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Portfolio in natural ordered. Why? I don't have any need for one - but it's just too awesome. My wife won't understand.
on the precipice of my first Vibergs tomorrow when 3sixteen drops theirs. The Mocha Brown Captoe is calling to me.. Figure I should have at least one Viberg..
I have the Tricker's x CDG "superboot". I got the 10uk which fits fine.I wear a 10 in Alden Barrie and Trubalance if that helps.
For those getting the the La Portegna portfolio - what color are you going with? I was thinking tobacco would be the clear favorite since it looks so good right off the bat, but the natural may acquire interesting patina/character over time too..
Regarding Primo - is the consensus to size up like I do with Tenero? I wear a 52r in most Eidos cuts, but the Tenero I wear a 54r.. Thanks and sorry for umpteenth fit question..
Saw these - wondering if they were Tipo or Tenero..
^ another Oak fan here.
^ agree on Maritime. Size up to layer, or take your usual size if you just want to wear it as a shirt..
Gorgeous. Hours are long, years are short my friend. Always worth noting and it seems to fit in a watch forum as well
@daddyblitz - that might be a difficult and costly venture depending on your tailor. Can you exchange them for a size up and then have your tailor take the jackets in?
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