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Former copyeditor here. Also someone who's hired about 30 people in the last few years. The details of grammar and spelling are unimportant in business and personal communication (in America in 2013, at any rate). Clarity is vital, however, and the best way to ensure you're being clear is to follow the rules of grammar. When you skip periods, commas, etc., it's a fuck-you to the reader - you're asking them to do work you're too lazy to do.Also, I think the "kids these days...
Great haul, great pics. I used to make it to northern Europe on the reg for work, but it's been a few years now. This made me miss it like crazy. Nobody does cozy like Austrians and Germans.
Not tagged, but I'd eyeball it as a 38 S.
I started a new job recently and now I'm weeks behind on the thread. Ah well. The new job has me all over LA, so I'm hoping that'll lead to more thrift time.Here's a digest of about a dozen 15-minute stops over the last few weeks. Mostly unavailable, except where noted. My wife's been asking a lot of pointed questions recently about when this allegedly lucrative hobby will start meaning something other than new clothes for me, so basically all this stuff is headed for...
Quick PSA for LA people. There are about 15 really cool western-wear/rockabilly style sport coats in a variety of materials - wool, suede, leather - with cool details, all seemingly well-made, all in great vintage shape, all in 44L, at a certain west side thrift shop. The brand on all of them is Pagano West - made in San Diego - which is new to me. Anyway, PM me if you're a regular - which I haven't been recently - and want to know where it is.
+1. If you have a decent tailor, you end up with something of amazing quality that fits you perfectly for a tenth of what you'd pay for it new - even if you'd never actually pay for that new. About 50% of the stuff I keep for myself goes to the tailor eventually. That said, a perfectly fitting but beat-to-hell shirt is still going to look like a beat-to-hell shirt. I've definitely made mistakes on getting unworthy stuff tailored.
I've had a pair of Indy boots for a few years, but only now with LS's bigfoot sale have I managed to buy the pair I've been longing after. Color 8 chukkas, maiden voyage outside the house:
Pleasure is all mine, and please post a fit pic of that dinner jacket! And I doubt I'll pull that off again; it was pure synchronicity.I in turn picked up a sweet Corneliani wool/cashmere jacket from JL3212, who was a great guy to trade with and packed the jacket (and some shoes I bought from him also) like a pro. Fit pics once back from tailor.5/5 WOULD 3-WAY AGAIN.Ha!
Seize sur vVingt are an NYC store and brand doing mostly MTM and a few off-the-rack shirts. Really nice stuff, though probably not the absolute finest money can buy. No idea how it does on eBay, but that's my size ... PM incoming!
I thrifted that precise Gant for Barneys Coop madras and wear it weekly in the summertime (and occasionally in what passes for winter in LA). One of my favorite shirts. Amazing haul overall!
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