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Any tips for crockpot shredded chicken that isn't dry?
Yeah but it's pizza every day...
We have lunch presentations and evening corporate presentations. Then we have to go do coffee chats where we meet one on one with bankers. If you don't go to the events they could cut you for not being on the attendee list. It's ridiculous. Averaging 4 lunches and 4 corporate presentations per week for the next couple weeks.
Just started again. I have four bank presentations today (UBS, Lazard, Houlihan Lokey, JPMC), two classes, have to prep for a networking meeting that's tomorrow, and have homework to work on. Also have to do my laundry. I won't even get home until 9 so I'll be hitting the gym up at like 10pm. Longgggggg day. Insane week, actually. Have a half day of classes tomorrow, RBC/ BAML tomorrow, and have to figure out how to get up to midtown for a coffee chat. Recruiting...
Signed up for Synergy and it's awesome. Almost always empty. Started PHAT today, we'll see how long it lasts. I think I'll be able to get to the gym regularly but keeping my diet on point is going to be challenging given the fact that we have free pizza 5x/wk at recruiting events, and all the free booze/food on Thursdays, ugh.
It's #1 for banking recruiting, tho
I'm at the #1 banking recruiting school for MBA. 90% of applicants get a summer internship at a bank and 90% of those get a full time offer. They're all obviously not at Goldman but my PE experience will help there.
Looks like I'm recruiting for investment banking for the summer. Hoping lower-mm PE and a Goldman M&A or Sponsors group will help me get an upper MM PE job after graduating. Gonna suck to do banking for the summer though. Started RFL, five days in. Was just going to do it for a week to kick start dieting for the discipline but might keep it up for 2-3 weeks to just get it over with faster. All depends on lifts and how I'm feeling I suppose. I feel pretty bad and my shits...
A lot of DUI's are bullshit
Not when it's 85 degrees out.
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