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Thanks Budapest Going for leather soles. I have too many boots with rubber soles as is Also - the Skye's in brown - I can only find them from Crockett and Jones stores, and no way they're ever on sale.. But they look awesome..
Soliciting advice from the pros (again). Looking for a wingtip boot. considering the C&J Skye and the Alden Wingtip on the Barrie Last. I currently have the AE Daltons which IMO are too narrow and a bit too dressy for jeans. I'm usually in casual clothing ,mostly jeans so thought the fuller and more substantial Alden would look good. I can't tell if the Skye is too slim/svelt to be worn this way- If anyone has any experience with one or both could you please help a boot...
Lawdy. Must resist. MUST unsubscribe from this damned thread
Killing it with the polo suedes my friends Man I can't get those Edward Green Lanterns out of my head though. Want.
Thanks man! Actually got them off an SF'er here. Bought the Tan version as well. Really hearty boot in terms of looks and make-up.
Navy grain Coniston. Horrible lighting and terrible pic, sorry. Available for reference on their website. I think navy shell sounds awesome though for a bal boot..
well played... slow clap..
@Fueco - congrats - btw - where is it 70? Here in Maryland and Virginia we're iced/snowed in.
I need a nice pen like I need another watch - which is to say I really really need a nice pen..
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