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Isaia [[SPOILER]]
I am a half size larger in Somervilles than 348 last. I am not a full US11, but I wear 9.5EUK in 348 and 11US in Somerville.
^^I have the same shoe and really like them.
All three SCs are BNWT. The Khaki, and Blue are 100% Raw Silk. The Gray, herringbone, check is 38% Wool, 31% Silk and 30% Linen. All are half canvassed and made by Southwick. The come with the buttons for the unfinished sleeves. All three are single vent and 1/2 lined. Dropped to $375Measurements are the same for all threeChest: ~21.25Shoulder: 18"Sleeve: 25" + 1.5 to lengthenLength (BOC): 29.5" [[SPOILER]] [[SPOILER]] Sold [[SPOILER]]
RD, PM me your pp, please. Can I have the YHNT too between the Kiton and Venazi?
10e/11US I am able to size down in F last
Great stuff, as usual Rob.
What the hell did I miss?
Selling three Southwick/Carson Street Clothiers SC. 1 Khaki Raw Silk 1 Light Blue Raw Silk 1 Gray, multi-color (silk, linen and wool)
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