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Thanks, it's just strange not having to do a single alteration to the jacket. Typically I at least have to get the sleeves longer, was thinking I was missing something.It's the contemporary
Here's one of the suits I've received. Is there anything you guys would suggest doing to the jacket? Only alteration I've done so far was hem the pants
Recently purchased this suit from Spier & Mackay, only alterations I've done was had the pants hemmed. I feel like something else needs to be done to the jack but not entirely sure what. Any advice would great
Just placed my order for a couple suits after seeing that email. Still waiting on my MTM shirt order as well, how long did that usually take for everyone else?
Thanks guys, went ahead and purchased one in a 17. Hope it works out
I'm typically a 16.5/37 in Brooks Brothers extra slim fit shirts. Do you guys think I could do a 17/37 in either the NY Slim of Toyko slim? I've seen people in the past mention ordering a size up because of shrinkage. Is that still the case?
Few days late but I'd be interested in t shirts as long as the length isn't too short. I have yet to find t shirts at a decent price that are long enough on a 6'4 frame
Just noticed that this morning. Was going to order some loafers from Pediwear and said they couldn't ship to the US, thought it was just them but every site isn't allowed to ship Loake to the US anymore. Bummer
Anyone over 6 feet have any of their jackets? Would like to try out a sportcoat but not sure how it'll fit since they don't have an long sizes.
Here's my lambskin M1. Thanks again to Charly, Dan, and Sally for helping me out
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