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New audio, visual course on how to be successful, like @Spoo. It comes with three hours of one on one counseling. All for $199.
Send them to me, especially shoes and boots in 11US and I'll post for you
Apologies Gents, I actually had a whole outfit on that day but didn't take a full body shot. I didn't mean to submit for the competition. Found a few pics of what I was wearing, excuse my wife's bag.
EG uses a foam block to apply. If shoes aren't been worn frequently, conditioner can/should be applied about every month and a half or so.
Robert Last MTO from Skoak. Too lazy to fully lace!
Yes, Galways fit larger
Yes, my Galway definitely fit different than my other 82 Last shoes.
Same here
Chelsea in Antique Slate
I am covering that with a pair of Slate
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