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I just crushed 215 so I'll be trying 3x5x220 next time. I never do 1rm.lolShe's 5'0" and her cutting calories should be like 1000/day but she refuses to do that because everyone says going under 1200 is "dangerous" which is obviously bullshit because she's fucking tiny. Her stupid personal trainer that I bought her said that too, he actually had her up her calories which I get that she should have more because of what he was having her do but IMO what he's having her...
Girlfriend lost 30 lbs then fell off the wagon and gained a bit back. Now she wants to cancel her gym membership and get a treadmill. Why the fuck wouldn't you just keep doing the same thing you were doing when you lost the initial 30? WTF??? Also, 5 lbs away from a two plate bench. Fucking can't wait, pretty sure I've gone up a cup size brahs. 25lb gain on bench ain't no joke.
Yeah I absolutely loved it. Knocked my interview out of the park. Still rejected.I think it's better anyways, at least now I'm in NYC which is where I ultimately wanted to end up anyways and the NYU/CBS MBA's are extremely well recognized/regarded in the city in finance because they're right there so it works out.
Rejected from Harvard, Wharton, Booth, Tuck
I know it is but I don't know how to balance the convenience factor with cost. Obviously you can't have both but there is a balance somewhere. I just don't know enough about NYC to know what that balance is.
Got into NYU, applying to Columbia still, figured I'd bump this ancient ass thread
Bro. I was kidding.Fo rill though, having trouble figuring out what I should be doing to balance having to pay rent off student loans with wanting to live in a decent area and not missing out. I don't want to have an hour or two commute, I don't want to live in some random hood in the middle of nowhere, but I don't want to pay out the ass to live right next to the school either. What do
Is anyone here in NYC? Girlfriend might be transferring to school in NYC so we can move at the same time and make it easier. Where should I be looking if we're both going to school in the NYU area and how the fuck does one live in a tiny apartment with a gf without wanting to kill oneself? Also looking to minimize my costs so if I could find a cheap apartment that would be awesome, preferably a roomy 2br with in unit washer/dryer on the first or second floor of a new...
I don't even remember. I used pharma from that one website you can order it from.
lol did I mention I tried clen? Shit sucked. I mean I had one of the best workouts of my life, but my eyes hurt like a motherfucker, terrible headaches and chest pains that took weeks to go away after stopping taking it. And I was like just above test dose, nowhere near full dosage. The taurine helped but it was too much for me.
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