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pro keds champions?
Is anyone still doing proxies for GATs?
Drop on skulls.
Price drop on skulls.
All items are in Singapore and will be shipped via registered mail. Please ask all questions via PM, as I do not wish to accidentally break the B&S forum rules. Prices include INTERNATIONAL shipping, add 4% if not sent as a personal payment. PM me for references, I have sold stuff on SuFu and various health and fitness forums.   Skull 5010xx SZ27 >BLACK ONE WASH NOT RAW $150 > $120 > $110     Pictures of Skulls:...
Great transaction with lxlfeng.
Received the daypack. Thanks for the deal.
Deal is now back on.
Quote: Originally Posted by bakatora not to re-kindle the forest fire, but was there anything said about the obviously shady self-bumping? yea, that thread above is proof.
Price drop.
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