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I'm already in PE, which everyone has said is a huge leg up on everyone not in the industry (1.5 years when I matriculate, about the same as other PE stints). But yes that is my fear. I will never do banking.If I can't get in I'll prob go corporate or hf route.
You have a machine shop? PM me if you want to sell it bro.
Yeah but think about it, I'm taking $200k in debt to get a job that makes $200k+ right out the chute, and probably $400k+ within five years if I stick with it.
lol I posted that before I saw fuji's question just as a general response to the $250k thing. Hoping to stay in PE, but nervous that I won't get a post-MBA PE position because my current PE role is more of an analyst (even though my title is Associate). Even though I get involved in everything that we do and am managing a debt fund myself I don't have much official responsibility as I wasn't even in this field before I got this job so I'm learning. All of my experience...
I want to get my MBA and a job making good money so I can pay off my MBA, buy a nice house and maybe have kids in the ~5 years following school. $250k isn't a lot to do all of that, especially if I'm working in NYC.
For a top 10 MBA program it's common. Though keep in mind that that also covers my living expenses for being unemployed and living in NYC for like a year and a half. And for all the partying you're supposed to do while in school, I don't have any savings to cover any of it.Also, most people that come out of these programs are making at least $100k right out the chute, so it's one of the few remaining American academic investments that really pays for itself.
TBH I did save up enough money to pay for an admissions consultant, and my b-school apps, and my plane trips to visit the damn schools. That was probably where all my savings went.
When I made $50k I hardly saved any money, I could barely support myself and my drinking habit, I don't know how you fuckers survive. I worked with a dude that made about that much and he had like four kids and a wife that stayed at home, I asked him how the fuck he survives and he basically doesn't do anything except work and sit at home for free, sounds like a miserable existence. I'm pissed because I'm looking at getting out of school with like $200k in debt and even...
That's what you do with a microwave.
wtf is the point of a rice cooker. Just seems like a dumb thing to me to have an entire appliance to cook something you can so easily do on the stove or in the microwave.
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