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Just brought mine in for a tuneup and some repairs for the season, hyped to get it back
It's alright, I need to stop taking it on nights I go out drinking, though. Also today after sitting in the sauna for like an hour my heart was racing, prob from the EC.
Nohomo locker room progress pic [[SPOILER]] Not really feeling these iphone photos I feel like I look way better in the mirror than these photos. Also at a new gym paid for by my company, so there's $30/mo saved. Tesseract, this is at 186...
Fucking hate cutting man. Weights are stalling and this cut isn't moving fast enough. Dammit I just want some pizza
let's spoiler all the nohomo posts so I don't get busted looking at almost naked beckham ite?
What does he even do I can't figure it out
WTF is up with skulls
I fucking hate holidays. Gym was open 7-1 on Memorial Day, had to pick up my girl from the airport at 9 and took her out to breakfast because I hadn't seen her in two weeks, by then it was like 11:30 and couldn't make it to the gym. Today I have a "company" baseball game to go to so I won't be getting to the gym until 10pm, oh well at least it'll be empty when I get there. Weight's still going down. I'm in love with putting oats in everything now for some reason. So...
I took and passed level 1 when I thought I wanted to go into investment management. My firm partners have heard of the CFA but had no idea what it really was, and I haven't met anyone in PE that has had it. Probably because most people come from banking where nobody cares about it, and in fact in many cases are discouraged from spending time on it.
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