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One of the partners just recommended I take the afternoon off on Monday to go out to the bars because he is. I was telling the other partner that I'm getting breakfast with a friend at 5am on Monday for St. Patrick's day, and he said that if I "get on a roll" feel free to take the day off, and that it's not a big deal if I miss the conference call we have at 8am about a potential deal. Is this real life
Already at 190 this morning, 18 more lbs to go
The whole idea of what "real women" look like is stupid. All women are real, and they all look different. Some just look better than others.
Oh I thought you were just talking about going for an informational interview, not an admissions interview.
If you're applying to the school, you need to visit it in person. If you're applying to schools that do interviews in round two, they are going to ask you if you visited.
My girlfriend is finally in the groove on the whole working out/dieting thing which is awesome. I bought her a personal trainer, 4 sessions a week with my friend, and she's been so motivated she bought her own 4 so she's going twice as much, she's going to the gym regularly and even swimming with her friend a bunch. She's also recording everything in MFP and eating her calorie target and hitting her macro ratio. So proud of her, so many feels. She introduced me to my...
BB glute bridges are better.I have three lumps on my right leg, seem to be in the skin but pretty deep and only slight discoloration on my skin on two. My lymph nodes are super tender, but that might be a bruise from doing bb glute bridges a couple days ago. Now I feel like I have cancer, fucking google didn't help.
fuji how tall are you?
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