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U grabbed em, great boots @Ian L
Damn you size 10UK, I wanted those Museum Carminas
Not sure who eats the cost and really don't care, as a consumer.In the end, as others have said, 15% won't stop me from ordering (since I have paid twice that much for shoes of lesser quality). If I really want something, I'd just get it but any savings help.
Those are all great, Justin!
@leaves, please do another fee-free MTO for Enzo, I think i am good with sizing now pleeeese.
If any finds the issue with their bag to be too much, PM me and I'll be more than happy to take it off your hands. Linjer, I agree with @rach2jlc about stepping away and working this out with everyone case-by-case.
Wilson and Charlton on their way to me, thanks AFPOS, especially Sarah.
Anymore pictures of the Charlton?
I love em!!!!!Thank you
+1, I agree with both your posts and didn't mean anything by mine.Thanks for the additional info @flimsychicken.
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