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that IWC is fantastic, bro
^ I was told by Marc that these were Tipo...
@Gustin - jackets look great. double zippers in the future would be aces though
@tonio028 - just by your description I would agree with you regarding the snap button. Some things may seem better in theory. Great feedback and I would think worth a second look by the powers that be..
I love my Omega, but I definitely have no delusions of it holding its monetary value, especially compared to Rolex. But like most, I didn't buy it as an investment at all. There are a good number of things that Rolex exceeds at, and holding their value is definitely one of their strengths.
^ You need to have your own "What's TtownMD got coming now" thread. Would make it a lot easier to give you thumbs-up, as opposed to seeing your monster kops all over the place..
yes it's a great shoe and I ALMOST feel bad for the readers here with a 10.5UK foot having to suffer all the enabling. Just do yourself a favor and kop. Sleeping on it won't help.
I'm with Boston - I prefer the Home Time by a country mile. In fact I got that very watch as a graduation gift for my brother when he finished business school so I'm a little biased.
^ welcome. I agree it's an awesome watch. I love both the Dark Side and Grey Side. Several times I've come close to picking one or the other up, but I already have the steel version of the 9300 Speedy..
Gustin Black x Grey Twill. Aka the "Darth Maul". Okay not really. And it's actually charcoal, not a deep black which is actually fantastic.
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