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@tricky - DB looks great man. I see what you guys are talking re the button but I think it's your stance..
I love that GO pano in that white/silver color. I thought there was a 42mm version as well but I might be mistaken.
^ that would be awesome and the best case scenario. I've read comparisons to the Barrie last with ppl recommending sizing 1/2 down versus sizing 1 down. I've also read one poster saying he wears the same in both Barrie and Trickers stow. I'm unfamiliar with this last but just went ahead and bought them. Hopefully worst case scenario Is that they're a little big but not so much that I can't work with it
Never mind. The seller emailed me again and said it's indeed a UK 10. Since I'm an Alden Barrie 10, the research here on SF suggests these will be a 1/2 size too big for me unfortunately..
Hi guys - Here's the link.. There are a few photos where you can see some numbers on the inside of the shaft and of course on the box.. I'm thinking it's UK sizing like you guys said but was hoping to run it by the experts, as the seller has a "no-return" policy. I did ask him, and he said "US 10".. But I'm having doubts.. Thanks again for any...
Hi Zippy - thanks for the reply. The seller says it's indeed a US 10, which I also questioned at first but then thought because it was a collab, that this might be differing with respect to sizing. (similar to how C&J listed their boots in US sizes for Barneys a while back..)
Hi guys Im asking for some sizing advice please. Looking at getting my first Tricker's boot and am a bit enamored with one: Trickers X Junya Watanabe. it's listed as a US 10. Anyone own these? Just curious if a Tricker's 10 is TTS as I've heard they run large..? Thanks for any help.. From the net:
@chanoch - GO Senator Sixties is where I'd put my money on. I've had a love affair with the silver/white dial version for a while. Indeed I should've chosen that watch for my wedding watch instead of the JLC MC..
The IWC that Apropos referenced is indeed much nicer (IMO). But in the end It's your coin, so a watch has to make you happy first. Otherwise just get a Reverso and make SF happy instead.
As an IWC fan, I have to say that's far from my favorite model, but from your post it sounds like you're in love with that particular IWC, which is by far the most compelling reason to get it. If you've done your research and looked at other brands/models (Belli is right, there are many many other great watches at that price point as well that are superior win many ways to that Portofino) and that particular Portofino sings to you the loudest, then I think you have your...
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