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Awesome Rad, KeithT
DJH - Congrats - awesome 9300! I think RogerP might have some strap suggestions. I wear mine on the OEM black strap, but the bracelet's not bad either.
Forex - as one of the very few DSSD on here (anyone?.. Anyone?..) I'll be happy to give my impressions. Keep in mind here in TWAT you won't find it gets much love so if you're looking for user reviews you should probably peruse one of the many Rolex forums. This is SF after all and well the DSSD is hardly stylish I must admit The gripes about its size and bracelet are legitimate. I would've killed to have the bracelet be an extra 2 mm wider by the clasp. That being said...
My big chunky divers for Mimo Serious the chrono diver from JLC is nice and I actually like the color scheme. I think that monster comes in at 46 mm if I'm not mistaken which is too big even for my taste. That JLC Duo is something else. Hey now that Frills has popped his Sub cherry should we egg him onto a JLC? !! Dino I agree with you about all these so called special editions. After a while it becomes an obvious marketing scheme. However I will reaffirm that I do...
Just ignore the troll, guys. Is there anything he's said that's even worth addressing?
one of my favorite GO's. I many times wondered if I should've chosen this over my current JLC Master Control..
Nuke - I have to disagree with you, I don't think the new JLC Geo would be at all redundant for you. GET IT. Seriously, I think the steel version would make a nice more-casual model. GET IT. It looks awesome.. GET IT.
Academe - completely agree. Obviously I think an inherent design in the world timers.. I may just need to suck it up because I really do they look pretty great.
I've always liked GP and think the World timer you've shown is very cool, but for me the hands seem a bit short..
Great video for all the NOMOS fans.. Makes me want to buy one someday. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UwpP_s8LV_Y#t=56
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