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I agree, as long as your diet is balanced you don't need any supplements. Supplements by definition are intended to balance out your diet. My personal diet tends to lack selenium, calcium, and zinc so I take those. I don't believe in those whey protein shakes and the 100s of supplements being marketed. I used to take whey protein, stopped taking it, and have seen only a minor difference if any as long as I eat healthy. 3 truly nutritious meals a day are better than eating...
I vote for the #3, I think that blazer + shirt looks professional. The #4 blazer also works although I'm not sure I'd pair it with the BB french cuff shirt + yellow tie - I think it tries a bit too hard. All IMHO Good luck on your interviews! What's your background?
Which do you guys think would be better for a dinner date on a cold rainy night- binary jacket or Shroud of Purrin blazer?
I'm thinking of getting a Verizon Blackberry for the GPS capabilities, but I learned you have to pay $10/month for the VZ Nav. Is there another way to get the GPS for free, or at least without a subscription? There are all these apps out there but I'm not sure if I still need to pay for VZ Nav to enable the GPS. Also, if anyone has recommendations on GPS apps I would appreciate it.
thanks for the thoughts. I find RL custom fit to be slim and easy to find. Make sure it's the custom fit and not the regular fit. I'll see how it holds up after a couple washes.
I like the RL custom fit as it's one of the slim polo shirts that fit me, but the sleeves are a bit short - they stop about 40% of the way down from my shoulder right before my bicep. I'm tall and skinny so I don't want to come off as gay - how long should the sleeves on a short-sleeve polo shirt be? BTW, I am being serious, please keep the jokes to a minimum.
I'm also 6', 145-150#. I look skinny if I don't have a slim fit shirt on. I wouldn't say I'm super buff but I'm in shape. It's been hard for me to broaden my shoulders by working out. As long as I wear clothes that slim around my waist then I look good - if I wear boxy clothes then I look skinny. Main thing I focus on is getting clothes that show how narrow my hips (29W) are so people can compare with my shoulders and notice I'm in shape. If you come across any advice...
I find recently I've been too tired to do anything after work except workout and eat. I used to study after work but I'm a bit tired after doing that for a few years. Maybe I just need a new hobby. It's gotten me thinking: what do most people do after they get home from work?
I've been reading the LSO blog for some time now. I might just buy this book.
Quote: Originally Posted by jonglover Jimmy Kimmel's response to the "I'm Fucking Matt Damon" video. I actually burst out laughing at the Josh Groban part: HAHAHA I like the first few lines before FedEx shows up.
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