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Spoo, any 9.5 or 10uk? I have to make some crucial shoe choices in a day or so.
YHNT are great all around. I definitely love the cashmere ties, too.
@clee1982 I wish they fit someone!
"Blobby" 888 and 606
^^what's the turnaround time for a pair of MTO Lobbs nowadays?
Thank you @jreigen
Hello iGents, a worn pair of PS shoes. I have worn them three times. They will come with shoe bags. They could use a good bit of care- moisturizing, waxing and polishing as i haven't touched them in a year.
Hey FM, by "mentality", I mean that many people feel entitled to an astronomical discount just because something is being offered for sale. Mentality-I recently had a Cucinelli Coat, which I got for half off (a little less than 2K). If I was able to market to Cucinelli's typical buyers-easy sale. But in B&S, I received offers for $500 and lower, although I already marked down 50% from my purchase price. DpprDr, many times people make false assumptions that items are...
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