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Not 100% sure about the Dover. There is also a DOVER BLACK 606 D 10.5, same price as the Dover in Burgundy. If you are interested in anything, let me know and I'll let you know the final tally @dddrees, yeah, only looked at my size, although I did ask about 10D on 606.
Thank you very much.
Hello All- Just trying to find out if anyone is interested in any of the following, they are Seconds, so I am unsure how they look. Listed size is the UK size. Shipping and import fees are extra. They are coming straight from EG factory shop, I am willing to split the cost with anyone (both can add up quickly). I am unsure what pair I will get/keep. OUNDLE EDWARDIAN 888 D 10.5 - £320.83 CHELSEA DARK OAK 82 E 10.5 - £320.83 DOVER BURGUNDY 606 E 10.5 - £362.50 BORDON...
I find the sole discussion interesting, I am looking for something for NYC. Dainite is fine until the studs get packed with snow and then it's off to the races.
Anyone have experience with Moorer outerwear? Thanks
BNIB Cardiffs, in Antique Hazel. Shoes come with box, bags and trees.
Shanklin come to daddy
Thank you, fellas.
Do you gents take the same size in unlined shoes as you do lined?
EG suede is amazing!
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