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Nice, PM me if you tire of it. I didn't even know about the dreidel tie genre til you posted this, but immediately jumped on the Bay and found this: sweet.
Just bumping this ... nobody has any clue on the made-in-England-for-Britches shoes?
Sorry, dreidel tie? I think I'd enjoy seeing that, how about a pic?
I seriously just don't even ... what? DM7 finds literally truckloads of stuff. And takes it to 2010 greek's house. Why? What? What is even happening?
Dammit, do all of those hats have to be in my size? PM sent.Nice haul overall!
Amazing story, digmenow. Congratulations.
Two questions, one probably quite easy."Made in England Expressly for Britches of Georgetown"? [[SPOILER]] Made in USA for Brooks Brothers - but the script doesn't look like Alden to me, and only one width is noted (10E, rather than 10 B/E or whatever). [[SPOILER]] They're Alden, right? They're Alden.Thanks in advance.
My local thrift has at least a dozen 17-5 BB OCBDs in various patterns, all seemingly in good shape. I can proxy, pm me.
Nice. I think this coheres.
I've been shuttling ceaselessly between home, work, and consulting gigs and haven't been able to thrift in a week and a half, so here's an out-of-focus thrift fit. [[SPOILER]] * Edited to add spoiler.
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