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Does the low straight have a smaller leg opening than the straight leg? Love everything about the straight leg denim except the leg opening is just too big. But the rise and room in the thigh is great
If you're looking to order a jacket from Falcon Garments and don't feel like waiting a month for it to arrive then here's your chance! I just received my order from Falcon Garments a day ago, black calfskin M1. Tried it on and the sleeves are a bit too short for my insanely long arms. Looking to sell it for the retail price (or close to it) and reorder another with longer sleeves Below is the size chart from Falcon Garments and the options I selected. Let me know if...
It's calf
My M1 came in today. Stock 54, everything seems fine but the sleeves are about half an inch to one inch too short. May end up selling it and ordering another one.
Ah okay, just wondering when mine was going to ship ordered on 10/22
Are orders shipped out as their done or are they shipped out in batches?
Does the pricing of suits vary depending on the options chosen?
Yeahhh pretty sure I'll be getting a belted DR for my next purchase. Still waiting on my M1 to ship now though
Yeah I'm not seeing navy at all. Was it supposed to be?
Thanks. I think I may be able to get away with a 53, not entirely sure though
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