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Nice tailoring job. It looks great on you.
Holy kops. How'd u get the frags?
I won't be going to the JL sale.
John Lobb Madison is starting their sale tomorrow.
Sweater number 1 is a beast if anyone is looking at it. It's over 4lbs of cashmere. I deeply regret selling mine.
This coat is so boss!!
@NewYorkIslander, things could be better, but also much worse. I'll pm you.
The rest of my purchases this month-all are not working out but they all are great pieces C&J Tetbury Eidos Brooksville Isaia Thomae Riemer Unlined Peccary Gloves Nike AJ1 OG Black/White AJ1 NYC Exclusive
Yup saw pic on IG
Line is already about 100 deep
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