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Health question: what's the consensus on smoking one or two cigars a month? Guessing it's not that bad for you.
Lulz at the new gym: Guy doing pushup variations in the squat rack. Seriously, dude put a fucking towel down on the floor and did like regular and close-hand pushups for forever. Guy doing cable wood chops farted on his last rep about five feet from me and quickly walked away towards the bathroom. Dude doing alt grip upright rows in the smith machine.
I've never had a problem working in and I only lift in America
Munzer-esque, wonder how long before he dies.
Bought this on sale and it's delicious:http://www.dpsnutrition.net/i/16317/iforce-isotean-chocolate-2-lb.htm
I'm not that picky but my whey is already pretty much only protein, I'll just do that, thanks!
I'm actually gonna start biking to work and try to get my workout in in the morning beforehand. Was considering bundle packing my work clothes so they don't get wrinkled, but not sure how to do that with a blazer/suit. Does it work just as well? Also, LG calls for BCAA's in the morning, can't I just take some whey or something instead? I don't have BCAA's and don't want to spend the money.
Would appreciate a bf% estimate on this, actually.
I got mine on Craigslist for $150 and it works great. Brought it in for a tune up after I got it, think I replaced the tubes too just in case. Fixed gear free wheel road bike, black Schwinn with a vintage seat. Pretty baller. I should really learn to tune up my own bike but I'm fucking lazy. Just go on CL jarude there's a ton of good bikes on there.Lost 4 lbs overnight so at 184, first time under 185 on this cut.
Just brought mine in for a tuneup and some repairs for the season, hyped to get it back
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