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Bigger pants are too big everywhere else (waist, legs, inseam, hem, etc.)
cmon dude I'm not coldsnap
Any way to work on correcting my APT without stopping my current lifting prog? Lifts that I can add to my workout, or stretches I could do regularly? I'm sick of having my ass/stomach sticking out! Also my ass is so big if I walk without the pelvic tilt my junk totally sticks out because my huge ass pulls my shorts/pants back. How the fuck do non-APT people deal with that shit?
Old bay on pork chops is bomb
Just get ON Gold Standard. Truenutrition is great for isolate, never tried their whey but their products are decent. Not really that big of a deal if you get whey that isn't a rip off.
It's just a goal to have and it's really motivated me to kick ass at the gym.
Well I do upper 2x/wk now (M & F) which would be 6 sets of bench/incline and 8 sets of db bench/incline, so 14 sets/wk on chest. And I've had solid progress on bench, at least. Here's my lifting spreadsheet:https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/18lNdmZHze9h7wlzZzrGMpsvqGaygsSxQ48e-C3FY-0Q/edit?usp=sharing
I'm running SPBR right now. 1000lbs is a solid tangible goal but it would require me to switch to doing lower body 2x/wk which would slow my upper body gains which is where I really think I need it. Maybe I should just go for a 300 bench before cutting? That would run me another couple months of bulking.Or maybe I should just switch off like I used to, i.e. one week do Upper-Lower-Upper and the next Lower-Upper-Lower so I'm hitting it all while still working towards the...
Gf is worried I'll never stop bulking. I am too TBH. Actually, I'm just worried I'm still gonna look DYEL if I stop bulking after just totaling 1000. Also want to look good for when I start school in August, which means have a bulk and most of a cut cycle finished. Considering hitting upper for a bit longer and deferring the 1000 lb goal. IDK. ugh
Wasn't gonna post until I hit my goals but assumed everyone would want to see my shirtless body. Am I thick/solid/tight yet? Or just a fat fuck? [[SPOILER]] Also, iPhone cameras suck ass.Hit 3x4x240 bench today. Solid progress, so close to weighting up again. Feeling so good about this bulk even though that photo doesn't show me much larger than I was before.
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