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I grabbed something similar, but not this awesome.
Wow, those are all wonderful colors.
Thanks, Murl. I am heading back tomorrow. I'll let you know if they have anything in 40L. I do believe they had one in post #552
Ed, you need bigger feet!!!!
Nick to save the day. Thank you for the info. I am definitely happy with all the pick-up. There's a brown version of the check that I missed, also still debating one of the grays.
Thanks, DL
No, a light weight wool.
What's the close out time, tomorrow? I might have to copy ironist, I like that combo, now it's just a matter of sole type. Do we have any pics of meermin's storm welt.
Thanks. 31"
Quiet in here. Here was my final haul, all in 40L, except the check SC which is 40R. Still not sure about the check SC.
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