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I get buzzed as fuck off three Miller Lites nowadays, it's pathetic. Not gonna be pretty when I go back to school and start partying again, fuck. NYC brahs aware me on why this apartment is so cheap: https://www.compass.com/listing/b8a774a57c79acc868ac7ea7aa1594feb305e202/view?origin=map Bad neighborhood? Something I'm missing? This search is going to be the death of me. EDIT: Here's...
lolol 3 beers a week is fine. Just count it in your calories, duh
Adding a rep to my bench every single time I go, 2300 kcals was a good target, thanks RHET.
Starting to stop caring about going to the gym. This always happens when I cut. When your numbers stop moving, or really really slow down, going to the gym seems so pointless. I skipped leg day yesterday, saying I'd do it today, and here I am debating on whether or not I should go today. Ugh.
Bro. If you get any businesses in the upper midwest under $10mm EBITDA and 10% cash flow hook me up, gimme that RHET discount brah. Esp. if they have a baller ass management team that wants to get up to like 40% ownership and work with some chill dudez to grow the biz.
Increase cals, ensure adequate protein
So I just ate generally healthy, had some sashimi, had beef & broccoli with rice as an entree, a bunch of edamame, only one or two pieces of some rolls, a small portion of fried calamari and half a small egg roll. Gonna book 1000 cals for it. Hoping this doesn't fuck up tomorrow's weigh in.
I prefer to hit my calories and have control over when I take a break/cheat/whatever meal instead of doing it just because something I'm going to for work gives me the opportunity.
lol no you guys guilted me out of that
Even when I look up pieces of sashimi in MFP the calories are all over the place.
New Posts  All Forums: