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The Oundles are Edwardian. Look at it compared to Chelsea. I purchased from EG factory store.
Nevuary, people should have ante'd up initially. Great shoes, I cannot see any of the flaws or nothing that wouldn't happen on the first wear on NYC train.
I know you guys like pics:
Nice combo UC!
I have 4 SCs that are all new, basting is still intact on various parts. They each have buttons. I will post measurements and better pics this weekendEidos is 42R-100% Wool, Pre-Antonio 1/2 Canvassed $450Isaia are all 40R-$700 each [[SPOILER]]
Here you go
Thank u
Legit? Doesn't have the typical Valextra pockets.
^^what was the price of this beauty? I have to return a suit I purchased last year from them. The store tag stated 50L, but it was 50S, SUPER PISSED!!!!!!!
I guess you have to go through with the transaction to get that prompt?
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