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Lifts are going up consistently. Almost every lift I was hitting higher reps last night. Feels fucking amazing. Finally making progress. It's amazing what you can do when you get enough protein and actually track what you're eating instead of just "eating big" and dreamer bulking.
My bench went up. Thank fucking god I'm not getting fat for nothing
Squatted for the first time since the injury today. Mostly high rep low weight stuff. Got up to 225. My hamstrings or adductors were actually aching really bad by the time I was done haha. DYEL reaction to not doing legs in weeks. Solid gains coming now that I've figured out how to easily get 250g protein/day. Just shit tons of meat and protein shakes. Also was having trouble getting cals in because I skip breakfast, discovered cookie dough. Ate 1000 cals like it...
Only if each wardrobe is also recreated with JC Penney clothes and a photo of Alpha M
Yes we can. That's the entire point of this thread...
Maybe they should pay me $4500 to direct them to my post.
That, a blazer and some tshirts and button ups and these guys would be better off than going with "Alpha M"
For $4500 you could buy a ToJ, some APC jeans, a pair of Aldens and a pair of CP among other things. Shit that could get you a pretty nice wardrobe.
Spreadsheets are awesome and powerpoint presentations practically make themselves once you move up to VP
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