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Thanks for all the advice guys - appreciate all the input! edit: In the meantime these came today so maybe I can hold out on the brogues a bit longer until I make up my mind. Carmina/Skoak Black Calf Jumpers
lawdy, that VC..
Boot Masters, I need some help. Trying to find a brogue boot with leather sole. I'll probably get a good wear out of these since I like to wear jeans mostly and it fits my style. I'm on the fence between the Cheaney Dark Leaf and the C&J Skye. Now before you admonish me for even considering this a fair fight please indulge me as I'm rather new to this. As of now, the Cheaney's are about 300USD cheaper when all is said and done. Will I really notice the difference between...
@RogerP - love those blue laces on that suede. You're a boot genius.
Roger's boots look better than mine for some damn reason...
Well done Keith. Looks sublime. Wear in the best my friend R
Cross post to drive the nail home! Thanks again, Skoak
Thank you. I agree - I think I like the lighter color online as well. Maybe I'll just need to kop a lighter color in the future. yes. Le sigh. Plenty more here and on the way. More pics to come in the next few days..
Holy... well done my friend.
Yup, just got them today. Awesome boots. In person the boots seem to be darker than the online pictures. Definitely a slight reddish undertone. May be due to the lighting right now too though. Goes without needing to say that they're full of velvety soft goodness. Can't wait to rock them outside. Now I have to research on how to protect suede
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