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No, nothing special at all aside from it's a good, maybe the best, RD program in the state and she will be able to get the in-state tuition rate.I think it's both. Just seems like she's throwing out excuses rather than giving me solid reasons. I don't know why she doesn't get it, everyone I've talked to has said she's being unreasonable and has agreed with me. If I don't get into H/W then the matter is pretty much settled anyways. I'd prefer to live on the east coast...
She just frames it by thinking she's doing the same thing as I am, i.e. choosing to go to school as non-negotiable, and that choosing to stay here for her is the same as choosing to move for me. So she's all like "you're getting mad at me for doing the same thing as you are" which makes no fucking sense at all. And to me, like, if you're in a committed relationship you compromise to make it work, and a compromise would be me going to a school in a city she likes, and her...
Lol which is why if it was between Booth and Columbia I'd be fine with going to Booth, but no idea what I'd do if I get accepted to HBS/Wharton (meaning I'd probably accept but fucking hate doing the LD thing).
That's a shitty way of doing things. If you're in a long term committed relationship you should figure out how to get through things together not just say "hey I'm gonna go do this, no matter what, you can come otherwise fuck yourself." There's stuff you shouldn't compromise on, and then there's stuff you can. Like I'm not going to give up going to b-school or my career to stay with her, but I can compromise on some things (for example, if I got into Columbia and Booth...
Fuck. Today girlfriend dropped a bomb on me being all "I don't want to move when you do for b-school, I'm considering staying here and going for a dietetics degree that I decided to do today without talking to you about it." Asked her why she can't just do that wherever I'm going but she just doesn't want to move despite not having any family here and hating her current job. Fucking girls don't make sense, they don't even give logical reasons they just give you the...
You will most likely die. Pork is the most disgusting tasting meat plain, but sooo good if you put some kind of sauce on it. wtf is up with that
Just a dream goal. No idea if I'd start pinning, once I lose my hair I'll start thinking about it. And FWIW I just broke 200 for the first time in my life on this last bulk, and it was a dirty one.
I'm 5'7 and my long term dream goal is breaking 200 at sub 10% bf, which would prob be 30-40 lbs of muscle haha
If I went to Boston I'd try to get into the HBS apartments which are pretty nice
I'm not really that excited about stern, it's towards the bottom of my list of schools I'm applying to TBH:HBSWhartonColumbiaBoothSternTuckKelloggMight bump Tuck up over Stern depending on my research. I'm not even really excited about Kellogg so no idea why I'm applying.
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