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All are Brand New, some have tags some don't but they have never been worn. Zanella are $150 each and the others are $110 eachZanella 100% LinenLight Gray SoldWaist-15.75Inseam-37Rise-10.75 [[SPOILER]] Light Brown/Sand SoldWaist-16Inseam-36.5Rise-10.75 [[SPOILER]] Incotex Cotton; GrayWaist-18Inseam-33.5Rise-9.5 [[SPOILER]] Incotex Cotton Cargo; greenWaist-18.5Inseam-34Rise-9.0 [[SPOILER]] Aspesi100% Cotton; Blue TwillWaist-18.5Inseam-35.5Rise-10.5 [[SPOILER]] 100% Cotton;...
Pick 3 shirts for $150Size Collar Sleeve Shoulder ChestXL 17.5" 36" 20" 24"XXL 18.5" 36" 21" 26" [[SPOILER]] XL100% Cotton [[SPOILER]] [[SPOILER]] 100% Linen [[SPOILER]] 85% Cotton, 15% Linen [[SPOILER]] New Adds, all 100% Cotton and XL
^^Depending on your waist
I am really trying to cater to the larger gents. Sleeves unfinished, pants unhemmed, etc. Pants: Waist: 42 Inseam: 38 Rise: 11.5 Jacket: Chest: 50 Shoulder: 17.5 Length: 32.75 Sleeve: 37
Better pics this weekend [[SPOILER]]
J's and Vass
Steve, those all great. That Kiton is nice.
Red, getting ready for the new job?
Better low light performance. But, as SVB said, it wasn't for his need.
Guys, you should have checked out the NEX-3N.
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