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@MoosicPa how do you like the bal boots?
Pics of Frags [[SPOILER]]
Interesting, ever since I got rid of my black museum pair, I have been thinking of grabbing another pair. I want my first foray to be Shannon or Brooksland inspired.
[/quote]Thank you
Thanks @laufer, so the same size in Rain last? I have little pinky toe crush but if this is slightly wider I'll be fine. Thanking of a boot, similar to EG Shannon, what color suedes upper would go well with the Plum Museum bottom? @leaves, do they have a darker navy leather? I really want a navy with gray upper.
Could you suggest an Enzo last close to EG 82?
They did an excellent job!!!!!
So pissed I didn't jump in during the funding campaign; they look great
Thanks for the mentio MH.
Count me in 10.5/11
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