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Great showing today. Matt, it was a pleasure chatting with you and I see those donegal jeans in my future.
Thank you, kind Sir.
Same, from what I can tell.
Price list for the people who took over Cardelino
Galways Slate Chelseas, paired with gray slacks Slated paired with various shades of gray
Missed the Rain Jacket. That Donegal Eidos is TITS!!
Hello Gents A pair of EG Inverness, no major defects, all I see is there is an issue with polishing close to the welts. They look like they've been tried on. Can add trees for an additional $75. Price includes shipping, box, bags, cloth and they have a full sock liner installed.
Congrats @spoopoker, great addition by adding Zach. Much success in the coming year(s).
Johnston's of Eglin
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