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Thanks for the mention, I really need to move some stuff. I see some great things on BS.
Yes, whole amount goes back.
Nice Kops Tafjir. I grabbed the cotton suit today and a SC from Caruso.
Just email Marc. He is great!!
^^That made three of us there today.
Jazz, please don't. I am trying to get money to buy them.
Slate Blue Epaulet 100% Cotton-Canvas, not sure which-$75WAIST: 32"LEG OPENING: 8"RISE: 10.25"INSEAM: 32" [[SPOILER]] SoldEpaluet Tan Moleskin-A few spots, wore a few times last winter, forgot to get them cleaned and don't know if they'll come out. Spots are more noticeable in photos than real life-$50WAIST: 33"LEG OPENING: 8.5"RISE: 10.5"INSEAM: 32.75" [[SPOILER]]
[[SPOILER]] PantsSoldPolo Ralph Lauren-PRL Grey Herringbone-56% Wool, 36% Cotton, 8% Poly-$75WAIST: 32"LEG OPENING: 8.5"RISE: 10.5"INSEAM: 35.25" [[SPOILER]] RLBL-Black 100% Wool, Side adjusters-$150 [[SPOILER]] WAIST: 34"RISE: 10.25"INSEAM: 37"RLBL-100% CottonBrown-$125, summer weight [[SPOILER]] WAIST: 35"RISE: 9.75"INSEAM: 34.5"SuitsBNWT Polo Ralph Lauren 100% Cashmere Three-piece, suit in Black. Jacket is single vent, two button. Pants are flat front, with cuff. Comes...
All are NWT or NWOT. Shipping is included in the US.GonePants-Black with side adjusters-$200 [[SPOILER]] WAIST: 34"RISE: 10.25"INSEAM: 37"Blue-$250 [[SPOILER]] WAIST: 34.5"RISE: 11"INSEAM: 38"SoldSweater-$245 [[SPOILER]] Sleeve: 24"Length: 28.75"Shoulder: 17"Chest: 20.25"SoldIsaia SC 94% Cotton and 6% Silk. It's unstructured shoulder, dual button, single vent and one sleeve button-$450 [[SPOILER]] Chest: 21.5"BOC: 28.25"Sleeve: 25.5"Shoulder: 18.25New additionLight...
Yes, make sure you get something smooth unlike the material used for Brooks Brother's Black Fleece.
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