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Nice stuff.
Hello Gents, Selling a gray Moorer Jacket. It is too big by a size. Need to get money back to purchase another. Retail is $1795
Please provide outsole measurements.
Thank you
How does the color on these compare to Polo Suede?
Sobre ¿
Run a flame across it quickly, it will burn that loose stuff off.
I haven't started yet. I may darken just a little.
RTW, I don't want to do bespoke or MTM for this.
Hello iGents, I have been researching and scouring the Interwebs looking for a high-quality coat to wear in warmer weather, over my suit or SC. Most brands that I have found were offering polyester version (Moorer, Fay, and a few other). I am 6'0 and fairly slim. Thanks for the suggestions
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