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Epaulet did a pre-order on them back in the Summer. You may want to contact them and see if there are any openings on the list, or get on the cancellation list if anyone who pre-ordered changes their mind.
I considered throwing a bid on these, but the seller is in Hong Kong.
Congrats, I love black shell, it looks sharp.
I am trying to make that same decision also... LOL.
Has anyone here purchased the EG for Brooks Brothers Monmouth in rosewood? I am considering purchasing a pair, but wondering if the rosewood pebble grain looks good with the brouged captoe.
Debating between a pair of Alden alpine grain boots w/ commando soles, but can't decide between speed hooks vs. all lacing.... Any thoughts?
I think your boots are great looking! Wear in good health!
I must have a thing for Alden Color #8 and the antique edging.... Naval boot and LWB from Leffo;, SWB from Leathersoul; and the Hallock boot from Umionmade.
Congrats, looking good. I dot to break mine out of the box this weekend...
New Posts  All Forums: