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^4th one down is me! here are some in crappy lighting. Weather's getting colder so it's coming out soon enough
@Epaulet - helluva backdrop, Mike.
^ I went L. I followed the sizing guide and went by my usual chest size. It's snug but it has loosened up. I love the feel of it. It makes a nice leathery creak when you move around. It's quite awesome.
^ me too. Just such a great coat/jacket. Fitted but comfortable and substantial. Also keeps me warm as hell in the colder months there. Love it. And the whiskey leather is starting to patina a bit..
also have the SKOAK DOAK Galways and I say you guys should go for it (the CS makeup) no worries
it's amazing. The Poke. The watch is awesome too. Congrats again!
Never knew that, thanks for the heads up.. Yeah I washed and dried a couple Gustins with other clothes and got the dreaded streaks..
I agree with @rydenfan - Monitaly Parka (I have the grey one) is awesome. I'm hating you guys for this new version. Sigh.
^ aaaaaaaannnnd .. ordered! Thanks for pushing me over the edge. Boot looks awesome-sauce
^ awesome to hear. Many pics please!
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