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Congrats, nice choices!
Thanks Ttown, which ones?
Hey I gave you plenty of time...
I was able to score the Shannon on Cloud/Lavagna and a pair of the Alden saddles in black/tan. Best part? Shipping is only $15.00 and I will have them tomorrow!
Nice looking bag, what are the details?
I have never used Alden leather defender. I like Saphir Cordovan Creme. I have to admit that I don't walk outside a lot, but rain has not caused me any issues with spotting.
Glad to help. While I can't say that any particulars brand of shell is better than the other, I can say with certainty that Alden shell is the easiest to care for. Not sure if is because of the the way Alden treats it's shell, but for the most part it just requires a quick wipe down with a swift brushing after a wear and all the scuffs just disappear. Maybe once every 6 months I will hit them with some shell creme. The same cannot be said for EG or GC. They regularly...
Nicely done!
No I wouldn't say that. I have a number of EG shell, but I wouldn't say that they're "better" than the others.
Thanks Handcuffed, no not all from Leffot.L-R: Navl Boot (Leffot); Hallock Boot (Unionmade); NST (Leffot); Shortwing (Alden of SF); and LWB (Leffot).
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