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The new 9300 speedy is rated to 100m. I'm sure this would cover almost all your bases. Although as one member pointed out a while ago it also matters what kind of activity you are doing. Is there a lot of impact or pressure involved? If so you may actually need a true 'diver' I really wanted to like/love the Omega Goodplanet. When I saw it in person I was fairly disappointed. I do like the black version more I think. My brother has the new Exp and I think that watch...
Get it stitchy. Get it..
Congrats Frills. The new SD look awesome. I also really like what you did with the Hulk - never seen that strap combo before and I'm sure your wife wears it extremely well R
Frills, Dino, and Keith T (aka Master TWAT ) - great pics of your watches and optics. Keith T - your composition was awesome. Lovin' that Omega. Is that new ceramic bezel? The dial is incredibly blue Dino - great combos, classic All Day ALL the way as usual Frills - congrats on the new Rolex.. uh.. again!! Seriously awesome trip you've on in the last several weeks. Wear it in the best of health, and can't wait to see pics
A little late the party. Love the knives and watches talk. Huge Spyderco fan myself. RogerP - I was hoping the blade talk would get you to post again! Long time, friend I also thought of another pairing for fun - watches and optics. Would love to see what you guys are rocking. I'll start IWC and SALT. These are hands down the best glasses I've ever owned. A clear step above my lovely Persols even. If you're ever in need of some great sunglasses give them a try.
Congrats on the duo, B. I hope you both wear them in great health
saw it too, agree - quicksilver stole the show
I agree with Nuke the BLNR and Sub may be too redundant for most. Unless you're frills. Out of the two, I prefer the Sub-C with date. If I were you, and it was your first and only Rolex, maybe hold out for the new SD. I personally love the new IWC Port Chrono and find it an improvement in every possible way over its predecessor, but it's damn expensive. And I wish it had more blue. Whatever you choose you've got a fine list in mind and keep us all posted! Frills - you...
GoDSSDzilla - instant classic. All that education is really paying off:nodding:
These are the situations where a Nautilus, AP Jumbo or Speedmaster would work nicely. Subtle enough to fly by most, but awesome enough to catch the discerning eye if need be. R KeithT - congrats on Masterdom. Well deserved, my man
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