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myself included, srs
looks like I'm done doing this shit with my girlfriend. Bishes can't comprehend that sometimes talking about weight, when you're working on weight loss together, isn't being offensive to their body image and self confidence. She took it personally when I recommended she eat 100 less cals a day because she wasn't seeing progress then started complaining about how eating so little causes her to binge and how she wanted to increase her calories (wat). Makes no sense.
lost about 5 lbs in the past month. 1.25 lbs/wk is pretty good. Considering dropping another 100 cals and seeing if that affects my lifts (still keeping protein at 180g/day). Still looking at like a solid 6 months of cutting if I drop at this rate, which suckssss. How much do you guys usually lose on a cut? 10-12 lbs?
You never know who you'll meet where. Remember, every encounter is a job interview.
Great way to network
One weekend that turns into a week will kill hers. Then I'll hear "yeah I really have to get back into it".Also, I'm only taking a break every 10 lbs. When I get into the 180's I'll have a pizza or something. Then go hard until the 170's.
About a month into the cut. Girlfriend and I had a date night last night. I took her to this place that had like those bouncy castle obstacle course things, laser tag, rock climbing and video games. Thought it'd be a good active thing to do. Only problem was she wanted to get dinner beforehand. Went to a mexican place. I got a taco salad with crema/ranch/cheddar on the side and one tamale, she got the three taco plate with rice and beans. At the date place I had...
We have a machine shop in our portfolio right now. Interesting business but tough to grow. Requires the right part mix to maximize capacity but winning new business is tough. Also extremely capital intensive as you've said. We've been lucky to not have to sink too much capital in but are on the cusp of several prospective projects that would require another $1-2mm capex, but they're huge so ROI would be pretty significant.Looking at some smaller machine shops as add on...
Degree in civil but practiced mechanical
Yes, haven't I been talking about this shit on here? I'm going to NYU for an MBA
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