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My question might have gotten lost-- This shoe, from 9/8 Thanks and I know it's the weekend.
Any idea when the GMTO from the end of September will be in?
U r tha man then!! Do you mind connecting me, more than happy to work something out for the assist.
Frags will be way over $50-$100 retail. Guaranteed raffle at Flight23 is over. Best bet would be pre-order from a reliable spot, bots are hit or miss. The absolute best bet is have someone from a Nikelab store in your pocket.
I live in NY, so I went to the store. 11 is my US size.
Yes, a lot of people struck out and NDC had to reboot. I am still hoping to cop the AJ1 Fragments. I may have to trade my AJ1 PSNY and WTL 11 or Air Zoom Vapors for them.
The box says 11D and inside the shoes say 11D.
Same here, pretty easy cop for me too.
I think it's old stock, not sure, but the quality is OUTSTANDING, especially for the price.
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