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Lost 5 lbs in a day
Got food poisoning from a Papa Johns pizza. No puking yet, but wouldn't rule it out. Been pissing out my ass all day, have a headache probably from dehydration. Any recs on how to get rid of this shit?
Almost didn't go to the gym because I had a late lunch and wasn't sitting well. Said fuck it and went to do upper even though I did it on Tuesday. Hurt like fucking hell on my first set because I still have DOMS, so I said fuck it again and did deadlift/lower day anyways. Almost barfed but figured I'd just finish my set then clean it up if I did, they got wipes there for that kind of shit amirite. Feelsgoodman though to motivate myself to go, still pulling 385 even...
Aren't you a VP or something?
I've been away for a while and now we're all pinning?
Professional online photo viewers, duh
Going down to 2100 kcals/day. My protein's on point finally, 150g/day. Had a great day at the gym, followed it up with some cardio even. Cleaned my apartment, did my laundry. Feelin good knowin I can lay on this couch and I'm not procrastinating for once hahaha.
I thought the shift towards tech was decelerating?
That'd bring me down to 2100 kcals. Maybe I'll try that, thanks.
I've been completely out of the gym for two weeks. Getting back into the groove today. Just got so bummed after I hurt myself that I never went back haha. Been getting a lot better at tracking cals, though, which is good, though my weight isn't really moving at 2300 kcals which is weird. Thinking about going down to 2000 but that'll be tough, might need EC for that.
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