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Good to see your JLC, Stitchy. Been too long IMO! R
Shanghai - huge congrats! Stunning watch and I'm sure your wife will love it. I couldn't agree more, I love Govberg! R
Dino - I couldn't agree with you more. Well said! Admittedly I came late to the Rolex game and I'm not ashamed to admit I had many of the apprehensions talked about when discussing Rolex ownership. I'm not ashamed because I can admit I was wrong about many of them. When I bought my Deepsea I mentioned to my wife that it's not exactly the most popular Rolex model. When she asked why I told her many feel it's too big, not true to the classic Rolex design, etc. etc. She...
I actually quite like the GO's backside. But to each his own. For the amount they charge, the watch better be hitting on all cylinders for you.
Nice 112 CMT - love the Mod buckle Re new Seamaster - should make nostalgic fans very happy. Nice classic looking watch. Hope it doesn't have polished center links though
Agree. and ... Agreed.Regarding Costco's very liberal return policy - Might be the very rare time when a watch won't lose its value. I'm just saying..
I'm no fan of Hublot - Curious though, if this guy was indeed wearing an AP, would you still have considered him douchey after talking to him?
Congrats DLJr. Great looking pair. Sounds like a great opportunity. 35 off Omega is pretty good these days with their new discount policy!
Guys. I'm not a spammer but saw this on slickeals. Entered promo code and This Zenith is now $1879 (from $5000) http://www.ashford.com/us/cart/cart.jsp?_requestid=298889 If someone has 2k to burn... R
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