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Oh come on, it's not that dangerous. You're just seeing the worst case scenarios. Injury rates aren't that high, and many injuries are due to irresponsible riders (lack of protective gear, lack of training, lack of proper practice, lack of respect for the bike and one's environment).
Really? Your hairline is exactly where it was when you were 12?
I mean everyone has a hairline that starts receding to some extent and some thinning as they move into their 30's, right?
My hair is already thinning so yeah. I don't know if it's MPB or just normal thinning with age, though. Still looks fine for now but I wouldn't want to risk it.
I like my hair.We've got three deals we're working right now, none at LOI stage yet but definitely getting there. My boss told me if they all went to LOI we'd have to drop some out because we can't handle the work load. He's taking a two week vacation to Florida then a golf trip a week later, and I've been working extremely long hours (~50 hrs/wk). Glad I went right into the buy side.
TK was joking about it last time I was on it
Had Panera's at an acquisition meeting today. Bacon turkey bravo sandwich, a little bag of chips and a cookie is apparently 1420 calories. Fuck me, now I need to eat 700 and get in 90g protein still. Today at the gym sucked too, but I guess that's expected as I've been out of it for a week or two. Is there any actual evidence that EC stack promotes muscle consumption given the same caloric deficit and macro breakdown? Was gonna go on it in a couple weeks. Ugh, I feel...
Back on the wagon today. Hyped.
Lost 5 lbs in a day
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