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hey guys looking into buying these unbrandeds in 21oz anyone have experience with them theyd like to share? jeans in question: http://theunbrandedbrand.com/collections/all/products/ub221-tapered-fit-21oz-heavweight-indigo thanks
For the weekender in particular. I have been looking on the Jcrew and O Connell's site but I want to know what other options I have? Thanks in advance.
the intelligent quartz one with the military styling looks nice but i cant find it anywhere marked down :/
went to sears and the bay today, no weekender but i saw an all black one i liked but i cant find it on ebay :[
ah, thanks.what place is the best to buy from?
I want a watch I can wear everyday that is versatile with everything I wear, problem is eBay has a billion results and I dunno which one I should be going for. I don't want to spend anything more than 30-40 bucks on a Timex. Please help me out guys.
Not sure if i should share my experiences just yet but lets give this a go lol
i believe so they are the tight straight
looking good, especially in that first pic.what kinda watch and shades are those in the yellow shirt pic?
broken in, now for the fading to start
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