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Here is a closeup of the pattern--Leg opening is 7.75"
No box, no case, no cloth-Shades only.Price is per pair.SoldColor Code: 96/S3Frame Color: Light havanaLens Color: Polarized blue faded internal anti-glare treatmentFrame Material: AcetateFrame Size: 52Lenses: PolarizedSoldSteve McQueenColor Code: 24/56Frame Color: Dark havanaLens Color: BlueFrame Material: AcetateFrame Size: 54Lenses: non-polarized [[SPOILER]] NewSoldColor Code: 95-71Frame Color: BlackLens Color: Dark Gray FadedFrame Material: AcetateFrame Size: 54Lenses:...
Yes, the guncheck
Come try one the 40 People are sleeping on it.
There is still quite a bit in suits-brown, gray and blue. I'll post the blue tomorrow, actually it's the one in post #427. They had some funky SCs left too. Not sure of size, since I focused on 40R/L. I know I saw some 38s, 52s. Someone kopped my 40R SC. Marc mentioned SF.
Picked up another suit today and have one on hold
Thanks Mike and crew for hosting yesterday. It was my first time having an extensive conversation with Mike. He's a wonderful and knowledgeable man. TO Tie Guy, great to have met you.
^^Purseforum reveal
Thanks Razl. I started to think I was a Leper. I appreciate the plug. There are some great deals to be had on B&S, from a bunch of great sellers.
Yeah, Marc helped me when I was in the store.
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