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Feel empathy for the fat fucks? No thanks.
Am I the only one that loves those situations so I can hate on people for being stupid fucks?
Just do them cross armed. That's the only way I can comfortably do them too.
Thanks. I'm also gonna look at 1br's to see if we can find one that she'd be interested in moving into so then I don't have to move again in April.
Yeah doing the sublet thing is what my gf said I should try to do, which is probably what I'll end up having to do, unless I get a place that she could move into for the summer and find a new place when that lease is up. How do I find sublets, and how do I find brokers?
How do I hire a broker and what do they cost? My budget is flexible as I'm living off debt, and am planning on getting a cheaper place come April so the rents will balance out. So not sure what to set my budget at. Also, not disregarding Brooklyn, just want to live in Manhattan August-April to do it once and it'll be convenient for school.Gym is important broI'll be attending school at NYU the entire time I'm in this apartment.
lol doubt it, she'd stress eat more then because she'd miss me so much.NYC brahs, looking to move 8/1. Probably gonna have to get a studio/1br. Want to live in Manhattan, keep it under $2500/mo. Wat do? Original plan was to find a dece gym and then find an apt around that, but it sounds like dece gyms are everywhere? Also, what neighborhoods aren't shitholes? East Village seemed alright, as did Greenwich Village. Some people rec'd Upper East Side. Gramercy seemed...
If you googled you'd know that you probably have knee cancer. RIP in peace
I've had days where I gain 10 lbs ffs, you weigh in dry as hell in the morning and crush a bunch of carbs and drink a little bit of fluids and you'll gain a bunch of weight, but it's just water.
As long as I can maintain muscle and don't end up back at square one. Just have to hit the gym consistently.Girlfriend has been trying to lose the weight since we started dating like three years ago. She sucks at it because she's never consistent and keeps trying bullshit diets. Hoping that us doing it together and her seeing the measurements get smaller even if the scale doesn't move will help her out. She just has major emotional eating issues and then when she fucks...
New Posts  All Forums: