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Ready to sell??
What weight would you classify this?
Not your size, all equate to around 11US
Nah, they don't know and it would be a shame for them to find out that I'm trying to help individuals, who wear my size, that cannot make it across the pond.
I will work with my contact and maybe get him to open up other sizes in a month or so-What style(s)?
The following are available from EG, all are seconds. I have no idea of the damage, but I have been fortunate. Shipping is $30 per pair and Customs is about $22/pair. NO other sizes, will close out listing today. Listed sizes are UK. Chelsea, 202E, size 10.5, chestnut, FS$498.54 () Inverness, 888E, size 10 and 10.5, burgundy, FS$498.54 () each Piccadilly, 184E, size 10.5, burnt pine, FS$498.54 () and 184E, size 11, chestnut, FS$498.54 ()
Those are amazing, I have a pair an love them.
Hello Gent's, all are BNIB and only come with box, unless otherwise specified. All prices are reflective of all costs, except the $15 for shipping.Ralph Lauren Purple Label Kenston Cedar KN-14 Last 10.5-11D, made by G&G-$535 [[SPOILER]] Ralph Lauren Purple Label Bentwater Dark Oak 10.5/11D 100 Last, made by EG $650 SOLD [[SPOILER]] Edward Green Canterbury Cloud and Black 10.5/11e 82 last-$750Box, Polishing cloth [[SPOILER]] Edward Green Oakdale in Antique Bronze 10.5/11e...
Amazing pants
I do think that is low at all, but one should also consider the item, but in the end you never know how the seller would respond. I've had people ask for 60% - 70% off listed price.40% off is definitely not considered a good faith offer, IMHO.
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