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Down to 185, finally making progress
Especially when they do that fucking stupid thing where they just wiggle around on it like they're controlling a joystick with their vagina, shit does nothing for me.
lol "as much as I hate to admit it" what a fucking douche
Didn't eat food all day. Had four beers and some shit off a cheese plate. How do I record this or just not care and keep drinking, feeling confident I'm under target? whatdo
I'm the exact same way. Let my girl be on top once and she came down funny, didn't hurt bad but enough to scare the fuck out of me. Better on top anyways because you're in control and she likes that shit.
I personally like having the expectorant in there, it's like a little bonus that helps out if I have a cold.
holy fuck, protein bars turned out bomb. All I did so far was mix like, a cup of oats, two scoops of chocolate whey, and a bunch of PB2 with some unsweetened soy milk. Added more PB2 to thicken as I went. Then just mixed it all together and put in the freezer. Came out fucking amazing. Gotta eat em cold or they don't stay together as well but they taste better that way anyways. Gonna experiment with portions and see what I can come up with. You guys should try this...
Trying my own protein bar recipe. Just oats, whey, pb2 and soy milk. Will report back.
I made a bunch of rice with lentils and split peas mixed in. How can I make this easily recordable? Weigh the whole thing and put that weight in MFP along with the ingredients' combined macros?
Essay questions for Columbia, HBS and Stanford for the Fall 2015 matriculators are out.
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