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Gf is worried I'll never stop bulking. I am too TBH. Actually, I'm just worried I'm still gonna look DYEL if I stop bulking after just totaling 1000. Also want to look good for when I start school in August, which means have a bulk and most of a cut cycle finished. Considering hitting upper for a bit longer and deferring the 1000 lb goal. IDK. ugh
Wasn't gonna post until I hit my goals but assumed everyone would want to see my shirtless body. Am I thick/solid/tight yet? Or just a fat fuck? [[SPOILER]] Also, iPhone cameras suck ass.Hit 3x4x240 bench today. Solid progress, so close to weighting up again. Feeling so good about this bulk even though that photo doesn't show me much larger than I was before.
I just got a double cheeseburger a mcchicken and LARGE fries for $5 can't beat that
McD's is epic don't be jealous because you're just skin and bones
I just had a ton of McDonald's suck it cutters. Girls don't like twigs anyways they like REAL curvy men with meat on their bones
5'7 195 lbs. All for reps I never do 1rm's. Bench is 3x5, Squat 2x5, Deadlift will be 2x5.
Looks like I'm not participating then. I could prob do July 1 but June 1 will be too fat. Bench at 240 - 10 more lbs to goal Squat at 320 - 30 more lbs to goal Deadlift ??? After I hit my numbers I'll start cutting so it'll probably be way too late.
Who the fuck is going to be ready by May 1st? Do like July 1st ffs.
So is my ON Gold Standard whey safe?
I'm obese again. 30.5
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