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can we get an iPhone -mirror selfie teaser pic of the donegal field jacket please?
Indys in their natural environment.
GreyxBlack (with stretch). Insanely awesome and comfortable. So many of the grey offerings from G are really on point.
@MoosicPa - unreal. At first I was like oh he has like 8 or 9 pairs of awesome boots, and then quickly realized I was looking at all singles. YOU ARE BALLER.
whoever did - my wallet thanks you.
Portfolio in natural ordered. Why? I don't have any need for one - but it's just too awesome. My wife won't understand.
on the precipice of my first Vibergs tomorrow when 3sixteen drops theirs. The Mocha Brown Captoe is calling to me.. Figure I should have at least one Viberg..
I have the Tricker's x CDG "superboot". I got the 10uk which fits fine.I wear a 10 in Alden Barrie and Trubalance if that helps.
For those getting the the La Portegna portfolio - what color are you going with? I was thinking tobacco would be the clear favorite since it looks so good right off the bat, but the natural may acquire interesting patina/character over time too..
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