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I remember there being a SF code or link last time I placed an order. Is that still around?
As in a purple shirt, or white shirt with a pocket square or tie with purple in it? And thanks, I was searching glen plaid instead of Prince of Wales. I'll search that
Thinking about getting these but never worn plaid trousers before. Searching online for pictures but haven't found anything similar. How would a solid navy odd jacket look with this?
About time to order more polo shirts
Glad I placed my order for the Light Tan Twill Chinos before it sold out. Hopefully I did the correct measurements this time, the last shirt I had made was way too small. I haven't had a ton of luck getting the measurements right with any of my MTM orders
What's the lapel width on this?
It's not supposed to get this cold in Alabama.
Stitches, what chinos do you usually wear? All of mine look too casual to pair with a sportcoat
Haha not at all. Just wanted to go out in style. Thanks man
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