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Try Leathersoul, Tom and Will have always been great at sizing.
I took some pictures of my zug Dovers with my Rosewood CC Monmouths and Dundees to compare them. The Zug is darker, with brownish tinge to it, and Rosewood are more of a reddish coloring.
Yeah that is dark, i'd classify it as dark brown as opposed doak. But they are still a magnificent pair of boots.
Excellent! Maker? and colour?
WhenWhen did Skoak start selling Alden?
Absolutely the jodphurs are a great looking boot!
And with that I completely agree.... Lobb sneakers the entire concept is ludicrous!! Though I am looking at the 2014 Lobb St. Crepin cap toe in brown..... waiting for Leathersoul to get them in.
LOL... I warn you Dr. that I have Lobb St. James black cap toes.....
Here here! But I would add the William also to that list:
I don't know if I agree that their quality has diminished any. I picked up a pair of the WilliamII boots last Fall and quality wise they were fine. I will agree that some of their new designs are more fashion oriented than their more traditional models (Philip II, City II). However I think they still maintain a quality product, and I think their finishing is second to none.
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