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Discount pre-brag: huge thanks to YoungAmerican for this: Just ordered long-desired color 8 chukkas to fit my clownfeet.
I don't have a picture, but I was disgusted to see at my local Marshall's this weekend a cashmere E. Zegna v-neck marked down to $150 ... in lime green ... with, literally, two 2-inch holes cut in the front and multiple pencil-size holes front and back. I turned it over expecting to see bloodstains.
Late to the party on this, perhaps, but if anyone in CT did hit this up (or would proxy) please PM me. Thrifted a Borrelli in my size (my very first post on this forum a month or so ago) and I just love it so much.Had exactly 13 minutes in a thrift in the last seven days while my wife and child napped in the car. Found jackshit. Extremely jealous of fantastic hauls all around.
Hey, I don't care about hockey! Can I still tell you about the shit I found?I can't figure out whether DM7 is in LA or New England or, god help us, both. Either way, someone left a few things in LA for us smalltimers. Nothing earth-shattering; everything available unless otherwise noted. And a blanket apology for the crappy pix.Buncha ties:Polo, Brooks wool (keeping), Polo, Giorgio Armani, ZegnaMatching Robert Talbott 7-folds, recentAn Arnys and a Brioni with whaever you...
This is the case for most of the thrift stores I'm able to hit without going way out of my way. It's the flip side of LA thrift abundance. It makes it a different game, too - it's not hard to find, for instance, a Brooks suit in good shape for $60. The trick is to find a brand they're not onto or to find the thrifts that haven't caught on.At the end of the day, though, it's hard to complain. These are charitable organizations and they deserve to make as much for their...
That coat is badass.
^^Noted, thanks. Posted that 5 minutes after Dm7 ransacked a Pacific Palisades mansion while the family cowered in the safe room, so didn't expect much of a reply.. Nice haul, obviously. Jesus.
Nice haul, 330CK. Oxxford notch-lapel tux with some serious nicks and a moth-hole: still worth picking up?
Oh hi, what's up?
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