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I have the biggest ass here. Shopping for pants is a fucking nightmare. Express are the only slacks I've found that fit me, and that's only after buying them with a huge waist and getting it taken in. And they still don't fit 100%. Sucks! Started doing cardio again, fml Scale broke, no idea where I'm at weight wise but still chubby
Pumping Iron's on Netflix. Just watched it and it inspired me to put together a weekly diet plan and stop being a lazy fuck
nvm, duh
I just finished paying my admissions consultant off, $4000 out of savings. Also had to pay $150 for my schools to just be able to look at my GMAT scores. Taking a week long trip to check out schools in September which'll probably cost around $1000 but I'm gonna try to shoestring it. Then I get to pay $1500 to apply to schools. Then pay for more trips to schools I get interviews at. Then a trip to the school I'm accepted at to convince my girl to move with me.
Wow I forgot about this place for a while. Did I miss anything?
nvm books sold for $120 on ebay
Checked out Booth today, shits legit. Pissed I forgot to check out the gym tho
Yeah her arch is ridiculous
TFW you get shown up by a 13 year old girl
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