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All these lovely boots!!!
If it don't fit, send em my way. They came out great!
And I'd be very grateful
Hello All, I have a few pick-ups from Barney's Pre-owned and Brand New. Prices include shipping in CONUS.Pre-owned$125-Full CanvassChest 21.5" (underarm to underarm)Shoulder 18.5" (seam-to-seam, across the back)Sleeve 26.5" (+1.5" to let out)Length 28.75" (from bottom of collar)$175-Full CanvasChest 20.5" (underarm to underarm)Shoulder 18.75" (seam-to-seam, across the back)Sleeve 26.5" Functional cuffsLength 32." (from bottom of collar)Beautiful overcoat. ...
Thank you and bring me back a few brushes, please.
G&G Arran [[SPOILER]]
Lovely, awaiting the rest of the photos.
Is there a thread that talks about the difference between polishing and finishing brushes and the advantages of horse hair, goat, pig, or Yak over one another? Congrats on your award as well, DW.
Hello, I am trying to determine if this store sells authentic merchandise? http://argesto.ru
From Nick at BE
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