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Simon does great work. I have a similar one on order with him.
Lotsa Drama going on here today... I'm heading over to the Lobb thread for some cerebral posts.
Their website says: "This order was confirmed in late February 2016. Delivery is anticipated in June 2016, though it may be longer."Though with EG delivery times, who knows what that will be in real time.
I agree. It looks like Leffot must have ordered them as a stock pull. The pre-order was a couple of months ago, and delivery was estimated for June/July.
If you are still interested, they are on Leffot's pre-order page..... I think delivery is sometime over the Summer.
I think it best to forget about them once the order is placed. I've had MTO's in as quick as 4 months and as long as 10 months... But it's always nice to get the call/email that your shoes have arrived!!
Sorry if the truth bothers you, but you shouldn't have said it in the first place.
This is one of the reasons I've been refraining from posting on SF recently, too many people on here who think they know everything, when in fact they're clueless. Here atia2 not only is he wrong about the "gash", but he gets vicious and berates the original poster for having "unreasonable expectations". Incredible.
If you purchased them at retail, I agree with you. These would be acceptable as seconds, but certainly not as first quality EG shoes. Not sure if you purchased them from a retailer or direct from EG, but if neither is willing to work with you on the situation, I would return them and when the CC bill comes challenge it with your CC company.
I have a tin, has a great birch smell, but I prefer Saphir's leather balm.
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