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Looking for someone to help me out, please PM if you think you can.
I think they are brown;it's not my picture. The post is from around 9/5/14.
Thanks Steve, I'll still be able to get some winter wear.
BG has some JLs and G&Gs on sale, both are around $870. Chigwell, St. James., Rothschild and a loafer. Barney's had the Blue Tetbury in 7 and 12, both US size , earlier today.
Believe I made payment for it :-)
Anyone have any good pics of themselves with Chelsea boots and suits?
My question might have gotten lost-- This shoe, from 9/8 Thanks and I know it's the weekend.
Any idea when the GMTO from the end of September will be in?
U r tha man then!! Do you mind connecting me, more than happy to work something out for the assist.
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