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Hating to change the topic from Patrick's testes, but Leathersoul is having a St. Crispin's sample sale... if you're lucky they may have your size at 1/2 off.
Thanks Tifosi, as fellow shoe enthusiasts (addicts) I trust the recommendations, and criticisms, offered by members on here, as we all share similar interests and have similar concerns.
Normally when I've had a bad experience with a retailer, I tend to avoid them, however with so many testimonials of great service I may consider giving them a second chance. I was thinking of a Shannon MTO....
Not sure which captoe you are referring to... The cigar shell's are from Alden D.C. And the alpine grain is from end clothing.com.
I was on the wait list for the boot, and got a call on Wednesday that they had just received a shipment from Alden. They appear to be new, not creased and were unlaced when they arrived so I am assuming that they are factory fresh.
Today UPS was busy helping me get ready for Winter.... The cigar shells from Alden D.C. arrived today.... along with a pair of Alpine Grain cap toe boots I had ordered last week..... all ready for Winter....
Leffot has really been rocking the new Alden make ups, wonder what's going on with LeatherSoul they've really quiet as of late....
Yes on the Grant last.... they said they just received a shipment from Alden..... Not sure what other sizes they received.
Got a call from Alden D.C. today, they received a cigar shell cap toe boot in my size, and I was next on their wait list.....
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