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Anyone have any of the S/S paisley camp shirts in size small for sale?
Looks like a £100 increase compared to SS16 on the twill Bedfords. Starting to feel priced out of some of this stuff now, don't think a summer twill Bedford is worth that.
The Camp shirt hasn't always had 4 pockets has it? Thought 4 pockets was only used for the Chauncey shirt? Not a fan of it, myself.
Banded Collar Shirt in Brown/Natural CL Horizontal Stripe looks very promising.
The navy uniform serge is, I believe, 100% wool. The charcoal serge is 46% wool / 38% cotton / 8% poly / 8% acrylic. The material feels more robust and hard-wearing. It's a really nice fabric.
Just received the Bedford in charcoal serge, and it is a great fabric. So glad I chose this over the navy uniform serge. Much prefer a slightly sturdier fabric than pure wool.
That is the best release of the Field Parka since FW12 in my opinion, looks great.
Looking to trade/sell this SS15 6.5oz Navy Flat Twill Bedford, size small. Basically BNWT - I have worn it indoors for a few hours, and it has been in clean storage since. Looking for trades for wool Bedfords in the same size/condition. Will definitely consider a sale but would want a fair price to put towards a FW16 Bedford.
It depends what look you're going for but, in my opinion, wearing a Veilance piece in that way defeats the whole purpose of what the line is about. Maybe re-post a pic as you intend to wear it, or just back it.
How do the banded collar shirts fit in comparison to other EG shirts? I've owned the Work Shirts, 19th Century, and Chauncey. High side vents too?
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