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Finally found out why there is different prices in the Factory Shop OS = Good odd stock, no faults and perfect shoes, simply end of lines or samples. FS = Factory seconds, slight imperfections. BS = Bargain shelves, cat walk/worn press samples, ex display samples and older stock.
I am glad that I am broke, there are some great items on here.
Navy on burgundy gives the shoes some depth.
Boglioli looks nice @Squire
Hello, You have some amazing products. Did I miss something, are there any crossbody clutch and tote or crossbody purse combos?
Someone buy something from me and I promise to re-invest in that jacket!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nice looking family. I love the Dovers.
Beautiful shoes. I want a pair of Vass with toe cap, but not a fan of the short toe puffer.
Oud WoodI usually kop from Basenotes. I don't wear anything enough to purchase a bottleRocking Oud Wood today
Thank you
New Posts  All Forums: