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So I've been assuming that anything Japanese selvedge = tonsodough on eBay, and thus pounced on thesewhen I found them tonight, despite that they were priced high, and despite a serious tear on the cuff. [[SPOILER]] Rivets galore, but otherwise unexceptional to my untrained eye. I haven't found much info about them online, though, and nothing at all on eBay. Anyone know anything about them?Also found this vintage BB wing-collar tux shirt. (Available.)
Hit a bunch of thrifts over the last week or so, but I'm mostly coming up empty. Reading this board is making me feel like a crowd of you has cleaned out every place seconds before I walk in, leaving nothing but Van Heusen and stained Calvin Kleinshirts.Regardless, I did find a handful of cool things. Apologies for the crappy pix.Gorgeous E. Zegna tie, instantly the nicest tie in my closet, and thus probably a keeper. However, I almost never wear the 30 ties I currently...
That's really helpful, actually. Thanks!
+1 on Via del Governo Vecchio. Bought a nice hat for myself a few years back and was similarly amazed by the variety of Barbours on offer. Follow your nose - the smell of old wax will lead you to the right shop. Most of what's on offer on the street, though, is similar to what you might find in a vintage shop in the US - 70s fashions, denim jackets, etc.There's also a pretty good lunch place on that street - maybe Corallo? Get the carbonara. (5 minutes after we were seated...
(I'm cross-posting this question from the "ask a question, get an answer" quick-question thread. ) I don't intend to make selling on eBay a thing I do on the regular as an added source of income. But I do have some nice stuff that I'd like to sell, and I frequently come across good stuff in thrifts that I'd like to flip. Is there a good rule of thumb for when it makes sense to Sell it myself, as an inexperienced seller with not too many ratings Consign it with someone...
When divesting yourself of clothes, is there a good rule of thumb for selling on eBay yourself/consigning to an experienced eBay seller/selling here on B&S? I have some stuff to get rid of - not a ton, maybe 20-30 pieces all told. The quality and desirability are all over the map (everything from a barely-worn RLPL suit and NWT LVC 501s to some middle-of-the-road Italian shirts to some decent but unexceptional Muji stuff). Forgive me if this has been answered. I did some...
Can proxy these bally 11a black loafers if someone gets back to me pretty soon.
Ok, thank you all! Bought the 2-yr-old a stuffed giraffe to keep him quiet ($1, not available), and inspecting the suit now. Will post pics later!
Out w a 2-yr old on the verge of losing it, so someone answer fast. RLPL db made in England suit worth a pickup at $50? In good shape. Navy pinstripe.
That is beautiful. Makes me want to stick a pipe in my mouth and go shoot an elephant. Congratulations.
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