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I agree with @rydenfan - Monitaly Parka (I have the grey one) is awesome. I'm hating you guys for this new version. Sigh.
^ aaaaaaaannnnd .. ordered! Thanks for pushing me over the edge. Boot looks awesome-sauce
^ awesome to hear. Many pics please!
would recommend a warm soak to get the shrink out, then let it air dry. Should be good to go for hemming after that. Avoid washer and dryer. I ruined a few jeans/chinos from Gustin thinking they could make it through a cycle unharmed and I paid for it.
^ wow three winners in a row. @Betelgeuse - what's the make on those please?
Great looking boot, my man. Thank goodness I'm a 10 in Viberg. No dice this time for us
^ I think the coat looks sharp but I can see what you mean regarding the tightness around the shoulders. Can you fold your arms comfortably across your chest or do you feel a lot of tightness in the shoulder/back area when do this?
@RogerP - you damn enabler. Those Chukkas weren't even on my radar and now I'm probably going to cave. Well played.
Me too. Looks like the silk/mohair material.
^ love it man.
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