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thankfully out of my size..
ahhh. good eye. Mike, FWIW I think the non-sideburn look is better on you!
Congrats on the Nomos. I may in the minority here but I really prefer the lugs on yours vs. their other models.
Add me to the list!
Few months ago I nabbed the SB Tux from above. I never need/wear a tux, but if I ever need to, I'll be stoked to wear it!
Not to hijack the Gustin thread, but again that jacket looks great. I got the Epaulet/Thedi cafe racer this year and it looks a bit different than yours. Mine's horsehide I believe..
Agreed - that jacket is badass. Deets?
@Belligero big congrats !
Also not a fan of the yacht club and I'm more or less a big fan of IWC in general. I agree that c/w the Daytona I can't say that particular IWC model is more refined or elegant. Have you tried them both on next to each other? I'm speaking of the 43.5 mm model to be sure, leave alone the 45 mm YC. When you're at that price range, a little stretch could certainly get you the Daytona if that's what you truly want. You had mentioned if money wasn't an option- but for a "bit"...
I've had good success with AB Fits. They tapered a pair of Gs for my brother and it looked great. I agree with Gaseous - would go the 'denim specialist' over a tailor for denim, exceptions not withstanding
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