it'll bounce back once I get back on creatine and start actually eating protein. 25 lbs to go lol
Moving sucks. My life has been turmoil the past two weeks. That, trying to coordinate the move to NYC, work's picked up. Completely fell off the wagon on dieting and working out. I feel gross. Heading up to MN for the weekend, started dieting again today and will start working out again come next week. Working on a billion dollar deal at work that should really help pad my resume.
Wtf is guiasfenin? All you do is dose Bronkaid and caffeine pills.http://www.hotnfit.com/ecstack/ec-dosages
Shahi paneer is my favorite. It's essentially cubes of cheese (paneer) in a heavy tomato-cream sauce that you can put over basmati rice or dip naan in. The sauce is similar to chicken tikka masala if you've had that (which is also one of my favorites). Paneer is the shit.Hit the 10 lb mark finally! Though it's not an official weigh in and I'll probably be pigging out on Saturday, so I'm going to wait until Tuesday to call it official.
New Posts  All Forums: