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Received these yesterday from Laufer [[SPOILER]]
Slate Blue Epaulet 100% Cotton-Canvas, not sure which weight-$75Blue compared to Black and Augberdine [[SPOILER]] WAIST: 32"LEG OPENING: 8"RISE: 10.25"INSEAM: 32"BNWT SLIM WALT TROUSER JAPANESE AUBERGINE TWILL-33-$95TrousersWAIST: 34"RISE: 12.5"INSEAM: 34"Epaulet 100% Linen Tangerine-33WAIST: 34"RISE: 12.5"INSEAM: 34"Epaulet Grey PoW-33TrousersWAIST: 34"RISE: 12.5"INSEAM: 34"BNWT Epaulet Gray POW Jacket Size 40R-$395. Pants may be floating around on SF for a complete...
They are sizing by neck, then you have to try stuff on to see if the sleeves and body fit. Use "the beggar" to get two shirts for $20 each. The selection was decent, a lot of blues and whites.
1/2 size. 10.5=11US
I appreciate it. Now trying to figure if I wan to gamble on the G&Gs, decisions, decisions.
You were supposed to say yes, @Leaves. I wear 11US in all others. Thanks
I wear 9.5UK in Carmina rain, would I be able to wear 10UK in Enzo 946 chiseled last? Thanks
Some of their monk are AS.
Well, it's not the 19th yet and I mentioned that I am unsure if it's just the factory shop.
Find your size in BB, or visit Sak's, Bergdorf Goodman and Bloomingdale's and then come back to B&S and look for your suit.
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