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Last of the grabs for awhile Isaia Squares Leather Minty Green windowpane Cashmere Blend Eidos Raw Silk Suit Polos
Some new ones from me:
Yes, Quentin is great. I also got to meet one of their models earlier in the sale.
Those are sexy as shit
Size 48/38L DB Navy Silk Suit at the sample sale. Some 50 and 48R left in SC's
I am going back tomorrow after work. Give me an idea of what you are looking for and I'll see what they have. Keep in mind proxying for free or a fee is tedious. It's not like going telling someone to just grab any Dark Oak shoe in size 10 and I'll pay you the money before purchase. People on SF are very particular and I and I am sure others have been burnt. You can PM me. @Badsha, I haven't forgotten you.PS. I am only looking through SC and suits.
You must be a 48R. I like that green one at the front sleeves too short, damn functioning cuffs.I grabbed some PS and a 100% silk gray SC, the one in the middle of your picture.
@NewStart, way to go and supporting the forum=double win
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