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lol the last place I stayed at was by times square and had a twin bed in the "hotel room" with a communal bathroom split between like three rooms at the end of the hall shit was still $150/night.Finally got up to 240 bench. 10 more lbs to go!
Yeah I know, I know. We're flying out super early on Friday, though, which is why.
I'm still bulking. Going til I hit 250 bench, 350 squat, 400 deadlift and finally enter the 1000 lb club. That might take me into the summer, though, but whatever, I'll just have more muscle to look better when I eventually do cut anyways. My clothes are starting to not fit, though, including my suit. That's not good. Girlfriend is pissed I'm not cutting with her because she can't stand the oreos and pizza rolls and shit that I have in the house. We made zoodles last...
I think I asked this a while ago but forgot. To everyone here in it for the aesthetics, do you work out your abs or just rely on compound lifts and low body fat to be sufficient?
15 more lbs to put on my bench, expecting this to drop to 10lbs after tomorrow 35 more lbs to put on my squat no idea what I need to put on my deadlift as I haven't done it in forever. Once I hit 250 bench I'm going to go to leg day 2x/wk to really work on my squat/deadlift numbers. Definitely not going to have this by the end of April, maybe by the end of May.
So I have a pain in my neck that has been on and off for the past couple weeks. It's not really in my throat, which makes it strange. There aren't any lumps, no swelling, my lymph nodes are fine. It's on the right side of my trachea, but not in my throat. Seems to come and go, not a persistent pain. Sometimes it aches when I swallow, sometimes not. Sometimes I can feel it if I breathe in or yawn, or open my mouth wide. The only persistent thing is that if I push...
I have a 40" chest and BB slim shirts fit just fine.
Except the entire diet portion of the book is about metabolism crap and not about how to construct a diet.
Bulking:Eat more calories than you consume. Get adequate protein.Cutting:Eat less calories than you consume. Get adequate protein.If she wants to get "aesthetic" instead of some other body type then she just has to do the above while implementing a proper training regimen.
Fuck if I know a lot of people don't like talking about it
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