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I've been completely out of the gym for two weeks. Getting back into the groove today. Just got so bummed after I hurt myself that I never went back haha. Been getting a lot better at tracking cals, though, which is good, though my weight isn't really moving at 2300 kcals which is weird. Thinking about going down to 2000 but that'll be tough, might need EC for that.
I lost it when I saw that hat. Is that real or photoshopped I can't tell it's just too ridiculous
I wasn't looking for an insurance plan that "pays much for out of network providers". I was looking for an insurance plan that would cover them at all. One time when your insurance is most needed is when you're in a freak accident like a car crash and get taken to an ER. I'm not going to have insurance that is pointless if I get taken to an out of network ER and I still go bankrupt. That defeats the entire purpose of having insurance. I think those types of plans...
I estimated my 2014 income extremely low.It's a gold plan but that doesn't really mean much because the fucking plans suck so bad. The only plan I could find that didn't have "NO COVERAGE" down the entire out of network column and I'm not gonna pay out the ass for insurance that doesn't cover out of network stuff.
Yes, the plans fucking sucked. I got a huge tax subsidy and still have to pay $160/mo.
Nice. I've got 19 more to go.
Currently at 2x5x350
I thought I was stronger than you. Are you really squatting 335?
Back's already feeling better. Gonna heat pad it today and then hit the gym tomorrow just to do upper/tri's. Weight's around 193, hoping that'll go down fast because I've been eating a shitload of salt lately haha. Still bummed my tits aren't bigger. Not sure if I should throw in more tit workouts or what but it's annoying the hell out of me. Oh yeah, also I was gonna start swimming, it'd be really useful if there was some kind of guide that I could read to help me out
I'm asking both. They both said it's fine if I get out and try sourcing.They've been busy and/or out of town so I haven't been able to sit down and go over it in detail with them yet. I'm meeting with banks, other firms, people I know in the industry, etc. but most of our deals are done direct which is the challenge. I'm going to speak with our portfolio company CEO's to see what they might be looking for in terms of add-on acquisitions. Will also give me a chance to...
New Posts  All Forums: