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@LS7, thank you for the offer and information. I will definitely PM you. Yes, can I have my throw back...lol
If anyone makes it back to the factory sale, could you let me know if anything is available in 10/10.5e or f or 10.5/11d. I need to find out if my source is being truthful about stock. It's much appreciated.
Barney's @masshiQFTMy newest pickups, I know I don't post here often
I really like those, 202?
Thanks Gents, I kept seeing it under Women's Coats.
Too bad that Isaia is a women's coat. It looks great.
I'll post two pair later today. I may have posted before on here, but they are great!
Agree @wj4
And BOTS rule the world now..smh
Sweet @Pitman
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