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pics and measurements
Understandable, but they are on here quoting other posters....typically good experiences with them, so I'll take this as an anomaly.
@Epaulet, I know you guys are busy. I emailed website and done PM on here and haven't gotten response. Could someone reply, thanks?
Congrats on the opening. I will swing out that way soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It was today, sorry for not being specific.
Hey all, I hope @NickPollica doesn't mind me posting here. There will be a GQ event at Bloomies NY. Quinton and Nick Wooster will be there. There will be music, drinks and plenty of clothes. Eidos will be giving away a gift for purchases over $450. Once again, hope @NickPollica doesn't mind me posting here. I don't know if I'll make it, but it I do, I hope to see some of you gents.
$55 USD or CAD for Isaia Squares, are you able to get them? Thanks
Hi gents, This thread has been great. I am wondering is there a way to remove this, what appears to be oxidized glue?
Great job, Tom @notch. Much success on your new venture.
I agree with @jrd917. If you know your size B&S is great!
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