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Sigh, late to the party. Lots of great posts today! TC - I may in the minority with you, but I love those RG pieces on the brown straps. The gold case and brown strap just does it for me. Although I think the Nautilus and AP's have some of the best bracelets in the world, I'm not a gold bracelet guy. It's too much. Steel bracelets? Sure. Gold bracelets - I think for the most part they look a little tacky and aren't worth the money most of the times.
DDD - your collection is ridonkulous. I agree with stitches - Let's see it in its entirety please? I've heard the Aquanaut and Nautilus are some of the most comfortable sports watches ever. And I really believe it! R
That GP is money honey. I think the case:lugs are perfect. Never handled one, but doubt I will be disappointed when I do..
congrats MG - beautiful watch and looks great on you
2 watch weekend Most of the week was this though: Switching it up to this today
NICE. BP looks quite awesome on you R
The black croc is notorious for being very stiff. The OEM buffalo brown is softer which is why I wanted to change it out. Something to think about. Both straps look very sharp IMO.
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