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BNWT MaCo, sportscoat in Blue plaid. It is fully canvassed and partially lined. BOC: 29" Sleeves: 26" Chest: 22.25" Shoulder: 18.5"
Thank you
Contemporary three-button jacket from Sartorio Napoli- Lightly padded shoulders Three button-rolls to Two button Partially-lined body Amazing details Dual vents Handmade in Italy Material Details Check luxury-blend fabric. 100% Wool Lightweight flannel Condition Brand New Without Tags, missing sleeve buttons Size and Measurements Tagged a European size 52R - US 42 Regular
Could you provide shot of the inner label, with size and model?
BNWOT, lightweight flannel. Jacket Two button Lightly padded shoulders Partially-lined-sleeves only Amazing details Single vent Full canvass Pants Flat front Dual button closure Rear split waist Unfinished hem
Some jackets and suit Caruso flannel suit (Gray) Sartorio MA.Co MA.Co
Stop selling stuff that's not a 40R!
I love my pair, had them on yesterday. WIGH.
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