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Anyone looking for the #439 Barberis Flannel Little Check? I already have very similar pants.
Same thing with the Pearl Gray.
Amazing tie, Rob!
When I grow up
That coat is SICK!!!!!!
I've been laying low, I am sure I have plenty more somewhere.Isaia silk and cotton suit [[SPOILER]] LBM Sartoria Overcoat [[SPOILER]]
Barney's, Bergdorf, Sak's, Epaulet, No Man Walks Alone, Kent Wang, Leffot. You will find Dents, Merola, and a few others. Some will be made specifically for that store but high quality.
@sonvolt10, it is heavier than I expected and with the loner believe it'll withstand NYC winter. I won't know warmth until winter.
Thank you so much!!!!!!
New Posts  All Forums: