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Hello Gents Up for your view are two pair of JL Oxfords. I am not looking for offers, especially those that undercut my price by hundreds. Each shoe is already listed at $400 plus off retail. Chigwell in Parisian Brown Museum Calf size 10.5UK-$750 JL 2014 in Brown, size 10UK-$1000, with trees
$75 for both, shipped CONUS.
I believe so, contact Marc Etlin. His contact information is on here.
FYI..bloomies has a great sale going on 40% off plus $25 off per hundred.
Hello Gents, these were only worn once. Price is per shirt or take $10 and buy both. Both are 100% cotton and beautiful MOP buttons.. One shirt is Sage Green and the other is Orange, but a nice shade. Chest on both is ~22".
No fair, my "arms too short to box with god."
Let me know if any of those 40L winners don't pay. I was out and missed the auctions
Thank you, now back to our regularly scheduled program.
I am not sure if you are referring to my post? If so, I am responding to the portion of sac's quote that referred to oxymoron. There are elegant Kudu shoes/boots, although they may be made of different version of Kudu leather.I cannot comment on Steve's ability to acquire such leather.
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