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would recommend a warm soak to get the shrink out, then let it air dry. Should be good to go for hemming after that. Avoid washer and dryer. I ruined a few jeans/chinos from Gustin thinking they could make it through a cycle unharmed and I paid for it.
^ wow three winners in a row. @Betelgeuse - what's the make on those please?
Great looking boot, my man. Thank goodness I'm a 10 in Viberg. No dice this time for us
^ I think the coat looks sharp but I can see what you mean regarding the tightness around the shoulders. Can you fold your arms comfortably across your chest or do you feel a lot of tightness in the shoulder/back area when do this?
@RogerP - you damn enabler. Those Chukkas weren't even on my radar and now I'm probably going to cave. Well played.
Me too. Looks like the silk/mohair material.
^ love it man.
^ TTS - same as my Eidos suit size.. wears like a coat should. Not super slim, and not overly loose in my case either..
forgive the crappy lighting and pics but Eidos stuff just arrived and wanted to share. Field jacket in Japanese cotton sateen. If I'm not mistaken, @NickPollica, the new Eidos military style jacket is made in this? Anyways it's awesome. Exactly what I wanted. Slightly stiff with a little sheen. Almost looks waxed from afar. Very comfortable and crisp. I agree with Greg - the FJ seems a little trimmer than my other one so I'm glad I went with the 52R on this one (my usual...
^ thanks Greg. Coat looks awesome. Also awesome - both my Eidos jackets shipped today. #humblebrag.
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