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do i get to be as successful as he is?? if so then yes i would wear it!
He who asked the pleasure, pays for the pleasure. So if you asked her out for the evening you should pay 100% of the time. If she asked you out then you should still offer to pay. Though if she requests a second time to pick it up allow her to. In my experience I am usually asking the woman out for the 1st date. After that its up in the air though about 75%+ I am picking up the tab for the entire evening, I ask the women out more often and plan evenings more often.
vote for #2
This hickey Freeman looks like it is a LTD line. Which are fused. Also I would recommend a navy or grey suit for your 1st suit. Those colors are much more versitile.
i own several isaia napoli suits but not coats. However the description says gianluca isaia which i believe is a diffusion line of product. no shot of tags or close ups so hard to tell. BTW that sellers page is really annoying.
I do my suits about between once and twice a year depending on wear. Although I do get curious and do a smell test of my suits. Even though I brush and steam my suits. link to poll done this summer on suit cleanings
I have most of my jackets have double vents due to my big buttocks. However even with tailoring there is still some sticking out of the vents. I think ventless covers it up much better but i only have 2 jackets that are ventless. I dont put anything in my trouser pockets except a hankie and my keys. So difficulty reaching the front or rear pockets or pulling up the jacket is not a big problem.
I had a faux button hole that I had opened by a tailor it was quick and easy. From the picture i see the weave of your fabric in between implying it wasnt cut originally but just sewn straight onto the material? My "easy to open" was tightly sewn shut with the same colored thread as the "hole stiching". IMHO take it to a tailor. If it simply needs to be opened he can probably do it while you wait. otherwise you will have to take it to him to make a working hole anyway.
YSL l'homme
11.5 D. I am fairly consistant in that size.
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