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Thanks MH, I didn't realize that I didn't put a brand
Spoo, you should do like Gamestop. If we co-sign with you and want to purchase other items from you, with our profit from the sales, our Spoobucks are work a little more
And it would sit there forever!
Check the sales thread, plenty of Persols on there.
^^There were two that had the Bazar label, one in 40 and the other was larger. The were a few with a designation starting with "E" but I don't remember the full name. Most were 42 and above, and 6 or seven in total
All are 100% linen. Price is per pant. The two Todd Models are fuller. Slate Blue Inseam: 37" Waist: 17.25" Rise: 11.5" Sold Blue Windowpane Inseam: 37" Waist: 16.5" Rise: 10" Coral Inseam: 37" Waist: 17" Rise: 11.5"
Thanks for the tip!
I have the original case for the Persol; the RLPL will come with a standard hard case.
I am hoping I graduated to a tie this year. I love the Drake's/Luxeswap connection.
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