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fuji is baking blonde brownies that are made out of chick peas vs. using eggs, a common attempt by women to cut the fat from eggs out. Many of which recipes are found on sites like Buzzfeed.
Ah, I see. Well you just seem bigger in general than me then, regardless of lifting. My arms were like 12-12.5" when I started. I'm also smaller than you so I have shorter arms, so I'm sure 14 inch biceps look better on me than they do you (at least I sure hope so).Here's some pics from earlier today. Not nearly as big as I was hoping I'd be at this point, nor lean. Going to FL beginning of Sept so I'm cutting until then. Will probably start bulking in October. With...
No I'm paid shit right now. Trading that off for getting my foot in the door and the incredible flexibility I have. Asking for a substantial raise after my boss writes my b-school LOR's. I'd like to get into a large fund after school but the odds are slim. However, I know someone at Blackstone and another person on the investor side that probably has a shit ton of contacts at mega funds so we'll see.
I'm already in PE and I'm worried about my post-MBA job prospects.
You mean smaller in size or strength or weight? How big are you?I've explained my issues a while ago. Basically they're this:1. Laziness/business getting in the way of getting to the gym consistently.2. A lack of understanding on how to diet properly.3. A lack of willingness to diet properly.4. A couple minor injuries.I'm pretty on point now, for the most part, finally. I don't think I'm much smaller than you, though.I made this cheesecake with fat free greek yogurt...
whoo 14" biceps, feelsgoodman especially after the weight I lost, was worried my arms were gonna shrivel up into little sticks
Fatshion http://red3blog.tumblr.com/tagged/fatshion wait for the panty cameo
I had my first golf lesson today. Never golfed. It was a bunch of fun, hyped to actually get good enough to play.
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