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My stuff have sizes
Didn't look
I know a few of the staff members of both Isaia and the sample sale, as a whole, so it is always a rather pleasant experience. And to answer your question directly, I usually peruse on my own, as I am familiar with both Eidos and isaia. I didn't need assistance, except my wife's approval on color choices.
Ok, as someone who goes to each of these, I can say there wasn't as much Eidos as there typically is. With that said, there were some very nice pieces there. My only bone of contention is that most of the items I like have functional cuffs. Eidos prices are pretty good, comparable to Bloomies "fire sale" There is a bunch of Isaia stuff.
I'll try to be kind
What color are the Winchesters?
Thanks for mention, $25-$75 off shoes, depending on pair.
Correct, if you are a previous customer, before they changed the rules, you can order directly.
There is usually a B in the same area as the sizing.
Yes, Sir.
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