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Great fit
Will post pictures and measurements shortly
Quote: Originally Posted by Despos If it was not picked up because it didn't fit right and they couldn't alter it, you may have issues. Would the seller know if has been altered and would he tell you? Most deals like this have had unsuccessful alteration attempts followed with a refund. If the guy just bailed on it, who knows what you will get. The measurements won't tell you if it was cut for any irregular posture, stooped or erect so you cannot...
I was an Army ROTC cadet for my first 3 years of college, just a few years ago. We wore digital camo ACUs on class days and those damn patrol caps. No more dress uniforms except for functions and commissioning. Nevertheless, even with the ACUs, if anything was out of regulation, we'd get shit for it, at least with our CO. Only place for self-expression was sunglasses, but even those were expected to be conservative. I do recall though, that some of the ex-enlisted...
Quote: Originally Posted by dragon8 Depends on the price and the level of risk you are willing to take. What is the return policy? Return policy is no questions asked, but only for store credit--which sucks, because they have nothing else in my size that I'd ever want.
Has anyone had any issues with the fit of a suit that was made bespoke for someone else yet was never picked up and ended up at an outlet? One higher shoulder, one arm larger than the other, etc? I can get a great deal on a NWT Oxxford on eBay that has all of the details I need-- double vents, high button stance-- and it's the perfect fabric. The seller provides excellent, detailed measurements, and according to the measurements, it should fit perfectly. Here is my...
Quote: Originally Posted by Steve Smith New items added. Bump for a great seller. Can't wait for my #6 peak lapel to arrive!!!
Belvest is sold! Drops on HF & Loafers.
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