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That's because it is
Not really. Depository account's aren't actually money. They're just agreements between the bank and the depositor that the depositor has a claim on the value of the deposit account in "base money" i.e. bank reserves and currency. So money in an account isn't actually money but a contractual agreement, in other words it's basically the depositor lending the bank the money at near-zero interest for the advantage of having it secured in a highly liquid asset.When a...
Banks can't really "create money" in the economy because the increase in bank deposits is offset by a corresponding asset - the loan. When a bank loans money, they "create money out of thin air" by increasing the depository account liability of the debtor, but they also receive an offsetting loan asset. No new net financial assets are created. The only way net financial assets are created in the private sector is by the government adding or removing money through fiscal...
Private banks can't create money out of thin air brah. Only the government can create/destroy money through spending/taxation.
Companies can't even exist that create value for anyone but themselves. All companies have customers that they have to satisfy, that have to perceive a value in utilizing their services, or they wouldn't exist.
Well I'll probably end up staying in NYC because I don't want to have to move again, unless we really hate living there. I wouldn't be opposed to moving back but it's easier to get a summer internship and leverage that into a full time offer anyways, and I'll be doing all my networking in NYC so I'll probably get a job there anyways which means I'd be staying.Goal is to eventually start my own multi-family office / LBO hybrid type firm like where I'm working at right now....
We have pretty nice offices and we're in the building of a social club so I can go down for a steam if I want. Also have a rooftop bar and regular bar on the 1st floor for members so I can grab a drink after work. Also have a restaurant in the building so I can meet with associates for breakfast/lunch without leaving the building, and event space if we need to have a meeting or event. If I don't feel like having a drink in my office because we have a full bar and fridge...
BTW about my job prospects just talked to my boss who's been in the industry since the 80's and he thinks I have a great deal more experience than other people at my level given how much they've gotten me involved in, only thing I don't have is the experience churning deal models at an IBD FT Analyst job. But I'll let you know how it goes in like 10 months when I start looking for a summer internship.
Yes but I also get to see Damodaran
Most people come out making $100-150k, probably most closer to $100k.http://www.stern.nyu.edu/programs-admissions/full-time-mba/career/employment-statisticsHowever, a lot of these people were making good money beforehand anyways, so have little/no debt and savings so they don't have to take on as much debt. I have no savings and so will be fully funding with debt.
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