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post-injury rhet squat bros PIRHETSQBFL
Back to squatting again. The upper back injury I sustained a couple months ago still lingers somewhat, though. Some mornings I wake up and it just feels like I slept on it wrong, but the achiness is in the same spot. It usually goes away in a couple hours, and isn't even every night. There's a dull ache in the same spot after lifting that isn't really painful but I can feel it. No idea what's going on but whatevs. Got my squat back up to 285, which is lame given I...
I graduated with a 3.0 gpa from a no-name local public university. I worked two jobs after school, each in small no-name companies, before getting a job at a (small, no-name) private equity firm. Been working here a year. Interviewed at Booth, Tuck and NYU. Accepted at NYU. Still waiting to hear back from Columbia. B-schools are much, much more flexible and open to unique stories and situations than other businesses, so it's a good way to move up if you're not a...
She did ask me about my opinion of her cancelling her membership and getting the treadmill and using like dumbbells and shit at home to work out, but she wasn't actually interested in my advice so I gave her a really "whatever you want" type response.
It's not my goal. She's like committed to losing the weight, she just sucks at it. She doesn't even have a plan when she goes to the gym so I was basically like, no fucking shit you're unmotivated to go to the gym, because you just have no idea what you're going to do and dick around for a bit without having any real workout or tracking your progress.Actually, I politely told her she should think about structuring a program and offered to help but she doesn't like my...
LOL her goal not mine.
I just crushed 215 so I'll be trying 3x5x220 next time. I never do 1rm.lolShe's 5'0" and her cutting calories should be like 1000/day but she refuses to do that because everyone says going under 1200 is "dangerous" which is obviously bullshit because she's fucking tiny. Her stupid personal trainer that I bought her said that too, he actually had her up her calories which I get that she should have more because of what he was having her do but IMO what he's having her...
Girlfriend lost 30 lbs then fell off the wagon and gained a bit back. Now she wants to cancel her gym membership and get a treadmill. Why the fuck wouldn't you just keep doing the same thing you were doing when you lost the initial 30? WTF??? Also, 5 lbs away from a two plate bench. Fucking can't wait, pretty sure I've gone up a cup size brahs. 25lb gain on bench ain't no joke.
Yeah I absolutely loved it. Knocked my interview out of the park. Still rejected.I think it's better anyways, at least now I'm in NYC which is where I ultimately wanted to end up anyways and the NYU/CBS MBA's are extremely well recognized/regarded in the city in finance because they're right there so it works out.
Rejected from Harvard, Wharton, Booth, Tuck
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