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No worries.
Thanks, Red.
I'll take the Panta, if it's still available.
That's a lot to take in. I wouldn't do anymore than 1.5"
Grabbed these two, both made by Southwick And 100% Raw silk
Thanks Monty-
Who makes Isaia? Thanks
Length are measured BOC.BNWT Polo Ralph Lauren 100% Cashmere Three-piece, suit in Black. Jacket is single vent, two button. Pants are flat front, with cuff. Comes with buttons, etc. $850 [[SPOILER]] Pants:Waist: 33"Inseam: 35.5 with 1.75" cuffJacket:Chest: 20.25"Shoulder: 18.5"Length: 30.5"Sleeve: 26.5"BNWT BBBF, 100% Wool, 3/2 Roll Jacket. Pants are Flat Front-comes with buttons, etc. $750 [[SPOILER]] Pants:Waist: 33"Inseam: 41", unfinishedJacket:Chest:...
Get bigger feet, please
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