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Just email Marc. He is great!!
^^That made three of us there today.
Jazz, please don't. I am trying to get money to buy them.
Slate Blue Epaulet 100% Cotton-Canvas, not sure which-$75WAIST: 32"LEG OPENING: 8"RISE: 10.25"INSEAM: 32" [[SPOILER]] SoldEpaluet Tan Moleskin-A few spots, wore a few times last winter, forgot to get them cleaned and don't know if they'll come out. Spots are more noticeable in photos than real life-$50WAIST: 33"LEG OPENING: 8.5"RISE: 10.5"INSEAM: 32.75" [[SPOILER]]
[[SPOILER]] PantsSoldPolo Ralph Lauren-PRL Grey Herringbone-56% Wool, 36% Cotton, 8% Poly-$75WAIST: 32"LEG OPENING: 8.5"RISE: 10.5"INSEAM: 35.25" [[SPOILER]] RLBL-Black 100% Wool, Side adjusters-$150 [[SPOILER]] WAIST: 34"RISE: 10.25"INSEAM: 37"RLBL-100% CottonBrown-$125, summer weight [[SPOILER]] WAIST: 35"RISE: 9.75"INSEAM: 34.5"SuitsBNWT Polo Ralph Lauren 100% Cashmere Three-piece, suit in Black. Jacket is single vent, two button. Pants are flat front, with cuff. Comes...
All are NWT or NWOT. Shipping is included in the US.GonePants-Black with side adjusters-$200 [[SPOILER]] WAIST: 34"RISE: 10.25"INSEAM: 37"Blue-$250 [[SPOILER]] WAIST: 34.5"RISE: 11"INSEAM: 38"SoldSweater-$245 [[SPOILER]] Sleeve: 24"Length: 28.75"Shoulder: 17"Chest: 20.25"SoldIsaia SC 94% Cotton and 6% Silk. It's unstructured shoulder, dual button, single vent and one sleeve button-$450 [[SPOILER]] Chest: 21.5"BOC: 28.25"Sleeve: 25.5"Shoulder: 18.25New additionLight...
Yes, make sure you get something smooth unlike the material used for Brooks Brother's Black Fleece.
Yes it is!Guys, please hold my SC in the store, no need to ship.
Some things that I have my eye on C&J http://www.styleforum.net/t/384383/bnib-crocket-jones-handgrade-oxford-for-n-l-9-5uk-e/0_50 PRL SC that needs a little work http://www.styleforum.net/t/333968/nwot-polo-ralph-lauren-prl-luxurious-grey-cashmere-herringbone-sport-coat-40l-may-work-for-40r-or-38l/0_50
Said the same thing
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