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Really excited for the new styles! I've been wearing my double monks routinely for the last couple of years and they still look brand new. Quality is superb
I'm not sure why it cracked, it was like that when I moved in. But it's huge cracks, large pieces are broken off to the point where I can just lift it up. So if I were to add pavers over the concrete, I would have to resurface it to make the surface even to lay them.
Has anyone ever resurfaced a cracked concrete patio? I have a concrete slab in my back yard that I want to resurface and maybe lay down pavers. I'm pretty sure the pavers will be pricey, but would like to hear first hand experience on how difficult it is
Thanks for that, Carmina's web store didn't have much in my size that I wanted. I'm a UK 12, and will probably just go with a pair from Skoak. Had an issue with my bank last time ordering something from a different country and wanted to avoid it, but they seem to have the best prices and ones that I actually like.
Open to anything really, just looking for a black pair of oxfords. Skoaktiebolaget only has the Forest and Simpson last available in my size and within my budget
Are there any US retailers that sell Carminas? I have a 400 dollar budget and the only place I'm able to find them for that price is Skoaktiebolaget, they don't have many in my size. Just want to see if there are any other options available in that price range
I remember there being a SF code or link last time I placed an order. Is that still around?
As in a purple shirt, or white shirt with a pocket square or tie with purple in it? And thanks, I was searching glen plaid instead of Prince of Wales. I'll search that
Thinking about getting these but never worn plaid trousers before. Searching online for pictures but haven't found anything similar. How would a solid navy odd jacket look with this?
About time to order more polo shirts
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