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I got these from my local denim shop, Mildblend, in Chicago. They are a special collaboration with RgT in a left-hand weave. Apparently it is the first time RgT has done a left-hand weave. Had these chain stitched to ~32.5". Worn for maybe 8 hours total. I didn't realize this until AFTER I had purchased, but these run about 0.5 to 1 size small compared to other RgT denim. I asked the guys at the shop, and he indicated that it wasn't unusual for left-hand denim to run a...
I've got a UNIONMADE X Golden Bear Shetland peacoat for sale. Sadly this is just a hair too small on me (would gladly trade for a M in either navy or charcoal wool). I'm between a 38R and 40R -- this fit, but with very little room for layering underneath. Fit and finish on this is fantastic, as you would expect from a UNIONMADE collaboration. This thing retailed north of $500, so you are getting a steal.
Was at Mildblend in Chicago tonight picking up a new pair of SK's and tried on the waxed canvas supply jacket. Really awesome. Next up on my must have list.
APC New Standard in size 31. Haven't worn these in some time. Back waist measures 16" and inseam measures 32.5". I've washed them once, so they are just starting to show some fades. Tons of life left. Looking for $80 for these.
These Stantons (size 30) are already broken in with some awesome fading. Only selling because I like the way my 31's fit better. The back of the waistband measures 16" and the inseam is 33.5" (they have never been hemmed, just some shrinking due to wash / hang dry). Looking for $100 for these.
I've got two pairs of Unis Gios for sale. Both are W33 X L32. The Bone color reads as a pale gray, and the Walnut color reads as a dark brown. Looking for $100 85 each. Update: Bone has sold. Walnut left. Price dropped to $85.
SNS Herning Version V-Neck Sweater - M - $100 shipped - Awesome purple melange (hard to photograph on my iPhone). Great sweater that I only wore a handful of times. Here's a link to some stock photos. Chest: 18.5" Length: 27"
1) Beams+ Shetland Sweater - M - $75 shipped - Bought this on final sale at Unionmade. Wore it literally one time before deciding it was too short for me. Chest: 19" Length: 24" 2) SNS Herning V-Neck Sweater - M - $100 shipped - Awesome purple melange (hard to photograph on my iPhone). Great sweater that I only wore a handful of times. Chest: 18.5" Length: 27" 3) J Crew Marled Fleece Sweatshirt - S - $20 shipped - Just cleaning out the bottom of the sweater drawer. Too...
Cleaned out everything that sold and dropped all remaining prices. About as low as I'll go before just donating, so hit me up if you're interested.
Price drops on nearly all items.
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