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Looking good......
Thank you, wow $40k for an allegator bag, now I feel like I got mine for a steal... Lol
Yes, at this point I agree. Leathersoul used to have some great makeups, but recently haven't seen anything new from them. When I talked with them a couple months back, I was told they had no new makeups planned at that time.
Thank you. They have quickly become one of my favorite pairs.
Excellent, great looking boot.... MTO ?
Took delivery of my new briefcase, made by Simon Baker (casemaker). It took nine months from start to finish, but part of the process was obtaining the leather.... 1786 Russian Reindeer leather to be precise..... it is a curved top frame case, with dark green Sedgwick bridle leather for the interior..... with it's brother from Cleverley....
Yeah I miss their make-ups, they used to get some interesting offerings. Now, they have limited stock (nothing in my size 2 months ago), no alden make-ups in process, they lost Cleverley earlier this year, closed LSBH, and mow offer JL standard models and sneakers.
Yeah, I snagged 6 pair for $51.00... no shipping, great deal. Should hold me for a while... lol.
It is a good deal for wooden shoe trees.
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