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Line is already about 100 deep
Nothing, but tickets for guaranteed pairs of seven different sneakers, including Frags, 11s and AJ1 NYCWhat time u going?
@NWTeal, thank you
For those who are looking for a great sweater, I am rocking my Medici Window Grate Pattern Sweater and love it!!!
^^Thanks, have you been? Any idea on RLBL suit pricing?
You look great, Rob, ties do too
Hello All- I just purchased a pair of gloves from Exquisite trimmings, they are a little to large. I purchased them in the same size as my lined Dents, bad mistake. They have been worn for one day and have already started to develop some Patina. I will post pictures later today. Really only worn for a day, not some lame excuse. Take the chance to own a pair of great gloves and save some money in the process.
@Farhad19620 thanks
Dovers are killing the thread!
I finally have something new to add, I have wanted these for a while
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