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Some colors for you Slate, Antique Cloud and Black and Antique Bronze Slate and Antique Cloud
I haven't forgotten you.
Slate and DOAK 82 Antique Burgundy 888
That SC that @Salad posted is TITS!!!!!!! I saw it in person, I just need it to drop a little more in price.
Mention this thread and get $50 off any pair of shoes. Thanks @razl
Congrats, @Cleav
Pre-Owned-if you purchased shoes from me before, you know these are in EXCELLENT CONDITION!John Lobb Hutton Black Calf-$650 Excellent ConditionBox, dust bag, polishing cloth [[SPOILER]] John Lobb Chambord II Boots Dark Misty Calf-$650 Excellent ConditionBox, dust bag, polishing cloth SOLD [[SPOILER]] Edward Green Hove Antique Burgundy-$550 10.5/11d 82 LastBox, not original, dust bag, polishing cloth [[SPOILER]]
Glad I could help. BTW, I am still trying to save to get those Chameleon Malverns.
Try this linkhttp://www.styleforum.net/forums/threads/add/forumId/6714
New audio, visual course on how to be successful, like @Spoo. It comes with three hours of one on one counseling. All for $199.
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