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Thanks, @chogall. Do you know the turnaround time?
Your box looked like mine with the tape. I am surprised they haven't sold.
Anyone ever send St.C to Nick at B. Nelson for resole? How much do they charge for re-sole/re-lasting? Thanks
Damn, I just took 3 of my four Eidos suits in. I still have another three suits and a blazer to get done.I have some stuff at the tailor, would I be able to pay that bill, if it comes up in October?
Damn you, small and big footed people.
Right across the street from Ep-Orchard Street Tailors, IIRC.
I wish, I am a commoner.
It goes like this-you see something you like, if it is a size 9.5 or 10UK, you let me have right of 1st refusal.Seriously, they are posted, PM Spoo and then you pay. It is 1st come 1st serve.
Hello Gents- I recently had the pleasure of attending the Duret-Paris trunk show at Leffot. He has some amazing products. In the past, we had vendors/artisians on here selling exotic accessories. Anyone know who is making exotic wallets? Thanks
In reality, you can wear whatever color you feel like wearing anytime. But, to your question, yes it is perfectly fine.
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