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Hi all - While I wish I could stick with Suitsupply for all my suiting needs, the trousers fit a bit to slim for everyday business wear. Keeping in mind a price point similar to Suitsupply, has anyone had any experiences with the new Alton Lane? I haven't been able to find much other than threads referring to the old business. Thanks - other suit options encouraged and appreciated
It seems like they don't have 36s. Im also not looking to spend $400+ either.
Yes they were found in the BB outlet.. I figured they'd be better then picking something up at Macy's (store not outlet) but perhaps not. I cant swing Kiton yet, but hopefully soon enough. What else is recommended at the entry level fresh out of undergrad?
While I know the BB346 line isn't exactly favored here it fits me very well off the rack at a price point of $275 per suit. How does the quality compare versus say a DKNY or Calvin Klein white label suit from Macy's. They'll be worn in an entry level job, anything much more pricey is out of the question. Out of the two options I'm not sure which would be my best bet Thanks
Hello all, I'm going crazy trying to find affordable suits for a summer internship. I am leaning towards going with the Hickey line by Hickey Freeman suits I spotted in a discount store. The cut off the rack fits me as perfect as you can get for this price point. I know the line was discontinued, is there any where else they can be found online? And any other recommendations for a suit similar to this cut. Thanks!
Quote: Originally Posted by Spencer Funny, I was considering the Bailey too (my daughters name ) . Saw the Arnaud and ended up getting it, I can post some pics if you'd like. Mind if I ask where you got the Arnaud's? I'm liking them and the Ramone's not sure I want to spend $400 on glasses though. Did you happen to find them a bit cheaper? And of course, how do you like them ?
I ordered the 52, if they don't fit well I'll return them. I hate ordering without trying them on as well but it seems to be minimal hassle to return them and they'll be here tomorrow. I appreciate the offer on the 649's but I'm going to stick with 714's.
Hello all, just returned from my local sunglass hut and they unfortunately didn't have any Persol 714's in the store. I am going to order them online today, however I'm stuck between 52 and 54 mm.. Is 54 generally thought to be to big? I don't have a large face by any means, it is a bit narrow therefore I think I'd be better suited with the 52. Any general words of wisdom? Thanks!
Are these still available?
Looking to pick up some plain t-shirts, maybe vnecks just something to throw on over jeans around the house etc.. I heard good things about those from american apparel but stumbled upon some over at palmercash.com for $8 a pop. Anyone have any experience with palmercash, decent material? Thanks
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