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Thanks @TD. I am really trying to trim the herd.
1st up is the bossy 100% cashmere RLPL SC. It's dual vent, two-button and fully lined. Excellent glenn plaid with tiffany blue stripe-$800 Chest: 22" BOC: 31" Sleeve: 26" Shoulder: 18.75 Isaia 94% Cotton and 6% Silk. It's unstructured shoulder, dual button, single vent and one sleeve button-$400 Chest: 21.5" BOC: 28.25" Sleeve: 25.5" Shoulder: 18.25
I doubt there will be any further reductions. Everything isn't marked that is 90% off, but most is, so you can check. There was literally only a few pieces of any type of clothing in the 90% section.
10.5eUK, anyone willing to proxy? I'll pay for your time. Thanks
^^No, they went down to 90% off last week, so everything is gone. Those Brioni tuxedos dropped to like $350. I haven't seen much new stuff. There are some Jack Victor jackets and some lovely HF SCs. HF stuff is $299. Isaia shirts for $169.
Thank you, Ed
Missed hopsack too, where there any size 40 or 40l?
I grabbed something similar, but not this awesome.
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