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FW14 parka looks disappointing in that pic^ Wish I'd grabbed the FW13 version in the Sales now.
Thanks. I was hoping for a cotton twill version as I'm not a fan of the cotton ripstop for a jacket.
Anyone help with this please?
Would anyone be so kind as to list the SS14 Bedfords for me please? So far I've only seen olive ripstop and floral for sale. Thanks.
My size Small from SS13 are 31.5" inseam, so I'd say a 2" difference is pretty considerable. It's not often that you get a standard inseam less than 30".
Have the fatigues got a heavily reduced leg length measurement compared to all previous versions? Indigo & Cotton saying a S comes in at 29.5" inseam. They look short on the model too although he is 6'2".
Anyone assist with this? Does it fit smaller than previous seasons' versions? Thanks in advance.
Is this season's Field Parka true-to-size, or better to size down one?
I'm a little disappointed in the work shirts for SS14. Not keen on the plaids at all. Hopefully there'll be some really cool popovers/shortsleeves. The patchwork effort looks promising under the over parka on page 3 - really hope there's a shortsleeve version.
Yeah, that fleece is really nasty.
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