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I heard from Simon last October when I visited Scotland. Tried to get up to visit him, but couldn't find the time to get out there. He lives quite a bit North of Edinburgh. Another member on here did hear from him recently, he is in the process if making him a case he ordered last year. I placed an order with him last May, but from past experience know it takes about a year, give or take, for him to commence work on a piece.
@Diabolical both of those boots look great!
Congrats! Nightshade is a great shade.
Any update on the G&G Kudo Thorpes pre-order?
Aren't Leffot and GF doing GMTOs for shell Galway boots? And I think GF has 2 other Galway GMTO open currently.
How so? Thought they only did bespoke... Are they now offering RTW?
A bunch of Lobb St. James shoes in odd sizes appeared in Ebay tonight.... Maybe LSJ is backdooring their products??
No expert here, but that don't look good....
I wouldn't even go that high unless you could try them on first. Chances are they are not going to fit you, or at least one of the shoes will not fit. When shoes are customized to someone's feet, very hard to get a suitable fit on someone else's foot.
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