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Playing around the other day, no full body shot.
Thank you, I'd appreciate it.Thank youI am okay with used, just need to do research and ensure all the parts are original.Ideally want the date window, other than that I am open.I appreciate all the advice and suggestions guys
Thanks fellas, any particular model and/or reputable dealers that you'd recommend?
I know that I would be on the low-end of the spectrum, but looking for a good quality watch that is versatile. My budget is 1.5 -2.3K. Could someone point me in the right direction, especially want someone reputable to purchase from. Thank you.
Just won RRL jeans. How do we get free shipping again? Thanks
Yes, it's not often I get decent quality outfit shots. So,when I get em, I post here.
I have the same PS, good fit
Thanks, I don't post here much
Some shopping with the grandbaby Eidos Rollneck E Zegna Coat Uniqlo Jeans EG Shanklin
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