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I'd go with 82
Probably a long shot, can you get a 9.5 or 10UK? Anyway, GLWS!
Vass can make some adjustments to their last. There is a picture demonstrating adjustments on a StC and Vass said they can do something similar.Here you go:
Great pickup. What color are those?
9.5FUK (Moore), should have taken a 10 or wider size. I am getting pinky toe crush or otherwise they fit great (reason I am selling). I wear 10EUK in G&G.Yes, but the Moore would be perfectly fine if I didn't know about the St. James.
I have the Moore a 1/2 size smaller than the St. James, so it would be an unfair comparison in terms of fit.G&G has slightly better leather, tighter waist. I think the sole treatment are a tie. All based on my uneducated observations.
The same time the Shanklins go up!Sizes are being are nailed down, broski...lol.
Tough crowd @razl!!!! Thank you for the mention
ST James on TG73 in various lighting conditions [[SPOILER]] ST James and AS Moore
Great looking stuff, is PM best or email?
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