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That includes everything - rent, travel, food, utilities, phone bill, etc... I'm not looking forward to being poor again. To be honest my main concern is having money to travel while in school, as I know a lot of people do that and I don't want to miss out.
Just found out I'm going to have to live off like $17,000 from mid-August to December in NYC. Shit. Bloated as fuck today, I gotta stop eating so much salty shit on the weekends.
lol I don't have a month to relax I'm working up until 8/12, we've got two active deals and post-deal wrap up on another to finish up so I'm swamped.
20 more lbs, let's see if I can get that down to 15 before moving.
LAUNCH starts August 19th. Not sure when classes actually start. I'll be moving there 8/13 and my roommates (classmates) 8/15. I'm excited for that and the Wharton case competitions, but will have to see how busy I'll be. No idea what everyone does all day but they always say you're insanely busy during school.
Why are you looking at part time programs if you're not around the school? Are you going to actually move to attend a part time program? Or are you talking about doing the EMBA thing where you fly in for a weekend?
Here's a great flip side to using programming. My bosses had a massive spreadsheet that had a worksheet for each of our investors and their individual statement. It was a massive document. I got it down to a single worksheet using very simple VBA and some more "complicated" Excel formulas. Now they need me for life because they have no idea how to do any of that stuff. Suppose that's both a blessing and a curse. They want to keep me on as a part time contractor while...
Everyone prob just got fucked over on the holiday weekend like me.
Less than a month til I move maybe. Might move on the first or the 14th, haven't decided yet. Six weeks til school starts. Still have no idea where we're living haha. I've generally been within my calories but haven't been tracking protein and fell off the gym wagon. Life is so hectic, I need to stop using that as an excuse tho.
Down to 181. Lifts went down a little because of that two week gym/diet hiatus. They're very, very slowly creeping back up, though, which is good. Shaved my chest yesterday. My belly is so smooth it feels bizarre but my tits are prickly and didn't seem to like it. Look way buffer though hahaha
New Posts  All Forums: