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Didn't think about it tbh. Found some more affordable shit on Airbnb tho
Shitty there isn't anywhere cheap around Penn Station to stay for a couple nights, planning out this week long trip to visit schools and half the budget is for two nights in NYC ffs.
Despite getting 2.5 hrs of sleep, had a great gym sesh this morning. Squat is coming back up, making sure my form is on point this time. New gym is completely dead after like 8:30am, it's so nice. Got some ON chocolate whey, shit's delish. Got some Xtend watermelon madness BCAA's so I can start on YC soon. Heading down to Chi to check out Booth in a couple weeks, still gotta schedule my east coast visits, shit's gonna be fucking expensive - 4 days driving around...
agree with kasper, also I have my books for sale still if you wanna buy them
God I'm glad I'm not all blocky looking like that
So close to breaking into the 170's. This cut is taking fucking forever.
Just started researching TOWR, anyone have any insights?
Jeans suck, as do most pants. The waist on my workpants is just ridiculous but had to do it to fit my ass in em.Gimme some dealflow brah.
How to deadlift: 1. Bend over 2. Pick that shit up
Whoops here's the whole account: http://instagram.com/humansofmanhattan Fucking hilarious dude is top notch trolling lol http://instagram.com/p/pb1yhUFunX/ ALso, was gonna go to the WSO conference but airfare plus two nights at a hotel is like $800 fucking sucks
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