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@Razl, thanks for mentioning me. I think after this stuff is gone, imma have to lay it down. B&S is nowhere near a good as it used to be.
You look great and there is definitely nothing wrong with being the odd-person out.
@dazedstate, way to help the community @razl, keep up the great work
Dover, Galway and Chelsea...FTW
Everyone's feet are different, but I think you are in the minority on this one.
Yes, find their list of retailers and look at their websites.
Thanks @justinkapur and @TM79 @ColoRLOw, I like the Borrelli
Carson Street Clothiers, made by Southwick Raw Silk SC $200 Jacket Chest: ~21.25 Shoulder: 18" Sleeve: 24.5" + 1.5 to lengthen Length (BOC): 29.5" Half lined
Love the PS, I have green and gray.
Another satisfied customer, excellent scents, packaging and service.
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