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Yup, that's what I use.
The museum or marbled effect is amazing!
Not in any particular order. Items that I think are slept on or want, but cannot afford right now 1. Handsewn goodness to pair with your fit 2. Pants that will sit cool, while you are lounging on the beach 3. You don't see too much green around town 4. Gotta be able to style when you are headed away for the weekend 5. Nothing better than a stylish loafer
Thank you
Ok, I thought so. Thanks for the confirmation.
Is the FS open, I was under the impression they are doing a pop-up sale in London and would be closed until the end of August?
Thanks, Chogall.It is these
Come with trees, box and dustbag. I wore them 4 times. If you are not an existing customer, you can no longer order direct from Vass, so these would need to be ordered through a store.
Badsha and Chogall, thanks for the advice. Badsha, could you post a pick at your convenience? Thanks
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