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Thanks, @davesmith
I believe I'll be there tomorrow. The missus works down the block so easy trip for us, both.
@ DpprDr that is the nature of this funky beast called SF.
Please add james.g.blaine to the non-paying bidder list.
Models 10078 still available in walnut and grey size 10uk?
Try Peal and Co, from Brooks Brothers on Sale. They would come close to your budget.
Whats left?
Both are BN, the Kent and Curwen has tags attached the Battistoni doesn't.BNWOT Battistoni Reversible Rain Coat Size 50 IT-$550 [[SPOILER]] Chest: 22.5"Shoulder: 18.75"BOC: 35"Sleeve: 26.5"Navy Kent and Curwen, Size Medium. Polyester shell, Loro Piana lining-$475Chest: 23.5"Shoulder: 18.75"BOC: 30"Sleeve: 25.75"
New Posts  All Forums: