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Every single piece of sushi or sashimi I look up are all over the place for calories. What do I do? Thinking about just getting the beet salad.
The GMAT at the 700+ level doesn't really test you on grammar or math, it basically at that level is testing you on how well you can take the GMAT. There are absurd tricks and rules that the GMAT has that you need to remember and apply if you want to get a solid score. A lot of the higher level reasoning questions, for example, have a choice that sounds correct but based on the laws of the GMAT another one is the better choice. It's absurd. So you have to study your...
Yes that's somewhat high but not uncommon. Harvard is 730, as is I think Wharton. I got 750 and it was pretty damn tough.
Yeah I can pack away rolls like no other. I'll probably just eat a snack beforehand, get some edamame and a small dinner. Problem is these dinners typically go on for 2-3 hours and they order like everything on the menu. Was incredible last time because I was at a steakhouse and bulking but now it'll be tough.
Not a fan of sashimi at all. Maybe I haven't had the good stuff, IDK.
I have a board dinner on Monday that I have to go to that's at a sushi restaurant, how the hell do I track that shit? Here's the menu if that helps: http://www.umamimoto.com/pdf/umami_moto_menu.pdf
Throat still aches somewhat. Weird because one day when I was sick my thyroid was super sensitive and felt like a bruise or a pulled muscle if I pushed on it or looked up, but the doc said he didn't feel anything and that it's probably just something that will go away, and that if I want to take some blood samples he could but didn't think it'd be really worth it. Gonna try to wait it out I think. I told the insurance company I'm on the board of that I'm leaving, and I...
All that shit in there is there for the same reason that there's a whole section on "ethics"
Seriously considering getting a Saturday job for the summer just to have an extra ~$1,000 in savings for when I start school. What should I look into?
BTW, PB2 in greek yogurt is my new favorite thing. Any flavor, one serving PB2 per cup. Fuckking delicious
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