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^^Those DC shoes are an INSTAKOP, if they are your size.
Yes, thanks for the clarification.
Thank you @NickPollica. I appreciate the information. Have a safe flight.These were Sak's SC, made by Isaia.
Nick, not entirely related, but can you tell from the tags whether the SC's are full, half or no canvassing?
Thanks, @chogall. Do you know the turnaround time?
Your box looked like mine with the tape. I am surprised they haven't sold.
Anyone ever send St.C to Nick at B. Nelson for resole? How much do they charge for re-sole/re-lasting? Thanks
Damn, I just took 3 of my four Eidos suits in. I still have another three suits and a blazer to get done.I have some stuff at the tailor, would I be able to pay that bill, if it comes up in October?
Damn you, small and big footed people.
Right across the street from Ep-Orchard Street Tailors, IIRC.
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