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Had to get my camera out. I want to see these babies in the sun, tomorrow. I also see the color posted on a sticker, that's what I get for not looking more carefully.
Is Carmina Polo suede similar to EG's Coffee suede? Also, for those that ordered the Robert last punch cap Polo boots, what color is listed on the box, if any (mine has Robert Goma Ante) Received mine today, one shoe bag, no suede brush. I definitely need to see these in the sunlight, color is darker than anticipated. Thanks
Hello All- I have access to Ventnor in Coffee Suede, 184 last D Width UK. I can probably get shoe trees too for about $75. Shoes come with box, cloth and bags Shipping in the US is included. 1st quality, not seconds. I only have 8/8.5D, 10.5/11D GONE and 9/9.5D
Nice looking shoes and boots postings today!!
Several fits. I need to work on my picture-taking [[SPOILER]]
Prices are shipped to CONUS. Please PM with any questions.NWT-$150BBBF 2-Grey Pants, single pleat, 100% woolWAIST: 34"THIGH: 12.25"LEG OPENING: 8"RISE: 12.5"INSEAM: 38" [[SPOILER]] Zanella-100% Linen-$130WAIST: 33.5RISE: 11INSEAM: 37.5 [[SPOILER]] Valentini-Gray-$135WAIST: 34.5"RISE: 10.5"INSEAM: 37.5" [[SPOILER]] Zanella-Moleskin-$120WAIST: 35"RISE: 10.75"INSEAM: 37" [[SPOILER]] Zanella-100% Wool-$135 because of damaged belt loopWAIST: 35"RISE: 11.5"INSEAM: 37.5"...
I recently picked these up, but actually prefer Shanklins and I have my eye on a pair. These come with everything but shoe trees.
@Despos, your eye is killer!
@razl and others who promote. Thank you for your wonderful service
Yes, you did. Thank youYes
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