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I like both
It's not intentional.
Yes, they are unlined Shanklin
Yeah, I am working on a way to get a pair now, myself.
Thanks @NickCarraway
Daylight suede Carmina Polo Suede GMTO, EGX3 Polo, Coffee, Oyster, Coffee
Hello All,I am selling a bunch of shoes, for a bunch of reasons. They all come with box, and shoe bags. Shoe trees and polishing cloth are not included unless I specify it. I have sold many used shoes here, anyone who purchased an tell you how well I take care of my stuff.$525, box,polishing cloths and bag included [[SPOILER]] $275, generic trees and polishing cloth includedSOLD [[SPOILER]] $225, box only SOLD [[SPOILER]]
This is a brand new jacket, never worn.
No, but if you get a chance to try a pair on in 9/9.5, you may be surprised.
Thank you @ThinkDerm
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