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Pleased that I managed to pick-up the FW12 Field Parka recently, without a doubt the best version I can remember seeing. The '13 and '14 versions have both been disappointing IMO.
Am I right in thinking the Ghurka and Truman trousers fit pretty similar?
Could someone kindly link me to the poster/post who (I think!) put up an inventory/stockist list for F/W14 a while ago? I'd like to know who's taken the Truman herringbone trousers, other than Fransboone Store. Thanks.
Has anyone bought the herringbone wool Truman pants yet? Am fiending for them but €380 seems pretty excessive.
Any pics/info on your fair isle pieces please?
Any other info/pics on those fair isle knits/jackets in the link?
The patches really suck, and have saved me a lot of money in the coming months!
Anyone help proxy EG Vans to the UK? Will obviously compensate you for your trouble. Thanks.
FW14 parka looks disappointing in that pic^ Wish I'd grabbed the FW13 version in the Sales now.
Thanks. I was hoping for a cotton twill version as I'm not a fan of the cotton ripstop for a jacket.
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