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Shoes were the beginning of the end for me, but all picked up on sale-at least 25% off.
X-post from NPC thread: I grabbed this today I may grab this, These were available in 42 IIRC
Eidos was from C21.I am trying not to grab thisThey has these in 42, I know this is NPC, so I spoilered them [[SPOILER]]
I couldn't hold out- Eidos SC GC Jack Shoes JL Derby (houghton) Isaia Trousers more to come-probably
^^ I feel you!!!!
This is a ridiculous deal!!!!!!!!!!
Only 59th carries Eidos, from my understanding.
What are the top 3 movements in the Sea-Gull watches? TIA
Another winner
Still holding on strong, gonna use my tailor money though.
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