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Congrats, stitch.
I am still figuring out at way to kop these MFers
Thanks, Earthdragon! Nice, I like the Hove more.
Thanks, PB.
EG Chlesea and Midford [[SPOILER]]
Do you gents use a different brush for buffing after applying Renovateur and buffing/polishing after applying wax or cream?
Thank youHere are a few better pics [[SPOILER]]
Price is for each, I am willing to trade for colors that I don't have. Shoot me a PM. I have creme polish in Dark Brown and Cognac in 75ml, both unused I have Bordeaux wax 100ml. I would prefer to deliver in Manhattan, but willing to ship.
Added some staples-more pics to come later EG Chelsea 202 in Chestnut EG Midford 82 in Dark Oak
There is a sunglasses thread on here. http://www.styleforum.net/t/86897/sunglasses-megathread-all-sunglass-questions-here-please/0_50
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