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awesome watch, Betterman. I thought about the POC long and hard but went with the 9300 Speedy instead. The POC still haunts me though even I admit its size is not for the faint of heart..
Put a Speedy style bracelet with their new adjustable clasp, (all brushed no polish) give it a non cyclops date and I'd be in line. As it stands now I like their 42 PO better. But maybe they wanted something different enough from that line..
Frills I agree with B - the new SD will be much sought after for some time by many. Any discount you may get by waiting would be outweighed easily by the immediate awesomeness you would have by reserving now and putting it on ASAP and then flaunting it in front of all of our envious screens. Plus then we could be SD siblings. Albeit I might be the red haired step child Consider yourself 'enabled' !
Good to see your JLC, Stitchy. Been too long IMO! R
Shanghai - huge congrats! Stunning watch and I'm sure your wife will love it. I couldn't agree more, I love Govberg! R
Dino - I couldn't agree with you more. Well said! Admittedly I came late to the Rolex game and I'm not ashamed to admit I had many of the apprehensions talked about when discussing Rolex ownership. I'm not ashamed because I can admit I was wrong about many of them. When I bought my Deepsea I mentioned to my wife that it's not exactly the most popular Rolex model. When she asked why I told her many feel it's too big, not true to the classic Rolex design, etc. etc. She...
I actually quite like the GO's backside. But to each his own. For the amount they charge, the watch better be hitting on all cylinders for you.
Nice 112 CMT - love the Mod buckle Re new Seamaster - should make nostalgic fans very happy. Nice classic looking watch. Hope it doesn't have polished center links though
Agree. and ... Agreed.Regarding Costco's very liberal return policy - Might be the very rare time when a watch won't lose its value. I'm just saying..
I'm no fan of Hublot - Curious though, if this guy was indeed wearing an AP, would you still have considered him douchey after talking to him?
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