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Great pants, I have a pair and love em.
Would it be better to size up or go up in width?
Nice pick up, @suited
Very nice @timotune.
Yeah, I saw those, I grabbed some pants. The Hoves were from them too; I purchased last week.Today was insane, I never saw men act like that over shoes, good thing is was over Tod's, Prada, etc.
Thanks, yes, and that's why I buy her all them "designer" shoes.
202 10.5/11d
Wrong size, I believe they will stretch but rather send them off to a good home. Wife purchased them as a surprise a month or so ago.
My humble additions, introducing the Cardiff (soon to be on B&S) in Nutmeg Suede and Hove in Antique Burgundy
That's a beautiful coat.
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