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WTB: Navy Uniform Serge Bedford, size small. Thanks.
Anyone know of a navy uniform serge Bedford, size small, in the Sales? Thanks.
Final bump before this goes into Winter storage in my loft!
Anyone moving on a wool Bedford in size small? Will consider anything except the FW14 elbow patch versions.
Bumping this - will consider trades for past season wool Bedfords, but would prefer a cash sale really.
I've got a SS15 Bedford in 6.5oz navy twill, size small, that I'd be willing to move on. I'm looking to fund the serge wool FW15 version, so I'd want a fair price for it. It's been worn on four occasions, and is basically as new - no marks, tears, stains. PM me if interested. Thanks.
I've seen the indigo denim workshirt described as "6oz" denim and "bull" denim. Is this the same shirt?
I have the SS15 19th Century Dungaree Cloth Oxford in beige, size small: http://www.fransboonestore.com/products/ebngineered-garments-19-century-bd-shirt-beige-cotton-dungaree-oxford Paid a pretty penny for this from Superdenim, but it's only had one wear this spring/summer. May as well let it go to fund some FW purchases, or interested to hear of trades for any EG shirts in size small. I'm UK based. Thanks.
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