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If these were just a half size bigger. Could you measure the inside from heel to toe? Thanks!
Really nice, let me know if you're willing to come down a bit more on these.
Ah ok. Does it go away after a few days or do I need to clean and redo the coat?Thanks!
Thanks for the response. I checked this morning and it seems to be there still - does it take a day or two?
Hi guys, I'm hoping to get some advice/help. I recently purchased a pair of Alden Longwings and had them polished by a cobbler with Saphir prior to wearing them. This evening, I decided to clean and polish them myself. I used Kirby Allison's Basic Shoe Care Guide ( and cleaned the shoe, applied a coat of renovateur, and then applied a coat of pommadier cream polish (neutral) - brushing in between...
I'm selling an Original Penguin Messenger Bag / Briefcase in black buffalo plaid. Several interior pockets include card pockets, pen holders, and a zippered pocket to keep everything organized. Also includes a standalone laptop sleeve to keep up to a 15" laptop protected. It's in great condition with no rips or tears. Bag measures approximately 16" x 12" (width x length). I've also posted this on ebay, but I'm discounting it here -
Are there any pockets on the inside of the bag? Thanks!
Thanks guys, appreciate the advice. I've tried on the small sizes and the shoulders fit better, but the fit is worse everywhere else (the sides, the chest, etc...). I'll probably stick with the xs as the shoulder fit is a small price to pay for a better fit everywhere else. Also, it's not really uncomfortable or anything, I guess it just looks a bit weird.
Hi guys, I just picked up some xs secret wash shirts and was wondering what you guys thought of the fit: Specifically the shoulder it too far in? (Not sure if this is the right place to post this...if not I'll gladly delete and move).
Hi, I have not receieved a response as to whether or not you have shipped my shirt out yet. It has been several days.
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