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Yes, it took me awhile, to say the least. It will become my favorite suit.
David, I finally got a chance to wear your suit. It was a HIT!! It need some work on the shoulders, something we didn't notice before. When I hit the lottery, I will be back.
Stopped by yesterday, was told I missed the sale by one day, but I was happy to finally visit. I will definitely be back!!!!!!!!
Thank you for the comparison. Wear in good health.
Looking good, Greg.
^^Usually DHL to the States
They must have brought out more Isaia because there were none this morning.
SF brethren helping one another.
Someone please buy my Vass, so I can kop one of these great jackets. I love the styling on them. MF, that look great on you.
Aquascutum is great, I have one. GLWS!!
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