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That reminds me, I found a red, elbow-patch Pendleton hunting shirt a few months ago that was not only NWT, it still had a security tag on it - the plastic kind that looks like a bloated mauve tongue depressor. Needless to say the thrift shop didn't have one of those machines that takes them off. It took me 40 minutes with a Leatherman to get the thing off.LA thrifters, I'm about to blow up a spot, but I don't think it matters since today is it's last day of operation....
Totally doable, but I'm exceedingly rusty. Anyone with a basic grasp of CSS should be able to help you out, though.
You mean you want the text above the images to scale when the window is resized, but the photos to stay the same size all the time? I'm sure there's a way to do that, but I'd have to play around with it to see. But I dont think that's the best way to do it. Or am I misunderstanding what you're asking?
Good lord. Was this actually thrifted or did you just straight rob a Barney's? Unreal. Nice work.
I'll bite. What's the giveaway? How'd you know it was LP?
Jeez, I thought you struck out in LA! That would be a great couple of days for me.
What is that Cucinelli, a button-down?
This is what I'm talking about: flap pocket works for me but YMMV.The two Shaggy Dogs had tiny imperfections, which a seamstress fixed for me for a few bucks - most of them were not $10! More like $80, if I remember rightly, which is still a fantastic deal.
Nice, thanks for this. Just picked up a shetland and a blue OCBD (logoless).I have two Shaggy Dogs I grabbed for $10 apiece during two consecutive J Press sample sales in the Onward Kashiyama offices in midtown Manhattan a few years back - do they still do those? They used to sell amazing stuff for a song, including the shirt I'm wearing right now and some of my favorite things in general. Anyway, it'll be interesting to compare the J Press and Rugby shetlands.
^^ Yes, use percentages for width rather than fixed width when setting the body width. For instance, something like:Some free examples here, or I can try to help out later this week.
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