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Love that JLC. It's frighteningly expensive but such an attractive watch. If it had a date then I'd probably have found someway or another to own one. Like maybe sell a kidney. But sadly my OCD has prevented me from entering the no-date territory. I agree with Dino about the fact that most true divers would likely want a computer or such. I think the JLC would be just fine for recreational water sports, and most people considering owning this watch aren't looking to do...
Cleav - Lovin' that PAM as usual. TChoy - wowza re: PiageT - clearly they are in a higher class of timepieces, and although I can appreciate their quality and beauty, they've never quite interested me. I too am not a fan of their choice of logo font, but maybe I'm missing the relevance or history behind their choice in lettering. True, it's a bit different, and I'm sure fans will love it, but it's not my cup of tea. I've handled some in person, and really can't find...
Congratulations, great pick up and welcome to the madness!
Well done Marvin !
Love the Blue and Red, Stitchy. Also feelin' that Zenith, Keith I unfortunately have to work tomorrow, which means driving to work tonight and spending the night there so that I don't have to drive through the blizzard tomorrow.. FUN will be wearing this to get me through it all
I was going to suggest that Breitling, but it has the same date position as the JLC you mentioned.. Both handsome watches. Agree, wish JLC had more blue on the hands of that model.
Omega - that JLC chrono is one of my favorites, but I see what you mean about the date window. Though I'm a big IWC fan, that chronograph is one of my least favorites. I feel it is just way overpriced for what it is (that being said this could hold true for many watches I like..) ps I think the JLC is leagues above this particular IWC as well. Good luck with your decision, I'm sure others will have some great advice in terms of alternatives
Foley - good to meet someone else in the medical profession Hate to add more options, but since you're in this neighborhood I just had to throw this out. Pic borrowed from internet..
Cleav FTW with the 1921 American suggestion. Not a fan of the Parm, or that particular Patek. I love that GO though. But a Lange is well.. A. Lange! and JLC always makes beautiful watches. no clear winner/loser here. Congrats again ps - get the VC! R
Frills - great post man. You wear the watch, not the other way around. I'm sure it's just a fluke and Patek will make it right. Keep us posted. Hey even a Ferrari can have a tail light that goes out. As you pointed out, there are more important things in life. ps - good time to mention the importance of going to an AD vs a grey market..
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