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Pho 32 for lunch. It was alright, I've had better. The vegetarian bowl my girlfriend got was extremely bland.Trattoria Trecolori by Times Square for diner Friday night which was pretty damn good and reasonably priced. Afterwards went to Campbell Apartment for a drink, which was really pricey but definitely worth it.Saturday I had a lunch with other students at Pagani. It was alright (and free). We had a reception at Dream hotel, and then a social event at 1OAK which...
Back from NYC. Had a great time. Hit up some great restaurants and ate my face off, but walked enough that my gf actually lost weight and I probably did too. Gonna have to find a place in Manhattan for a couple months which will be interesting. Cut starts today, gonna do it right this time.
Nice, thanks. Had no idea. Sounds like a good plan if you find it worthwhile.Hit my bench today, which means my long time goal of benching 250 is finally DONE. Fuck yes! Great note to end this bulk on.
Are there any solid part-time progs in CA?I'm going FT starting August at NYU, inbox me if you have questions.
Here's a general question, does anyone know how many incremental maintenance calories are added per lb lbm to BMR? Is there any estimate of this? Further, if I knew my exact body composition, would I be able to know my BMR to a pretty accurate figure?
It's finally warming up here so I'll probably start biking to work (~4 mi/day) for cardio, and will prob just be more active generally. Was considering hitting the elliptical for some LISS 2x/day but think that'd be more harmful than anything if I already have a solid deficit. I'll target 2500 and work from there. Still planning on keeping protein up to like 200g, though. Thanks for all the advice everyone.
Upped to 3000 like two weeks ago I think because my bench had stalled at 240 for three weeks.How do you know how low you can go on a cut, though? That's my question. I thought when your lifts start suffering you know you've too far. And cardio only increases the deficit I thought, and you'd get the exact same effect by just lowering calories instead. Is that wrong?I pound water now, have a Nalgene at my desk that I go through 3-4x/day.
I haven't really been gaining weight since going to 3000 kcals. My weight stalled at around 195-197 and has been hovering around there ever since.
Strong criticizing dude, thanks. So after this weekend (vacation) I'll be starting my cut, and I think the only piece of the puzzle left for getting aesthetic is knowing where to set my calorie goals (am getting to the gym consistently, am counting calories, staying hydrated, getting sleep, etc.). For example, on this bulk when I first started I was targeting 2500 kcals which really isn't a lot. Granted, some days I would allow myself to eat over, but typically I'm...
The 1000 lb goal was because I'm running a strength program and it was tangible. I figured it would be worthwhile to build a base from a strength perspective first because I do want to be strong. Obviously my goal isn't to be a powerlifee but I thought it'd be good to at least be strong. And yeah from a pl perspective 1000 lbs is shit but let's be realistic here, outside of pl that's pretty damn strong, at least stronger than most average gymgoers. Anyways, I get what...
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