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Those trainers are amazing. I stopped by yesterday to see what they look like and I was blown away
The Drake's are 100% Silk, The Kiton is 70% Wool and 30% Silk and the Isaia is 75% Silk and $25% Linen. They all are 3.5" width, except the dotted Drake's, which is 3.25"
Hello All-These were a dream shoe to me, but I don't find myself wearing them at all. They have been worn a handful of times. Anyone who has purchased shoes from me, knows that I take great care of my stuff. They will come with box, shoe bags and trees. If you are a new customer, you can no longer order from Vass, get without the wait or mark-up. [[SPOILER]]
Here is the CC SC [[SPOILER]]
Purchased a Southwick SC from C21 today.
Dam this thread is quiet-kopped a Carson Clothiers SC too, will post picture later. C21 has some nice summer ones.
I have a few, I don't know if they qualify. Petronius, Drake's, Barney's, Faconnable Battistoni, Isaia, Richard James. Bigi Cravatte Drake's, Drake's, Conrad Wu, Altea Drake's, Breur, PRL Drake's
Looking great, Rob!! For those of you sleeping on the Sand Merino POW, STOP!!
Very interesting thread, I'll participate soon.
Thanks Gents. The some of the rest- Epaulet-Russet Tweed missing Polo (Corneliani pant) RLBL suit PRL (Corneliani Pants), Khaki missing Carson Clothiers Zanella Linen and Panta Cotton
New Posts  All Forums: