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They do have more. I would also check Leatherfoot and Leathersoul websites for some ideas.... they both have some past make-ups that were interesting.
Nice, classic cap toe..... I am sure you will like it.
Congrats... you will enjoy them! What leather and colour are you going with?
Who did you try?
Very nice collection... and the Chelsea is far from boring, very classic!
The Russian Leather was known in it's day for its water resistance, so it hasn't been an issue, though I haven't carried the bag in a rain storm, I have worn my shoes when it was raining on an occasion, and they held up fine. As for treating the leather, the secret is to not let the leather dry out. Depending on use, it does need to be fed occasionally with a leather treatment. I use Saphir leather balm. For heavy use, once every 6 months or so. with lighter use,...
Thanks for the comments...... It's a great case that I enjoy using.
I have had this briefcase for about 6 years now, but it is one of my favorite ones.... It is a SAB curved top frame case in London Tan... I know SAB gets some criticism on here, but I have to say the finishing on this case is second to none that I own.... I especially love the green felt interior of the case.....
Thanks to my friends at Leatherfoot, took delivery of the St. Crispin's 600 seamless wholecut oxford today..... these shoes are like a piece of art, almost too nice to wear....
Very nice for a Summer day... love the saddle shoe!
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