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Maybe they should pay me $4500 to direct them to my post.
That, a blazer and some tshirts and button ups and these guys would be better off than going with "Alpha M"
For $4500 you could buy a ToJ, some APC jeans, a pair of Aldens and a pair of CP among other things. Shit that could get you a pretty nice wardrobe.
Spreadsheets are awesome and powerpoint presentations practically make themselves once you move up to VP
I'm more of a Keynesian but I think that Stern is a worse program overall, and has worse positioning for PE. Also think Booth's academics are stronger, though I like Stern's focus on leadership which Booth is lacking.Sounds miserable.
Are you getting out of banking?
Haven't been here in a while. Interviewed at Booth and Stern, will probably end up at Booth. Not too hyped on NYC schools. Tuck doesn't sound too appealing as it's in the middle of nowhere. Been only working on upper since injuring my back. My back feels fine but I'm just worried I'm going to reinjure it. I'll probably start lower again this week. Also going to prep some meals today for the week.
USA/MEX/UK 32 EUR 42 Denim Collection Zara Jeans 98% cotton, 2% elastane makes these extremely soft and comfy. These are either slim or skinny fit. Just don't fit me anymore, they were pretty tight when I got them and too much gym time means my legs are too big. Asking price is $40 plus shipping.
Booth interview invite fuck yes. Also successful upper day at the gym, good times.
I feel like Blake Scott is one of those guys that will never really look that good no matter how well he dresses. Especially when he has that scum stache, wtf is he thinking
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