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It's actually already feeling much better. Still definitely fucked up but I think I just tweaked it a bit. Day or two of ice, couple days on the heat pad, a chiropractor and deep tissue and I should be good to go.
I'm going to try to ice/heat it for a couple days and see how it goes, I think.
So the past week or so I've felt really weird, like a dull pain in my chest that would get worse if I breathe in really deeply. I sort of had a cold so I didn't think much of it, but I did wonder if it was some kind of back issue. Fast forward to today, back in the gym for the first time in forever, squat day. I'll admit I didn't warm up enough. My warm up sets were okay. So went to do my first work set and felt okay throughout the set, then I rack the bar and get a...
Set up the safety bars and go to failure a couple of times and you'll stop being scared.
I'm thinking about just going without. I don't know. My house is on a bus line that drops me off right from my work. Only thing that sucks is grocery shopping, but my gf has a car and we might be moving in together soon.
I hate debt (lol)
Dartmouth is the only school I'd want a car at so it'd suck to buy one just for 10 months. I'm fucking broke as it is.I think I have decent shot based on everyone I talked to at the schools. In my Tuck essay my interviewer (a second year student and employee of RBC Investment Banking) opened the interview with "you have an extremely impressive resume, you've done so much and are already doing what most of us go to get an MBA for. Why do you even want an MBA?" I was...
My car is junk. I have 10 months until I leave for school. WTF am I supposed to do now. New junk car would still be like $1500. Bus pass is $60/mo. Dammit.
I don't know how to cook chicken without it tasting shit, without using butter or oil. I just put up with it. How are you guys cooking your BSCB's?
Just got back from a huge east coast trip visiting Wharton, Columbia, Stern, HBS and Tuck. Ate shit the whole time and clearly put on weight hahaha. It was worth it though. Gonna get back into the groove on Monday, cut until I'm done interviewing (so I know I can still fit in my suit) and then start an actual bulk instead of just getting fat.
New Posts  All Forums: