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Excellent pic!
Those are great boots, unfortunately they're too big for me or I would be all over them!! Hope you get a buyer soon.
They shipped mine in one package.
I have the captoe version and love them for a casual shoe....
The USPS service is horrible, irresponsible and disorganized to say the least. Back in January I ordered 2 items from a company who only ships Royal Mail. Now they shipped the items separately, mailed the same day from London. The both packages cleared customs on the same day, and dispatched from the NYC sorting office. The one package arrived 2 days later, the other package was sent to Atlanta... Nowhere near my location. It then sat in the Atlanta sorting office for...
Not me, waiting a week + for delivery is so last century, like waiting for the pony express. When I purchase an item, especially a $1k+ pair of shoes, I expect to have them ASAP in my possession, not sitting in a postal sorting office. Shoes I have purchased in the past from G. Cleverley and Fosters have arrived the next day from Europe. Now that's what I call service.
Yes surprising I know. First impressions are very favorable, like the styling and quality is there. I [plan on taking on their first outing this coming week, so I will report back afterwards. Thanks.
My first pair of Carminas arrived yesterday., the Derby boot in Polo suede
My first pair of Carminas arrived yesterday......
Did you try Leffot? I believe they stock them.
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