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Yes it is!Guys, please hold my SC in the store, no need to ship.
Some things that I have my eye on C&J http://www.styleforum.net/t/384383/bnib-crocket-jones-handgrade-oxford-for-n-l-9-5uk-e/0_50 PRL SC that needs a little work http://www.styleforum.net/t/333968/nwot-polo-ralph-lauren-prl-luxurious-grey-cashmere-herringbone-sport-coat-40l-may-work-for-40r-or-38l/0_50
Said the same thing
Has anyone tried Tayroc? I am in no way affiliated with them.
I'll post pics this weekend of the SC, hopefully before. I didn't see that coat but saw some other AMAZING ones. Prices are around 1,395 for them.
Marc mentioned someone coming by on Saturday to take photos. Seriously, everything looks amazing. Going back Saturday to return green check and grab a cotton suit.
THE NEW COLLECTION IS AMAZING The above sweater is in stock, price is $795 IIRC.
Yeah, the corduroy suit is nice, so is everything else.
^^That LP is a great pick-up
@taxgenius, nothing like the real thing
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