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I haven't really been gaining weight since going to 3000 kcals. My weight stalled at around 195-197 and has been hovering around there ever since.
Strong criticizing dude, thanks. So after this weekend (vacation) I'll be starting my cut, and I think the only piece of the puzzle left for getting aesthetic is knowing where to set my calorie goals (am getting to the gym consistently, am counting calories, staying hydrated, getting sleep, etc.). For example, on this bulk when I first started I was targeting 2500 kcals which really isn't a lot. Granted, some days I would allow myself to eat over, but typically I'm...
The 1000 lb goal was because I'm running a strength program and it was tangible. I figured it would be worthwhile to build a base from a strength perspective first because I do want to be strong. Obviously my goal isn't to be a powerlifee but I thought it'd be good to at least be strong. And yeah from a pl perspective 1000 lbs is shit but let's be realistic here, outside of pl that's pretty damn strong, at least stronger than most average gymgoers. Anyways, I get what...
Fat goes straight to my tire, dude, it sucks. My abs are still noticeable and I even have quad separation ffs makes no sense.I figured out how to successfully bulk like halfway through this bulk so should see cleaner bulks down the road.
lol how am I in denial? I'm starting a cut probably after this week now
lolol thanks. I'm serious in that I've always weighed a lot even when I was lean as fuck. That photo where I look like a concentration camp survivor I was at like 160-165 and I've added muscle since then. No way I'll ever be at that weight again. I think it's because I have a huge fucking head TBH, should get that shit weighed.EDIT: Yeah, this was at 158 two years ago.
Didn't see your edit, sorry. I've always weighed more than normal, though, even at the bottom of my cuts. If I did 165 I'd be like 4% bf. Don't think I'll ever be that low again.Here's a photo from like a week ago in lighting that isn't complete shit. I think I've put a decent amount of muscle on, but my next bulk will definitely be hypertrophy. By the time this cut is over I'll prob be in school and able to do a 5-7x/wk lifting prog.Also, opinions on APT correction...
Just standing.
5'7 198
Only place in the house photos don't look shit unfortunately. But you answered zero of my questions cunt
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