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Huge congrats stitch. Looks amazing
Adorable, Keith. And the Beagle's wicked cute too. ziiiiiing!
RogerP - the watches you've let go from your collection - I would be proud to own. (Sorry to hear about the passing of your 9300 btw - but I'm sure it found a good home)
+1. That's what I'm talking about, Belli Here's a NOMOS that I find VERY interesting..
+1. That's what I'm talking about, Belli
@in stitches - IWC Omega JLC throw in Panerai for good measure for the Richemont trifecta. (Belligero-shields UP!) @RFX45, @RogerP - beautiful watch no doubt. Only wish I had the $97,000!
In this case the true die-hards - the Ristis were the most inflamed by this. Even lifelong fans have a tipping point were the most vocal in their outrage, and I think (hope) Panerai learned a big lesson from that.
Agree, StitchyStrangely, I agree too, Belli.
I'll PM you the link where I got these pics. Lot of Panerai fans excited because they were going to pay around $8k for this: Though solid caseback, should've at least expected a movement similar to the 418 (pictured here): Someone opened the case and SURPRISE! Firestorm followed with good reason. Sure it's old news, and Panerai I think has been trying to dig themselves (and bury) out of that misery for some time. And though I love my 312, I can't say I...
well said RP. As much as I love IWC, it's hard to argue with this. Nothing worse then the PAM 318 fiasco though.
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