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That looks fake
^ 41
the Westbrook collection is ugly as hell
International Porter ... Final
I actually had my stooges shortened from the shoulders I think they had to cut the extra side piece connected to the sleeve and stitched it together in the armpit area which wasn't really noticible. Didn't know why I would risk a job like that back then, but it turned out good. I was told by the tailor that they couldn't feed the sleeves into their machines because the leather + zipper was too thick. It was a hammered lamb btw.
Wtf is going on ?
^ wtf is that ?
50% off Rickidas at Forward
Nike JP already has the new Gyakusou line up. I must say this season is really hideous, only the shorts and shoes are bearable IMO. The red fade jacket is ok too.
^ I think it expired when it hit "final sale"
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