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I expect this thread to be bursting with pics.
Thank you for pics. If anyone see any derbies/bluchers in 10.5euk ill be more than happy to compensate you. Looking for under $450usd. Feel free to PM me. TIA
^^Pics or it didn't happen.
Up for sale are two Isaia suits both are brand new, with buttons, hem tape, flat front pants, dual vent jackets, price doesn't include shipping.40r Khaki Herringbone-$650 [[SPOILER]] JacketChest 20.5" (underarm to underarm)Shoulder 17.5" (seam-to-seam, across the back)Sleeve 25" (1" to lengthen)Length 30" (from bottom of collar)PantsInseam 36.5" UnfinishedLeg Opening 8.5"Waist 34.0" (+1.5" to increase waist)Rise 10.5"40r Taupish/Brown-$500 [[SPOILER]] Chest 20.75" ...
Hello All, I am borrowing Cpruessn's pics. What cause the vent to fly like this? I had a jacket taken in, prior to the shaping, the vents were fine. Also, what are some potential fixes? Thanks
Those are f$ing sick. I wish I didn't have a huge tailoring bill and I could actually feign real interest.
Time of year, material, seller's motivation to move inventory.
That is a common problem. There are comments in here about the reason.
Nah, NY.@leaves, maybe my question got lost in the tax conversation. Any update on Shanklin?
@Leaves, how much longer for the Shanklin? The weather finally broke in NYC, it was 50 today.
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