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Sorry for the late reply..I went with a 5, which I think corresponds to Large.. Kyle recommended a 4 might be okay but that would've been too tight IMO.I'm about 5'11 185. The A1 fits like a great sweater. Not tight, but not like loose outwear either.. Hope this helps.
I love the DSOM and the GSOM, but Omega really should've stopped there. Now there are like 6 different versions including the meteorite dial one. Just like others have mentioned, too many variations/editions on a theme kind of ruined the specialness of it.but to that end, I think you can get a GSOM for far less than MSRP R
@bkotsko - great pic. Gustin would be proud, man
Congrats - best gift of all time!
I think quality wise the nod goes to Rolex. Dino brings up an interesting point re: resale value. If you plan on keeping it for life, then maybe not such a big sticking point. I do like the Speedy more as a "one watch" since I think it dresses down/up better with a leather strap and seems to be more versatile in that sense. Plus the brushed bracelet is a bonus vs. the polished center links on the Daytona. That being said, the new ceramic bezel Daytona with panda dial...
Not a Ceramic Daytona but it's still the only Rolex I got and I love it. Nothing else like it my collection. Tray can barely contain the two monsters
Panda that, Frilly.
Flannel HBone.
GRP A1 came in today and the size was perfect. I didn't want a loose outerwear piece and this fits like a trim yet substantial sweater. Perfect But the real eye-opener was the Rota pant. Everyone who kept telling me how awesome they were/are - thank you, you all were spot on (@TtownMD) Bad news is that now I'm going to have donate all my other pants. Worse news is now I also know my Rota size. le sigh thanks NMWA for the speedy delivery, and thanks SF, for the evil...
Debating on an Eidos Rain jacket from Bloomies. Either the Navy one or the Beige one (with Raglan shoulders..). I'm partial to blue but the lighter colored beige might be good for spring.. Thoughts please? Navy: http://www1.bloomingdales.com/shop/product/eidos-raincoat?ID=1605003&CategoryID=3864#fn=spp%3D18 Beige: http://www1.bloomingdales.com/shop/product/eidos-beige-raglan-sleeve-raincoat-100-bloomingdales-exclusive?ID=1572802&CategoryID=3864#fn=spp%3D6 2 of Marc's...
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