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I believe we've seen this before, and it was pointed out the glass-rope was attached to the wrong side of the frames, rendering it useless's fine with function, but as an affectation? silly.
Hilfiger is meant as an athletic cut, hence the broader shoulders. They're okay suits.
Quote: Originally Posted by Rummage Cashmere tie for less than $20?! Was it a super sale price? I just picked up two for $9.99 each, Tasso Elba too. Macy's will, on occassions, really deep-discount their clearance stuff.
Well, I know where I'll be doing my christmas gift shopping now!
A homeless man came in, bought a couple hundred dollars worth of casual attire with cash from an envelope(weird!), and the dicks in the front of the store told him to come use my fitting room to change out of his hobo rags. He smelled very, very unpleasant. I'm not a jerk so I smiled when he mumbled what he wanted and said "sure, pick whatever room you'd like". He's in there for a good twenty minutes, and his stench is actually wafting from the stall he's in to my...
Quote: Originally Posted by bboysdontcryy On a side note. I was wondering. Do the sales people size up a customer by the clothes he's wearing? What comes to your mind when they are wearing the brand of the product you're selling? I've almost never had someone wearing a suit into the store buy a suit; my workplace is in downtown, about 2 blocks from the state capitol, so we get a lot of government foot traffic. These guys poke around and leave...
take off that ralph lauren! you are not fat
Quote: Originally Posted by Rick's Tailoring My personal favorite that gets me totally enraged is when a customer picks up a suit they bought, it fits perfectly, and then they do the double, "heil hitler" and stretch their arms out as far as possible and proclaim, "these sleeves are too short". I roll my eyes, and tell the it can only be one length. do you want it 4 inches too long when you arms are down, or too short the one time you try to dunk a...
Quote: Originally Posted by dah328 Those are not well-constructed. I'd appreciate it if you'd elaborate.
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