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Dovers are killing the thread!
I finally have something new to add, I have wanted these for a while
Yes, in my experience.
@romafan It really depends on the glove maker. I wear the same size in Dent's lined and unlined gloves.
Hello All- I just purchased a pair of gloves from Exquisite trimmings, they are a little to large. I purchased them in the same size as my lined Dents, bad mistake. They have been worn for one day and have already started to develop some Patina. I will post pictures later today. Really only worn for a day, not some lame excuse. Take the chance to own a pair of great gloves and save some money in the process.
The orange Casentino is still there, person didn't kop. I was there today. Grabbed some Isaia stuff.
Thomas Riemer gloves are great if anyone is looking for them. Thanks a lot, Shaya.
@jreigen thanks. SF is a tough crowd now.
Hello all picked this sweater up yesterday from the sample sale. It is a medium. I need longer sleeves. Still on Bloomingdale's site for $695 Sleeve: 25.5 Chest: 20.5 Shoulder: 18.5 it may be smaller, it's a funky measurement Length: Top of collar: 28 BOC 24.5
Pants were $100, Outerwear was $395 I grabbed these: I couldn't justify the green Casentino coat, Fabio Belted peacoat and I missed this by a hair
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