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I think any Eidos on sale is a steal, for the cut, fabric and quality of their stuff.
Thank you.They are leather and Carpincho, from Sak's. They are made by Labonia.
Nice stuff, gents!!!
Lovely suit
Great price and great looking suit. GLWS.
My sisters, who are from BK, lost me the first time I heard them say I am going to "the city".
It's a great piece, if I wasn't offloading then I would snatch it up.
Thank you @Murlsquirl and @coloRLOw
Selling a few Isaia suits, both are unworn and unaltered. Buttons and hem tape are included. Feel free to PM with questions. I also have a light gray nailhead suit with similar measurements to the light brown.Gray [[SPOILER]] Brown Nailhead [[SPOILER]] JacketChest 20.5" (underarm to underarm)Shoulder 18" (seam-to-seam, across the back)Sleeve 25.5" (1.5" to lengthen)Length 30" (from bottom of collar)PantsInseam 37" UnfinishedLeg Opening 8.25"Waist 34.5" (+1.5" to...
Interesting project, I have nothing to add, except Brooklyn is part of NYC. Are you walking from Brooklyn to Manhattan?
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