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Thanks, needed a pair of black shoes and the caps.
Drake's squares and hats Stuart Choice ( Berkeley)
Green is Base GregoryGray is GregorioBrown is Base S-old tagColorful one is DustinNone have had chest or sleeves altered and are 40R [[SPOILER]] Dustin fits like a shirt, smaller shoulder widthGregory is in the middle with shoulder padding, but very lightAll are two button, smaller measurement it top of the second button to bottom. Longer measurement is BOC.
I have Dustin, Gergory, Base S and some others, I think. I am not good at describing construction.
I'll join for February
Thank you.
Thank you, do you happen to know which is older? I have some MP stuff, that still has Kiton branding.Thank you
Beautiful wares!!!!!!!
Hi gents, Sorry to start a thread on this, but have not found any answers. Are these the same maker?
GM gents, about to create a super thread for the new year, items will be added throughout the day, as well as measurements. All suits and sc's feature at least half-canvassing.Buy it all for $500I have sold used items on here before and others can attest to my honesty in describing the condition. Message for more information, until measurements are posted. I am a 40R/L so measurements are consistentwith those sizes.Feel free to make an offer.Quintessence-$80Chest:...
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