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How is it that the black amber iron ranger in 9.5D felt so much wider (on the heel) and looser than the brown amber iron ranger 9.5D... Anyone had same experience?
ugh, I just bought a 9.5 black iron ranger and it fit wider and looser than my 9.5 amber. Both were 9.5 D. sizes for these seem inconsistent...
didnt want to go through all the pages so i'm hoping someone can answer.... for those who have the classic moc boot (875s, 8138s) and iron rangers, did you get the same exact size for both? do they basically fit the same?
^ thanks for the tip. ordered there and it arrived today... size 9.5... need your opinions if they look too big/clownish on me?
i wear a 10 in J shoes mojave, sperry chukkas.. but all with a bit room in toe area for little movement..
hi guys.. need your opinion... i bought a 9D. tried it on with thick socks and it fits snug. a little uncomfortable around the ankles but i know there's a break in period anyway. i'm 6 ft tall, does it look too small on me? should i exchange for a 9.5
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