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Shame, great suit!
Humble submissions
Thank you!
Where would LUIGI BIANCHI Mantova rate?
Thanks, I assume that is a good and possibly hides some canvassing under it?
I have a half lined Maco Soranga jacket and found this in the shoulder area. I am trying to determine if it's canvassing.
Thank you
Sleeves look like they are less than 25.5", correct?
What is the weight of the fabric and are you sure there is no material to lengthen? Thanks
Hello All-I have a few things that I am listing, all are NWT or NWOT. I have not worn any of them. All selling for considerably less than retail.Hello iGents, up for sale are two beautiful pieces from Isaia, both are new and unwornSOLD [[SPOILER]] Asking $550 Beige and Creme Check 90% Wool, 8% Cashmere, 2% Elastin Winter Seersucker Sailor Model. Two button and dual ventsChest: ~21Shoulder: 18.25"Sleeve: 25.5" + at least 1" to lengthenLength (BOC): 29"1/4 lined...
New Posts  All Forums: