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I've seen the indigo denim workshirt described as "6oz" denim and "bull" denim. Is this the same shirt?
I have the SS15 19th Century Dungaree Cloth Oxford in beige, size small: http://www.fransboonestore.com/products/ebngineered-garments-19-century-bd-shirt-beige-cotton-dungaree-oxford Paid a pretty penny for this from Superdenim, but it's only had one wear this spring/summer. May as well let it go to fund some FW purchases, or interested to hear of trades for any EG shirts in size small. I'm UK based. Thanks.
^Pretty much identical proportions to me - I have the 6.5oz navy twill - the small fits me perfectly IMO.
^Excellent customer service from these guys. They are sending me a new replacement olive overdye, even though my purchase was from Mr Porter. Glad I emailed now - they are good guys.
Thanks. I'm also 5'8", although that Daiki fit is a bit too snug and short for me, so I may well need a medium. Think I'll have to order both sizes to be sure.
That exact same issue has occurred with my olive overdye oxford from minimal wear. Think I'll try emailing them too, suppose it's worth a try. It really shouldn't be happening at that pricepoint.
Quick question - cross crew tees from this season - size up? I seem to remember previous versions fitted very slim.
Got the 6.5oz flat twill Bedford through today. Am very happy with it, and the shade of navy is perfect. Almost has a hint of a petrol blue in certain lights. Much prefer it to the deep navy high count twill version from this season.
Any Vans in US8.5 for sale please?
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