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Thanks for the tip!
I have the original case for the Persol; the RLPL will come with a standard hard case.
I am hoping I graduated to a tie this year. I love the Drake's/Luxeswap connection.
Very lovely new purchases. I like the museum calf ones, especially.
I am going to not so shamefully plug my auction, especially when I see guys flipping over paying $700 for the same quality. 3 Carson Clothiers, Southwick Jackets http://www.styleforum.net/t/403784/major-drop-carson-clothiers-sportcoats-size-50-40us/0_50
Moose, those are wonderful. Enjoy them.
All shoes are 100% authentic and in great to BNIB condition. BNIB-$450 Green Flats-$200 Wedges-$275 Heels-$300
BNWT Burnham 2.
Keep bringing the heat
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