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And they are getting $750 - $1000 for them.
X-post-AS Charlton and AS Wilson
Thank you for the lovely shoes!!
They look great, could potentially be my black captoe.
I have a pair, they are decent shoes. They are made by various companies. Don't judge the shoe by Barney's pictures.
U grabbed em, great boots @Ian L
Damn you size 10UK, I wanted those Museum Carminas
Not sure who eats the cost and really don't care, as a consumer.In the end, as others have said, 15% won't stop me from ordering (since I have paid twice that much for shoes of lesser quality). If I really want something, I'd just get it but any savings help.
Those are all great, Justin!
@leaves, please do another fee-free MTO for Enzo, I think i am good with sizing now pleeeese.
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