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Any Vans in US8.5 for sale please?
Wanted please: Olive S/S Bedford - S or M, depending on season. Paisley camp shirt from 2 or 3 seasons back, in S. Any popovers, camps or Daiki WWM florals in S. Any shorts, especially fatigues, for a 31-32" waist. Thanks.
Made up they've done the patchwork as a Camp shirt. Definite purchase for me.
Could any kind soul list the popover and camp shirt options for the coming season please?
Love that 19thC madras, will be picking that up, but not overly inspired by the rest.
Few bits up on Indigo & Cotton.
Pleased that I managed to pick-up the FW12 Field Parka recently, without a doubt the best version I can remember seeing. The '13 and '14 versions have both been disappointing IMO.
Am I right in thinking the Ghurka and Truman trousers fit pretty similar?
Could someone kindly link me to the poster/post who (I think!) put up an inventory/stockist list for F/W14 a while ago? I'd like to know who's taken the Truman herringbone trousers, other than Fransboone Store. Thanks.
Has anyone bought the herringbone wool Truman pants yet? Am fiending for them but €380 seems pretty excessive.
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