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Ha! I'm with Dino on this one.What's the time on that Corum? Is it supposed to remind me of a car grill?
RP and Mimo are horrible horrible enablers. And I absolutely concur with their suggestions.
RP - stellar IWC brother. TC - BP lookin' clean as usual. By the way if and when you have to set the time, you're going to love spinning the hands around with just a small twist of the crown. regarding the Stowa - handsome watches. By no means a 'poor man's pilot' as some have wondered before. I agree if it's just the waiting that's putting you off, then I would wait since I hear they're more than worth it. If it's other things (prestige, recognition etc..), then I...
Hroi. That Lange... Reeeedonkulussss
TC, congrats brother! That's a great watch for sure. The black croc is extremely stiff. I much prefer it on the OEM Buffalo. btw - removing the BP strap by yourself is extremely unpleasant. Take it your AD if you do decide to switch straps in the future.
Holy Bazinga...!Congrats!
Nuke - I read it. Great article for sure.
Yup - use a bergeon tool. Easy as pie. Some use scotch tape around the lugs. If you're absolutely against any scratches on the inside of your lug whatsoever then may not be for you..Sorry to hear, TC - the Northeast is getting hammered by a Polar Vortex or something like that. Hope your new watch gets to you safe and sound so you can post tomorrow!That's a helluva gift! Congrats
Great topic for discussion , more so because I feel TWAT ers have made some pretty spectacular buys in the past few weeks alone This year if all goes well and I make partner (again) I'd like to add something new. I'd be lying if I said this forum hasn't influenced my tastes which makes my previous wants not as desirable and this whole journey a little more interesting.
New Posts  All Forums: