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B&S at it's finest!!
How much material to lengthen the sleeves?
Perfect shoulder.
Unless you had a pre-existing relationship.
[[SPOILER]] Do you own a pair?
This is soooooo hard.
Thanks @robw
All are in great to excellent condition, no boxes for any of them, but I do have shoe bagsSold [[SPOILER]] SoldMeermin boots from GMTO-10UK Olfe Last-Dark Brown-$300--$275 [[SPOILER]] Meermin Limited Edition Alicante Suede Adelaide-9.5UK Olfe last-$250--$200 [[SPOILER]] EG Antique Burgundy-picked up from SF-10.5/11e 888-$500-box, shoes and bags [[SPOILER]]
^^Those DC shoes are an INSTAKOP, if they are your size.
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