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Just standing.
5'7 198
Only place in the house photos don't look shit unfortunately. But you answered zero of my questions cunt
RHET brahs, posting some pics of me in my underwear for your (nohomo) review. Here. From the front you can see what I mean when I'm talking about not having much definition under my pec. Is this because my pec is too small, the lower pec is underdeveloped, I'm a fat fuck or all three? Also, check the two side shots. The one with my cawk bulge is how I'm standing to try to correct my APT. The other one is how I'm normally standing. How solid is my posture when...
Just Amazon and a store by me
Nutritional cholesterol =/= blood cholesterol. Aware thyself.
We have a bomb ass food truck here that's 100% paleo
Not a lot actually. I mean I'm more gassy than normal but not a ton. This sounds like broscience btw
I take a ton of protein, like 2-6 scoops/day depending on how much I'm getting in in other sources. But I try to get 225-250g/day now. Is that too much?
Dude it doesn't matter. Just eat whatever protein you want.
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