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Hey Viral, Marc Eitlen, he works at Bloomie's NY. I'll send you his info.
They are having 40% off of Eidos and take an additional 25% off until 1pm EST.Is that more clear?
Bloomingdales-40% + another 25% until 1pm EST. Contact Marc if you need something....
Too short, thanks
Thanks, bro. I had a great time and was in my element. I love being around fashionable people.
Are you guys using a suede renew on your suede shoes? If so, what color do you recommend for polo, snuff suede so that I don't darken them?
C&J, I believe.
Any room to lengthen inseams?
Sorry for the poor quality and size, all from Louis Vuitton
Yesterday at a GQ event
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