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Nice stuff, gents!!!
Lovely suit
Great price and great looking suit. GLWS.
My sisters, who are from BK, lost me the first time I heard them say I am going to "the city".
It's a great piece, if I wasn't offloading then I would snatch it up.
Thank you @Murlsquirl and @coloRLOw
Selling a few Isaia suits, both are unworn and unaltered. Buttons and hem tape are included. Feel free to PM with questions. I also have a light gray nailhead suit with similar measurements to the light brown.Gray [[SPOILER]] Brown Nailhead [[SPOILER]] JacketChest 20.5" (underarm to underarm)Shoulder 18" (seam-to-seam, across the back)Sleeve 25.5" (1.5" to lengthen)Length 30" (from bottom of collar)PantsInseam 37" UnfinishedLeg Opening 8.25"Waist 34.5" (+1.5" to...
Interesting project, I have nothing to add, except Brooklyn is part of NYC. Are you walking from Brooklyn to Manhattan?
Damn, @Murlsquirl I am sorry that I didn't see that. A few coats of burgundy creme should remedy that.
A pair of those spray painted shoes, supposedly used for a runway shoot.
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