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A lot of DUI's are bullshit
Not when it's 85 degrees out.
We all knew it would happen
Went to Palladium. Coles doesn't have A/C and they're closing it in a couple months to knock it down and build a new building.
i think I'm gonna have to go to NYSC in SoHo. $20/mo only. Hoping they have squat racks and aren't too packed... Shitty reviews, though: http://www.yelp.com/biz/new-york-sports-clubs-new-york-68?osq=new+york+sports+club Also shitty hours.
Down two pounds since moving here hahaha, but have been off the wagon so that is all incidental. Really really need a gym, though, I feel disgusting. Synergy didn't have a squat rack so that's out. NYSC on Broadway sounds somewhat shitty but is still an option. Crunch sounds shitty but is still an option. No idea what else is out there that isn't insanely expensive or terrible.
School's been insane. Still don't have a gym set up. Went to the school gym twice but it was unbearably crowded. I can't find a decent gym around Chinatown/SoHo area. Any recommendations? I'm dying here.
Moved into the new apt in Chinatown, pretty nice place but one of the bedrooms is tiny which our roommate didn't tell me and we're pissed about. Whoever gets it is definitely going to be paying less, you can fit a full size bed and maybe a dresser in there and that's it, and it's right off the living room with sliding doors that have a gap beneath so you'll totally be able to hear everyone in the living room. Heard the NYU gym gets really crowded at peak hours. Any...
Leaving tomorrow night. Today's my last day at work. This shit is unreal. Drinking some scotch at my desk as this is the last time I'll be able to. Lease signing tomorrow. Be in NYC Thursday. Hopefully can get in the gym then haahaha then on that 7day/wk lifting game, gonna cut so hard, 2x/day cardio with RFL, IF and shit ton of caffeine
My roommates submitted their applications last night. I talked to the manager this morning who said he received everything, and that he'll work the process, and that he wanted to close it by end of day today. I didn't hear back from him the rest of the day. Left a voicemail at like 7pm. Now I'm freaking out that this apartment is rented, or that they won't consider us because we don't have guarantors worked out just yet. And that the second apartment we looked at is...
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