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Got some new whey that's really low carb/fat. Tastes good, too. Gonna give my Syntha-6 away because I'm never eating it again prob. Also bought creatine in 2.5g capsules, much more expensive but worth it if it allows me to actually take it consistently. Hurt my back squatting on Saturday, on a warm up set of all things. Luckily just a tweaked muscle, no spinal issues. It's already feeling much better, but I'm gonna give it a couple of days to a week before getting...
I'm so sensitive to this shit that I put creatine in my coffee and even though it fully dissolves while it's hot, it makes the coffee subtly taste different enough that I have trouble drinking it. Fucking weird.It can't be that hard to create a soluble creatine that doesn't taste like ass, I could be a billionaire...
Going from 3000+ to 2300 cals suckssss. Why doesn't someone make a creatine powder that actually fully dissolves? It can't be impossible. This gritty shit makes me wanna barf
Meh. I can't complain. I wrote a post like this a year or two ago. Don't know how you fuck up a food truck business, though. That's like fucking up a lemonade stand.
Why did the food truck fail? Why don't you start another one?
I struggled with this same challenge.
I've done Tough Mudder twice and it was fun, idk why you guys are bitching about it it's just something fun to do.
My board work isn't too bad, even with the strategic planning process we're going through right now. My committee work is where most of my work goes. I'm actually looking to find a second board seat on a more prominent organization now, ideally with opportunities for huge leadership potential (managing huge programs or something).
It's before he goes out to the bars when they open for St. Patrick's Day.
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