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Agreed. Seems to happen a lot when IWC gets brought up
I've heard the same thing. In fact my local AD here in NOVA notes that he gets plenty of vacationing customers from China. He told me that for them / paying full MSRP here in the states is a steal. They literally gobble up all the Pateks and Cartiers. I can only imagine what demand /costs are like over there!
I'm a huge IWC fan. In fact just having a discussion with my brother last night where he commented the new Galapagos is around 11k, which took me aback since I got the previous version a few years back, BNIB for $6k. Now, the newer version has an in house movement along with other 'advances' but it's almost a 2X leap! That's really hard to swallow personally. I used to view IWC as a pretty decent value for nice looking watches. What irks me the most, and it's not...
Agreed. Harmless comment that got the juices going though, I'll say that. For the record I totally see where RX was coming from.
@DLJr and @Mr. Moo Two awesome pickups. Congrats!
Congrats, Foo. Gorgeous piece. Like the 372, a statement piece.
Gorgeous Zenith, B. Love the backside as well
Congrats Mimo. Look awesome on you. And since RP can't see it yet - it LOOKS AWESOME ON YOU!
Beautiful watches to be sure, but they don't really sing to me at all. Same for H. Moser... Sometimes I think something's wrong with me.
@TC (Houston) - Great foursome, TC. Next we're going to try and convince you to get a formal dressy watch thing..
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