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Stacking yohimbine and ephedrine is dangerous and wouldn't recommend it unless you're dosing ephedrine outside of the effective timing of the yohimbine.
Someone tell me what I'm doing wrong here. I lost 1.2 lbs/wk for 5 weeks. That's a 4200 kcal/wk deficit or 600 kcal/day deficit. If I was eating 2300 kcals to lose the weight, then it'd make sense that my maintenance is 2900 kcals, but that's way too high.
So I lost 6 lbs in 5 weeks. At this rate (1.2 lbs/wk) I'll be cutting until November. Hold me RHET
Officially down into the 180's. 29 lbs to go lol Starting to learn how to golf. Does that count as cardio? Maybe I should start playing tennis like I've been saying, too.
I found this on reddit but haven't read it yet
189 this morning, must have dropped a bunch of water, too bad it's not an official weigh in or I'd be crammin a pizza down my fat gullet. Hit my reps on squat yesterday so I'm up to 340, also found $10 on the sidewalk.
Everyone saw the photos. Pretty sure I posted how much I want to lose, too. I'm sitting at 191 right now and want to get down to 160. Go look at my spare tire bro.
myself included, srs
looks like I'm done doing this shit with my girlfriend. Bishes can't comprehend that sometimes talking about weight, when you're working on weight loss together, isn't being offensive to their body image and self confidence. She took it personally when I recommended she eat 100 less cals a day because she wasn't seeing progress then started complaining about how eating so little causes her to binge and how she wanted to increase her calories (wat). Makes no sense.
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