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I hate feeling bloated though. I've been full of water for like the last week and a half, it sucks. I'm sure it'll get worse as I get leaner too.
Made some pretty damn good slow cooker pork, but put a bunch of oil in. Think I'll portion it out per porkchop as I eat them. Is that how you guys would do it? Two weekends ago I ate a ton of pizza, I budgeted for the calories by lowering the day before and day of, but still got a ton of sodium in and got bloated as fuck (~8 lbs gained). Drank on Monday and Tuesday (not a ton), but budgeted it all, but have been carrying a ton of water ever since. Alcohol dries me up...
Thanks! Bitching about money aside, I think it's going to be great.
FT MBAYeah our max is $6,000/mo.
Because everyone I've talked to in my program is living close to campus and I'd like to as well, and I'd like to live with classmates, and I'm not freaking out too much about the debt I'll have after graduating. I won't save much money between a 3br in the east village and a 1br in Brooklyn, in fact the 1br would probably be more expensive.
I believe I can make an appeal to get more loans if that's the case, I just wish they gave me more money up front.
East Village isn't most expensive, which is likely where I'll end up. I suppose I'm complaining that they don't give me more debt.
I spent my savings on the application process. I only have a moderate amount of savings left. No apartment yet, roommate is heading up next week to apartment hunt and will Skype with us from apts so we can check them out without flying out. I'm living close to NYU my first year at the very least, girlfriend will prob come out April if the relationship survives, and we'll likely move out to Brooklyn or Queens then.Not going out too much will be challenging I think. I'll...
That includes everything - rent, travel, food, utilities, phone bill, etc... I'm not looking forward to being poor again. To be honest my main concern is having money to travel while in school, as I know a lot of people do that and I don't want to miss out.
Just found out I'm going to have to live off like $17,000 from mid-August to December in NYC. Shit. Bloated as fuck today, I gotta stop eating so much salty shit on the weekends.
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