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Surprisingly, it went the other way @razl.
Please tell me I have something that I can put into a mega-trade for these
There are none.
A bunch of stuff! Louboutin for the wife Yeezy and Jordan John Lobb Eidos Isaia
Thank you
Check Bloomingdales NY, I think I saw one last week from Eidos.
Hello Gents Up for your view are two pair of JL Oxfords. I am not looking for offers, especially those that undercut my price by hundreds. Each shoe is already listed at $400 plus off retail. Chigwell in Parisian Brown Museum Calf size 10.5UK-$750 JL 2014 in Brown, size 10UK-$1000, with trees
$75 for both, shipped CONUS.
I believe so, contact Marc Etlin. His contact information is on here.
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