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Quote: Originally Posted by ClambakeSkate I've never seen anything like that in my life. That looks awful. Do you have bugs eating away at your denimz? Seriously, that does not look right at all. I hope not. dont see any bugs besides the occasional spider... Really confused and don't want to get more expensive jawnz if this is going to happen again
So last week i noticed some small holes appear in my APC PS that I've put around 2 months of effective wear on. Never soaked or washed, haven't worn 'em since the holes started to appear, never noticed anything wrong until the first hole appeared (the large hole in the 3rd pic). Decideded to post here to see what your guys opinions were on what might of caused this and what I should do? click the image to view larger. from left to right: front thigh area, front...
not usually a fan of kvc fits, but the most recent fit is lookin good.
^ posted before, but
Quote: Originally Posted by mike868y which apc cut is most similar to levi's 511? PS or Ns? Petit Standards
Quote: Originally Posted by tunnelrat Hey guys, please how's the fit of APC Petit Standard when compared to Levis's 511? I'd like a similar fit as the 511s, but don't know, whether the APCs PS would be ok.. APC PS are similar to 511. I found APC PS in size 28 nearly identical measurements to 511s in size 30.
Couldn't edit the first post in my old thread so... THIS SHIT IS NO LONGER BEING OFFERED BY TOJ! Quote: Originally Posted by fntm Everyone knows what this is... Paypal as gift or add 4%. Price includes shipping CONUS tracking included. Additional pics, info will be available upon request. Temple of Jawnz 2010 Winter Varsity Size 46 (+1 sleeves/ +1 length) --> $325-->$300-->$285-->$270-->250-->$220 Bought at the temple for $325....
Go Packers!!
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