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How well would a frequently used wallet, card holder, etc. hold up in the Chevre leather? Sorry for the questions, but am really interested in your products, we can take it to PM, if you prefer.
Thank you for the shirt. Having had it for a few weeks, I can provide, some not very detailed, comments. First off, sizing is pretty TTS. I wear a 40 suit and took a undershirt in Medium. It is not baggy, but also not overly tight. The arms fit snug around my "muscles". It wears very light and blends in under all of my shirts. It kept me dry on some of the warmer days. My favorite part of the shirt in the neck. It not crew, v or anything I have ever seen. It's...
Hi Parker, It was a pleasure for my wife and I to meet you and see your wares, in person. There is an order in my future-what do you consider your best leather? I liked that black bull leather.
Buy my stuff, so I can buy these
I have a pair , I just can't afford anything right now.
These are nice
I need someone to help me set up U.K. PayPal. Keep missing out on purchases that prevent me from using U.S. PayPal. Please let me know if you can help.
Thanks for the info, I have the Isaia version, I believe double breasted
40 and 40L
@Leaves or anyone-is there a difference between EG Moccha and CS Mink Suede?
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