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Thanks, the missus appreciates the "smart" look.
Sorry, blue and gray from bloomingdales.
@NickPollica you nailed the roll necks, is it in stock anywhere else, in other colors?
Hello gents, selling two pre-owned 100% cashmere cable knit sweaters from Polo Ralph Lauren. There are no stains or such but as with anything pre-owned, it is suggested that you launder. There is some light piling, otherwise there are money. One Gray One Green
Check Mr. Porter
Put some better photos up. The rollnecks are amazing!
BNIB John Lobb Chigwelll in Parisian Brown Museum Calf size 10.5UK
My baby haul Lupos-LS Turtlenecks Sweater and SS Lupo and PS
Hey Viral, Marc Eitlen, he works at Bloomie's NY. I'll send you his info.
They are having 40% off of Eidos and take an additional 25% off until 1pm EST.Is that more clear?
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