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EG Antique Burgundy-picked up from SF-10.5/11e 888-$500-box, shoes and bags [[SPOILER]]
Alicante Copper Suede and Plum Museum-come with bags, no box.SoldAlicante-$150-no stains just the photo [[SPOILER]] Plum Museum $225 [[SPOILER]]
Recently added this Casentino to my collection, now to figure out how to add it to my rotation. [[SPOILER]]
Looking forward to seeing what's available, will be there at 10am sharp!!!
@Equus Leather are your waist sizes from the middle hole? I have a 33" waist but I see a belt in 32 that I like.
Lovely pieces.
Yeah, Xmas time is here.
Really looking at the Merola Peccary, lost one of my Dents Peccary gloves today PISSED!
Ordered some gloves, looking forward to them.
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