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I inquired and received a response from Nick, since I ordered a pair early and then another two right before the reducition.I am unsure of how Nick gets the shoes from Lobb, but I'll summarize his response to my queries. As for the price adjustment, when you order, he purchases the shoe from JL and then picks them up. I do not believe they are on hand which has led to issues in the past with orders not being fulfilled. So, he basically said he couldn't because the shoes...
Surprisingly, it went the other way @razl.
Please tell me I have something that I can put into a mega-trade for these
There are none.
A bunch of stuff! Louboutin for the wife Yeezy and Jordan John Lobb Eidos Isaia
Thank you
Check Bloomingdales NY, I think I saw one last week from Eidos.
Hello Gents Up for your view are two pair of JL Oxfords. I am not looking for offers, especially those that undercut my price by hundreds. Each shoe is already listed at $400 plus off retail. Chigwell in Parisian Brown Museum Calf size 10.5UK-$750 JL 2014 in Brown, size 10UK-$1000, with trees
$75 for both, shipped CONUS.
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