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Just think about it this way, your money is sitting in stocks that could go back to even, but instead you could be investing that money in new winners.
Ate a rack of baby back ribs today, off the grill, with homemade bbq sauce. No idea how to count that, all I had besides that was a glass of chocolate milk. Don't wanna eat more and risk going over blah. Feel pretty gross and bloated/fat right now. Ugh, this cut is going. so. slow. Broke into the 170's, just barely, a couple days ago. 180 right now so hopefully will be back down come the morning. Lifts are maintaining or going up slowly, which is all good. 8 more...
Analysts are kicked out after two years at most banks. VP's become MD's.
Interesting. How are the statements already linked to the model? I mean yeah you can create a generic statement for the model, and input the numbers, similar to what you find on Tradeking but for a company it doesn't always tell the full story. For example, we were looking at a boat manufacturer that made the boat and supplied motors from other manufacturers, so their revenue was broken out between these two line items, which was actually an important thing to know for...
Running them, not building them.Anyways, I don't know what your models look like but it still takes work to run one - inputting the financial statements, adding/removing statement line items to correspond to the specific business, linking the statements to the model and adjusting your pages accordingly, changing the model to cover the specifics of a given company/industry, etc.
trollin deep, i like it kunk
lol, I shouldn't have used that term. I don't really believe in the concept of "stubborn fat" but used the term because that's what Lyle's book is called that goes into detail about YC stack. Also I'm 26, but don't see how that matters much. I'm not on clen, think fuji took it before though. Also Yohimbine HCL is cheap as fuck, like $20/mo for my weight.
Works with what, fat loss? It's an alpha-2 antagonist that helps with stubborn fat loss, i.e. when you get down closer to your goal weight, but is inhibited by insulin so you have to take it fasted. Still premature for me to be taking it probably, but I think it'll help me better keep up with my diet/exercise.
Wow first took Yohimbine today. Half dosage but had a lot of effect. A little jittery, but super thirsty and peed like a motherfucker. Somehow after having a bottle of water and a soda I peed like 6 times, wtf. I'm also down in weight, thought it was supposed to make you retain water, weird. Also, boners. Going to take 10g BCAA pre-workout, then YC shortly thereafter. Hopefully insulin will be back down like an hour after BCAA's and won't affect the YC. Might throw...
You're in London still right? Are you just formatting powerpoints or do they have you doing DD/modeling?
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