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^^It actually ends today.
I am selling a few suits, two are pre-owned and the other two are not. Shipping is included in the price. Lengths are measured BOC.Hart Schaffner Marx, 100% Wool, Charcoal Gray. Jacket is 2 button, single vent. Pants are FFPants are FF-$75 [[SPOILER]] Pants:Waist: 30"Inseam: 32.25"Jacket:Chest: 20.5"Shoulder: 18"Length: 32"Sleeve: 27.25"Pre-owned Paul Smith London, 100% Wool, Gray on Gray Windowpane. Jacket is three button, with dual vents. $135 [[SPOILER]]...
I have a BNWT PRL 100% Cashmere suit for sale, will post on SF if there is enough interest to see it. Made in Italy by Corneliani. Suit Jacket is two button, single vent. Pants are FF, hem is finished with a 1.75" cuff, length is approximately 34". I will provide better measurements today.
PCK1, those are simply amazing, I look forward to seeing how they break in.
^^Call them and report back
Thanks MZ, I was referring to quality, should all other things be equal.
Who make a better suit BBBF (USA) VS. RLBL, if fit was equal on each?
Picked up my Inis Meain sweater and had the chance to see fabrics and get my sizing nailed down. That Formosa stuff is bad ass. Thanks Greg.
Thank you, Gianni
Gold museum is a wonderful color, enjoy your shoes.
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