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ILU guys for being honest with me. Gotta put my trust in the RHET because I've clearly not made much progress the past couple years.I'll up my cals to 2300 and see how that goes. If my lifts aren't going down, then I'm fine, right? I'm not doing any extra regular cardio I decided, fuck that.Also, question about GF's target. If she's not weightlifting then she can't really retain muscle, does it matter what calorie target she's cutting at and how much protein she's...
My problem is that I was hitting 2500 kcals when I was bulking. I only increased my cals to 3000 kcals when my bench stalled at 240, which was pretty close to the end of my cut. So starting at 2500 kcals didn't make sense to me. If I stall I'd just up the cals to maintenance for a week and go back down after.I don't really care about tracking fat/carbs, as long as I'm getting a decent amount of each.
I went down to 2000 kcals. My protein has fluctuated over the past week between 130-190g. I'm going to try to keep it up around 190-200g consistently though it'll be tough with the cals. I'm guessing I'll have to up my cals to ~2200-2300 for this cut but we'll see how the week plays out. I was super sick over the weekend and want to make sure that wasn't a factor.
Had a terrible workout last night. Not sure if it was because I was sick all weekend, haven't been taking in enough protein, haven't been drinking enough water, or if I'm running too big of a deficit. Going to up my protein and really watch my water intake this week, and get some solid sleep, and see how I do the rest of the week before deciding if I have to increase my cals. Gf consistent with calories. So far so good. One week down, like 30 to go haha. Got a coupon...
Someone help me figure out how many calories are in an ounce of cooked top round steak? These were pretty lean which is why I feel like I'm getting ridiculous calorie amounts. I'm guessing around 50 cals/oz cooked?
Three piece isn't boring...
I prefer charcoal
Went to the urgent care because my neck pain stopped at the end of my hyoid bone and today my thyroid area is super sensitive/tender. Doc felt my thyroid and all that jazz and didn't find anything wrong, said if I wanted to I could get a blood panel but recommended I do it through a primary care physician to save money and that he doesn't think whatever it is that's causing the tenderness is a huge deal. Fucking annoying but whatever at least I don't have any nodules.
I'm cutting at 2000 cals. I think it might be too much. Had a good workout last week, though I skipped Friday because I'm trying to see if my throat pain is from straining something in my neck while lifting. Gonna be back in on Monday and will prob have to up the cals when I suck.
Fuckkkkkkkkk, went to my boss's 50th birthday party last night, had a couple beers that I tracked. Then they brought in like 30 gigantic pizzas. Booked it before I ate anything, shit came close tho hahaha. Fuck I want some pizza
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