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Quote: Originally Posted by Mistral hey.. i suggest to soak them first.. i'd say 2-3 times post the pics after to see how much they shrink.. you need about 3 inches i would say.. hopefully you can get a slimmer fit as well by then.. goodluck!
Quote: Originally Posted by eglbc Can anyone recommend a good pair of pants for hiking/backpacking? Something sorta fitted and able to take a beating? Thanks E Iron Heart 634SR 23oz Anniversary Jeans dont forget to soak them before taking them hiking!
ask the photographer or hire a stylist!
leather jacket and jeans probably..
Quote: Originally Posted by nicelynice Really stupid question - what's the best way to clean white leather sneakers? Scuff marks, indigo stains, that kind of thing 1. Use a soft cloth to remove obvious dirt and dust from the surface of the shoe. 2. Remove the laces. 3. Rinse the shoes with warm, not hot, water, inside and out. 4. Prepare a solution of warm water and a 'natural soap'. Common soaps for cleaning shoes include: ...
Aber crombie shirt, LVC, bjorn borg shoes
thanks a lot ram! I will post the pic! not anytime soon though.. im kinda busy these coming weeks
Quote: Originally Posted by RAM1988 only open the inner non-selvage seam. any tailor can do that right? thanks alot!!!
yea thanksss guys
Quote: Originally Posted by saxcolossusjr bund-you can get them slimmed from the knee at any tailor/alterations place. Just tell them what you want the new leg opening measurement to be what about the selvedge? thanks
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