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Nice Cleav
Just kidding about the don't hate. Let's trade-sweater for Formosa?
Don't hate stitch, I've seen your kops. I may end up listing one of the sweaters. One of them, picture not purchase from eBay.
Will be posting some Cucinelli goodness later today, two 100% cashmere sweaters and an overcoat.
So upset I got rid of my Wells
Any 10.5 or 11US?
Will more Charlton's come in before sale ends-size 9.5UK?
PositiveReport BuyerLeave Feedback LaterNothing to really leave negative feedback.
Yeah, sellers are constantly getting screwed in their current model. At least level the playing filed by allowing sellers to leave feedback.
Wonderful piece, I wish it had a longer inseam.
New Posts  All Forums: