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Michelangelo/Eidos is a little brother of Isaia. It is made to Isaia's typical high standards but has less handwork. This lovely coat has never been worn and comes with the lapel pin. Please see measurements below. Length from BOC: 41.5" Sleeve Length from shoulder hem: 26" Chest: 21.75" Shoulder from seem to seam: 18.5"
All are Brand New and Never worn. Epaulet is $85, the Isaias are $175, both are very dark Navy. Epaulet-Sand Merino POW-Size 34 Measurements from EP WAIST: 35" THIGH: 12.5" LEG OPENING: 8.25" RISE: 12.5" INSEAM: 34" Isaia 50 WAIST: 17.25" RISE: 10.5" INSEAM: 37" 52 WAIST: 17.75" RISE: 10.75" INSEAM: 36"
I am selling two new Isaia pieces. The sweater will need all the buttons replaced. The closeup of the sweater, with my finger is the most accurate. Both are two button and single vent. The jacket only has one sleeve button. The sweater is unfinished. Sweater is 400 Jacket is $500 Measurements Jacket Sleeve: 25.5" Length: 28.75" Shoulder: 18.25" Chest: 21.5" Sweater Sleeve: 24" Length: 28.75" Shoulder: 17" Chest: 20"
Here you go http://www.styleforum.net/t/406297/nwt-canali-mainline-and-kei-sport-coats-blazers-sizes-50-52-56-eu/0_50
Spoo, do you have access to the "Dane" styles?
Great shoes, iGents. Everyone else, keep em coming.
I wish this was my size and easy kop, especially inseam on pants.
This topic has been exhausted, do a search. To provide a quick answer, depends on the environment to which you wear them (how firm is everyone else following the "rules").
Not my steez, but those are some great looking shoes.
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