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Foxx, the ties are lovely. Any idea on the pricing of the pocket squares?
Thanks Rob. The missus likes all of them, trying to find a reason to buy another tie.
Banging suit!
Thank you very much for taking the time to create such an informative thread.
Thanks, thought the gents on here would appreciate a killer deal.
Some amazing stuff, lately.
Hello gents- I have a line on Factory Seconds direct from EG. There is currently a Dark Oak pair for 425GBP, shipping and import fees are not included (and EG charges shipping for each pair and Fedex wants their money). I don't know what the issue is/are but I have yet to see a pair that I wouldn't accept. If interested, PM. I am placing my order for my pair later today.
Who u telling Stitchy..not happy
Saint, you need smaller feet!!!!!
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