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lol this is what I think I'm going to do, I've just been spinning my wheels a lot before I went entirely off the wagon so I just wanna make sure I don't do those.
Back after a long, long hiatus. I need to start lifting again and am looking to bulk over the next couple months, but I'm also in b-school so I can only tighten my diet up so much. Should I just make sure I'm getting enough protein and hitting the gym to adhere to my lifting schedule and that's it? I could try tracking but my diet is so all over the place that it'd be a challenge, I suppose I could just calc to make sure I'm getting at least the minimum required for the...
New Yorkers, how are Crunch gyms? Just moved by one and was considering getting a membership if it isn't like Planet Fitness or shitty.
Almost done with week seven and I've lost around 10-12 pounds. Strength has largely held up even though I'm not going to the gym nearly as much as I should. All good signs. At 162 right now, probably about 12% body fat. 157.8 is my initial goal to get to 10% but ultimately want to get around 155 if at all possible. Only have 3-4 weeks left, though so we'll see how far I can get.
Actually having a lot of success on this cut finally, now that I'm not drinking or going out to eat all the time. The long hours are making it a challenge to get to the gym in the morning but that's not as big of an issue as I don't feel like I'm losing strength that badly. Once I get further down I'll focus more on being consistent with lifting/protein but now I think I'm good. Currently sitting at 168.2 lbs, which means I'm about 15.6% body fat assuming I haven't lost...
It's possible the creatine kicked in and I started gaining water weight from it, though I've been taking it for a week so not sure why it would take so long to do so. I've also been eating Seamless as work pays for lunch and dinner if I order through it, and might have been miscounting, though for the most part I've been ordering from places with nutrition info and, even should it be inaccurate, I should still be running some level of deficit. My guess is that it's from...
Been eating a 750 kcal deficit and somehow gained three pounds over the course of two weeks of strict dieting and hitting the gym. Don't feel bloated either. No idea what's going on, hoping it's just water that'll drop but it's really weird. Not sure if I should go another week or just add in some daily cardio now.
Haven't posted here in fucking ages. I completely fell off the wagon for my first MBA year. Traveled for a couple weeks and after felt the most disgusting I've felt in a long time so decided to work over the summer on sticking to my diet and workout program. Got a Bod Pod test done which shows me at 17.3% body fat, need to lose about 15 pounds to get to 9-10% which is my goal. Set my cals to a 750 kcal deficit and have ten weeks to lose it. I'll be working a summer...
Got laser hair removal on a patch of hair on my neck. Would always stick out and make me look super hairy and I couldn't shave it. Groupon kept it cheap af. Working well so far we'll see how it looks after a couple more treatments. Killin it at the gym now, staying on diet and added morning cardio. Feelin pretty fucking good. Going to Citi sponsors for the summer, hypeddddddddddddd.
Ate too many paczski's today, lol. Back on it tomorrow.
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