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Frills - you didn't heed the TWAT'ers and now we're brothers What are you initial thoughts? I think it looks great on you. Are you going to get the new SD as well? Is that 4 Rolexes in less than 4 months??!! You really are your namesake Congrats again R PS - Swede and Steel - congrats on some great lookers
Agree with Hroi - watches cars and deadlifts intermixed with Kate uptom then back to watches. This thread is on fire I'm jealous. I've never lifted that heavy and ever since I tore my pec , shoulder and bicep doing BJJ, those days of crushing it in the gym are long gone I'm afraid. Owning a DSSD I still wouldn't contemplate going after 500 lbs. I'll stick with my wide grip deads - love em but also hate them like crazy
Don't do it Frills. You're stronger than that. Wait....
I wonder what a BP cost back then ? No doubt the 5002? Chilling at work today. Finally good weather here in DC and I'm stuck inside.
Bkotsko - you're obligated to show a pic of your RS5 and your watch now. If happily take an RS5 over most Porshes any given day and on Sunday too
HRoi - well done sir. (slow clap) Frills - if you ever get into cars, we'll make a separate forum just for you. It would be bananas I'm sure. Nuke - young, single. No wife. No kids. Get as many watches and fast cars as you can now. NOW!
Always a lot of juice that flows when we talk about IWC. Controversial to say the least. I will say I've met a few of the Top Gun owners and none of them have any pretense that wearing an IWC TG Chrono makes them any more a fighter pilot than if they were wearing "Watch Y". Most just love the design in that particular model. I know personally I like the looks of the IWC Top Gun, EXCEPT for the TG branding. Thank goodness the latest model has removed the horrid TG...
NS - congrats on making a good decision. Moving pieces that no longer move you is something I wish I had the balls to do sometimes. But.. but.. she's just so pretty Seriously - I hear the criticism about the 5001-07 and admit it's not for everyone, but it's been perfect for me. Hate to hear about the Heuers though! a (final?) goodbye from mine to yours. I'm sure your Port will bring its new owner a lot of joy
Frills - if what you're saying is true, that's RIDICULOUS.
JBar - At least you can check off the Speedy on your list to own. Smart move trying them on though. At the end of the day it's all about the emotion your watch gives you. Frills - congrats on the LV. That's an awesome pair and hope you two get to swap it out often! I'd also love to hear your comparison on your Sub vs the new SD. To me, it seems that having both may be redundant, but to the more seasoned collector there may be a lot more than meets my untrained eye!
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