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No I'm paid shit right now. Trading that off for getting my foot in the door and the incredible flexibility I have. Asking for a substantial raise after my boss writes my b-school LOR's. I'd like to get into a large fund after school but the odds are slim. However, I know someone at Blackstone and another person on the investor side that probably has a shit ton of contacts at mega funds so we'll see.
I'm already in PE and I'm worried about my post-MBA job prospects.
You mean smaller in size or strength or weight? How big are you?I've explained my issues a while ago. Basically they're this:1. Laziness/business getting in the way of getting to the gym consistently.2. A lack of understanding on how to diet properly.3. A lack of willingness to diet properly.4. A couple minor injuries.I'm pretty on point now, for the most part, finally. I don't think I'm much smaller than you, though.I made this cheesecake with fat free greek yogurt...
whoo 14" biceps, feelsgoodman especially after the weight I lost, was worried my arms were gonna shrivel up into little sticks
Fatshion http://red3blog.tumblr.com/tagged/fatshion wait for the panty cameo
I had my first golf lesson today. Never golfed. It was a bunch of fun, hyped to actually get good enough to play.
He'll probably want to try them out with you.Dude really S&T? Why not make the hop to buy side after the year?
The worst part is that he's already got 52 dumbasses to give him a couple thousand dollars.
I have the biggest ass here. Shopping for pants is a fucking nightmare. Express are the only slacks I've found that fit me, and that's only after buying them with a huge waist and getting it taken in. And they still don't fit 100%. Sucks! Started doing cardio again, fml Scale broke, no idea where I'm at weight wise but still chubby
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