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^ I do a warm soak in the bathtub and air dry. I get 1" shrink almost every time.. (12+ pairs at least like this..)
that freaking EB brown Balmoral boot on sale is unfortunately in my size..
Do you have any pictures of the pants please? are they flat front?
PM sent..
I doubt I could pull it off, but that Eidos DB is da shiznit.
Me too, Cleav!Man I wish the seiko outlets around here carried them. Was there a good discount?
I like Mimo's idea about buying for your wife and if I may suggest the JLC Reverso with your daughter's initials engraved on the back. Would make an absolutely amazing 18th bday gift..
I like the Hulk and ceramic rocks, but seeing it next to the older LV made me really appreciate the older model. I like the contrast between the bezel and the black dial.
^ great stuff but my eyes went blind after that last shot of the AP
A great jacket - I'd nab it but have too much outerwear as is. Great piece and a killer price for whomever grabs this.
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