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Still looking for a proxy, US 11
MOL, great gesture again this year. If any had been 10.5/11 I would have grabbed two pair.
Someone, please kop me some Chelseas
Thank you
Goodman- Thanks for the clarification, they are your shoes. I have never seen a EG shoe labeled for the uses U.S. measurements, in regards to width. With that said, I am working on some money to get these beauties.
^^No, that's a UK D
Helpful advice DWFII
Kirby, KW, Leffot, or EP.
Size 32 Khaki- Khaki Pair-97% Cotton 3% Elastane Inseam: 37" Waist: 16" Rise: 10.5" Next four all 100% linen Wine widowpane (beige/gray) Inseam: 37" Waist: 17.25" Rise: 10" Slate Blue Inseam: 37" Waist: 17.25" Rise: 11.5" Green Finished inseam: 36.5" Waist: 17" Rise: 10"
No box, no case these are the real deal!!!! You will get an unused cloth and booklet. Price is per pair. Sold Color Code: 96/S3 Frame Color: Light havana Lens Color: Polarized blue faded internal anti-glare treatment Frame Material: Acetate Frame Size: 52 Lenses: Polarized Color Code: 24/56 Frame Color: Dark havana Lens Color: Blue Frame Material: Acetate Frame Size: 54 Lenses: non-polarized New Color Code: 95-71 Frame Color: Black Lens Color: Dark Gray Faded Frame...
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