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Thanks, probably can't wait due to starting school in a couple weeks but that's fine. Now to decide on color...
Any coupon codes for BB right now? Probably going to snag a Filson bag off the site and wanted to check.
Originally looked like the 256 was out of my price range, but I'll be carrying this around for years so I might as well get something nice. I also have a Brooks Brothers gift certificate and they're selling the bag which makes it an even easier decision.Would the 256 fit a 15" laptop in a sleeve (because the bag doesn't have padding), a textbook and maybe a notebook or two?
Looking for a bag for school, that can carry my laptop and one or two books. Was thinking it'd probably be a messenger bag but open to suggestions. Budget
Hitting 170's made my motivation skyrocket. Going to the gym to do cardio today, might just start doing 30 mins cardio every day. Diet is on point. I've been starting to gook more, we moved into a one bedroom so have a ton more counter space to actually cook. It's incredible what a couple extra square feet of counter space can do to motivate you to cook. Might try making my own pasta this weekend and freezing some, we'll see how it goes. Getting lunch in a bit with a...
Yeah veggies go through me like nothing, I'd be hungry in 30 mins after eating that many carrots if I hadn't killed myself beforehand for having such a miserable diet.I'm finally in the 170's! 179. Finally moving again. Lost 7 lbs of water weight over the past couple days. 19 lbs to go haha.Should I start EC at the 15 or 10 lb mark? Wanted to hit YC when I get down there to help with lower belly fat, too, which would probably be the last 5-7 lbs.
Just do what I do: two whole eggs and as many egg whites as you want. Scramble that bitch with 2% cheddar or fat free cheese and some green onions.
What? I eat sooo much meat on a cut. Lean meat is insanely satiating, too.
6 eggs in butter lol.Eat boneless skinless chicken breasts instead of rotisserie or ground (or either grind bs chicken yourself or have the store grind it for you so there's no fat).
For everyone into metal, Ahab released a new track off their new album which is coming out soon. Sooooooo good.
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