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What? I thought you were British.Decided I'm gonna train for a triathlon because I need something to work towards. Should be stupid. Which reminds me, where is jarude's swim guide?
Dude wtf is this bullshit
My fucking HBS essay is stressing me the fuck out. These next four days are gonna suck ass
My girlfriend looked at me like an idiot when I told her I'd rather go to Epcot than Magic Kingdom. She just doesn't get it. But she will.
Haven't gone to the gym in forever. Fuck. Going to FL in a couple days hopefully the tan I'm getting will accentuate my tiny muscles and reduce the pudge. Gonna drink around the world in Epcot, can't wait.
fuji is baking blonde brownies that are made out of chick peas vs. using eggs, a common attempt by women to cut the fat from eggs out. Many of which recipes are found on sites like Buzzfeed.
Ah, I see. Well you just seem bigger in general than me then, regardless of lifting. My arms were like 12-12.5" when I started. I'm also smaller than you so I have shorter arms, so I'm sure 14 inch biceps look better on me than they do you (at least I sure hope so).Here's some pics from earlier today. Not nearly as big as I was hoping I'd be at this point, nor lean. Going to FL beginning of Sept so I'm cutting until then. Will probably start bulking in October. With...
New Posts  All Forums: