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We have a machine shop in our portfolio right now. Interesting business but tough to grow. Requires the right part mix to maximize capacity but winning new business is tough. Also extremely capital intensive as you've said. We've been lucky to not have to sink too much capital in but are on the cusp of several prospective projects that would require another $1-2mm capex, but they're huge so ROI would be pretty significant.Looking at some smaller machine shops as add on...
Degree in civil but practiced mechanical
Yes, haven't I been talking about this shit on here? I'm going to NYU for an MBA
NYC.Business ownership is something I'd love to do, too, and this career path gives me the income I need to have capital up front to start my own. I think I'd be really good at that or consulting (though I'd only do the latter on my own).
I'm so hyped for school. Moving to one of the most happening cities in the world, gonna meet so many new people. Get to be unemployed for a whole year, meet people from all over the world. Learn new stuff that is easy in comparison to my engineering degree, have the backing of a school to try new things and form new entities, network my ass off with some of the biggest firms in the world. And come out of it making 5x what I am now, with seven figure upside. Fuck yes.
lol then that's an easy one, but I understand your frustration
I'd rather pay 30k to go to a better ranked school than the one I'm going to now, probably.
Why not straight to PE? I know a few people that were able to do that because they had IBD internships.
lol, you were an analyst. Of course it sucked and was fucking boring. The fun part of being in M&A is learning about all the different businesses and how they work, networking and meeting clients and company execs/owners, and (for the buy side) driving investment returns. Anyways, not sure why you didn't just do IBD->PE like most. PE is best of both worlds and you can move to HF/AM easily if you don't like it.Also this'll probably rustle your jimmies but we look at a...
M&A is the best. If you're not in it you're doing it wrong (buy or sell side).
New Posts  All Forums: