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Quote: Originally Posted by --Jonas-- any sensible person wouldn't base their opinion of Obama on such rumors. haven't met alot of tea party members huh?
Quote: Originally Posted by entrero Call DoD, I'm sure they'll have something haha i don't think so
I've been looking for the past few months everything from hickey freeman to rick owens but never found the exact piece. Obama wears a lot of hart schaffner marx, suits etc etc but this coat looks to be way too high quality to be produced by them. Is it bespoke?
Quote: Originally Posted by Nataku Was gonna go hit some thrifts on Saturday, as I knew nobody would be out because of the snowstorm. Opened the garage door and changed my mind. May not look bad in the pic but there was a solid 15" in the driveway. This was around 2pm, we got an additional 5" by 7pm, so I wasn't about to leave only to come back and not be able to get in the driveway! Headed out today instead. Wish me luck! more pics of...
Quote: Originally Posted by AlanC Good find. Where is the label? If it's at the neck it's older, on the inside pocket then newer. It doesn't matter as it's a classic style. BrooksEase is (was?) more of a mid-line label at Brooks (as compared to, say, Golden Fleece), but still fine quality. thanks for the info, it is at the pocket ahh that makes sense, what is the brooks brothers hiearchy anyway? is this close ? High end: Golden fleece...
Found a recent Brooks Brothers one button peak lapel ceneter vented tuxedo and matching set of pants today $20 Anybody know what it means when the label says: Brooks Brothers BrooksEase established 1818 i only say recent becuase it looks identical to the $798 tuxedo (just jacket) on the brooks brothers website
Quote: Originally Posted by catside Good fakes with nicely ornamented movements would be worth 100 bucks or so. Even if it is fake, good deal. If it is real, it will be a story to remember and quote again, and again, and again, and.... seriously, $65 then sell it styleforum thrift thread's first millionaire
Quote: Originally Posted by EBTX66 Guys, I left at least 15 other coats and 3-4 other suits, not to mention 50 ties (most from some place called Celine in Paris). There was also at least 25 Ascot Chang dress shirts but the guys neck was way too small. Everything else was my size except big in the waist. This is insanity! celine paris? is that the womenswear line famous for handags?
Quote: Originally Posted by Nataku Black Fleece is the only BB line that uses BB0,BB1....etc for sizing. Shoulda grabbed it. Black Fleece tags are very discreet and simple. They feature just the sheep logo with "1818" under it. No "Brooks Brothers" text. The ones pictures above are regular Brooks Brothers. The one below is Black Fleece. good thing it was stained haha or else i'd be...
i have seen those brooks brothers labels before, its not black fleece is it? becuase i was sitting at it starring at it it even said BB1 or something for the size
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