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ahh. Dat Snowflake Lovin' the JLC, Zenith and Patek - all glorious Non Rollie here
Man @no frills - you are on a tear! I know it's for your friend but congrats in order.
Found out about Gustin a few months ago. Since then I have backed 4 jeans, most recently the grey silks. I only have one in my possession the Cone Bluexblack which I must admit are pretty damn nice. Also got the natural classic belt and am waiting for their black plaid shirt to come back. So basically yeah - I'm in trouble.
@Newcomer - Im liking that FPJ more and more every time you post about it. I was wondering about the case - how it almost looked gunmetal. Interesting they used tantalum. I actually like it a lot. Hodinkee did a nice review of it, as well as the VC @CHRK33mentioned above (although I too would pine for the 1921) http://www.hodinkee.com/features/three-on-three-manual-dress-watch
Nooooooo. Not the fade. I actually don't mind the blue dial with green writing. But the fade is too much. That being said I'm going with @no frills and wait to see it in person.
@zippy - what a coincidence, I was just thinking about this watch this morning and thinking if I should try and source one! Great looking watch. Probably brings a tear to the eyes of the IWC purists (if there are any left..) Can you post some more pics of it when you get a chance? @Betelgeuse - nice sticks!
Congrats, A - any hints?
NS for the win with that awesome pic
My 2 cents. If I had 25k and looking to cover the casual base I'd get the JLC Master control chrono and the new Rolex Sea Dweller pocket the rest for your next watch. Done
Stitch-meister - I too keep all my old boxes and agree it definitely helps with reselling having all the original books, papers, boxes etc. I guess my point is if I wanted to buy a watch, in this case the Speedmaster, and I could have the exact same watch with OEM boxes, I'd rather buy the Speedy that came with the cheaper box and without the additional accessories, more expensive packaging.
New Posts  All Forums: