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nvm, duh
I just finished paying my admissions consultant off, $4000 out of savings. Also had to pay $150 for my schools to just be able to look at my GMAT scores. Taking a week long trip to check out schools in September which'll probably cost around $1000 but I'm gonna try to shoestring it. Then I get to pay $1500 to apply to schools. Then pay for more trips to schools I get interviews at. Then a trip to the school I'm accepted at to convince my girl to move with me.
Wow I forgot about this place for a while. Did I miss anything?
nvm books sold for $120 on ebay
Checked out Booth today, shits legit. Pissed I forgot to check out the gym tho
Yeah her arch is ridiculous
TFW you get shown up by a 13 year old girl
My APP stock is doing well
scale broke fuck
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