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@Belligero no argument about Richemont but don't forget brands like AP and even GP do it too. Mermaid Mission? (which I actually find interesting)
Man I should've paid more attention in English class...
JLC made MORE than one Batman Reverso ( though I love both JLC and Batman to death)
Hi @Newcomer @Keith T Generally speaking special editions and limited editions don't usually sway me one way or another. Unless there is overly garish branding itself on the case (JLC Rossi, older IWC Top Gun off the top of my head). In this case I'm not sure I see why there is so much disdain. True, the main aspect of these partnerships is in the end to marketing/ recognition, but I don't see anything wrong with also partnering and aiding a good cause while you're at it....
Stitchy you are exhibiting many of the signs and symptoms of imminent koppage. I wish you well in your illness R
Congrats, RP. That Seiko is really awesome. Love the color scheme
second the AP vote.
Congrats DS - 104?
RogerP - That Omega...
Mimo - glad to see you're okay buddy. That's a helluva spill! I gotta say I've never been a fan of bronze. It's also crazy what some owners do to get that false patina on the bronze (pass the ketchup?) Exhibit A - saw the new Mark at our Omega boutique in DC - nice but not my cup of tea. lumalik - congrats. More pics please DS - Can't wait to see the new grab
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