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Thank you
How does the color on these compare to Polo Suede?
Sobre ¿
Run a flame across it quickly, it will burn that loose stuff off.
I haven't started yet. I may darken just a little.
RTW, I don't want to do bespoke or MTM for this.
Hello iGents, I have been researching and scouring the Interwebs looking for a high-quality coat to wear in warmer weather, over my suit or SC. Most brands that I have found were offering polyester version (Moorer, Fay, and a few other). I am 6'0 and fairly slim. Thanks for the suggestions
Is it possible to get CS jumper on another sole?
Darby in Ardilla Calf
I went crazy last year on Eidos stuff and realize I have too much summer stuff, need to sell to acquire more winter items. Brown double breasted-52R 100% Silk SC, peak lapel, dual vents, quarter-lined $450 Chest 22" (underarm to underarm) Shoulder 19" (seam-to-seam, across the back) Sleeve 25.5" Length 30.5" (from bottom of collar) Eidos Navy Blue Hopsack SC-$600 Sold Chest 21.25" (underarm to underarm) Shoulder 18" (seam-to-seam, across the back) Sleeve 25.25" Length...
New Posts  All Forums: