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I prefer charcoal
Went to the urgent care because my neck pain stopped at the end of my hyoid bone and today my thyroid area is super sensitive/tender. Doc felt my thyroid and all that jazz and didn't find anything wrong, said if I wanted to I could get a blood panel but recommended I do it through a primary care physician to save money and that he doesn't think whatever it is that's causing the tenderness is a huge deal. Fucking annoying but whatever at least I don't have any nodules.
I'm cutting at 2000 cals. I think it might be too much. Had a good workout last week, though I skipped Friday because I'm trying to see if my throat pain is from straining something in my neck while lifting. Gonna be back in on Monday and will prob have to up the cals when I suck.
Fuckkkkkkkkk, went to my boss's 50th birthday party last night, had a couple beers that I tracked. Then they brought in like 30 gigantic pizzas. Booked it before I ate anything, shit came close tho hahaha. Fuck I want some pizza
Dude nobody should care what you're fucking ordering. That's the point. He didn't make any situation awkward just asked about the food he was ordering, and nobody should give him shit for that.
You don't have to have a six pack to be not fat.... tf is this shit
Feel empathy for the fat fucks? No thanks.
Am I the only one that loves those situations so I can hate on people for being stupid fucks?
Just do them cross armed. That's the only way I can comfortably do them too.
Thanks. I'm also gonna look at 1br's to see if we can find one that she'd be interested in moving into so then I don't have to move again in April.
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