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Late to the Speedy party. Agree that I need to source a brown croc. @RogerP thankfully made a great suggestion that I'm going to have to look into one of these days My wife's 4 year old DJ. Back from the spa and looking ever so clean
Polywatch that, Flake!
IIRC this was in your budget, but it's long been sold out. SINN Jubilaum. I'm sure with a little work you could find one. At your budget it would be hard to beat SINN.
Don't feel bad Frills,it took me like 10 seconds...
Unfortunately this is almost never true. In fact 99% of the luxury watches out there depreciate the minute you walk out the door with it on your wrist. True, the uber rare gem may eventually accrue in value, but even the most desirable Rolexes, Panerai etc will at best just hold their value.Your bet bet is to buy the watch you want, not see it as an investment or an opportunity to impress others, wear the heck out of it, and enjoy it as much as possible. If you're lucky...
Nice Seiko, T do you mind sending me a link where you got yours please? (PM is cool) Dino - well said about the good guy/bad guys in watches, although it's an interesting and insightful view proposed by B in the first place. I would agree with you though. It's a free market, we buy what we want not what we're forced to, so by rational we choose what watch is right for us - good, bad and sometimes (often times) ugly.
@Belligero no argument about Richemont but don't forget brands like AP and even GP do it too. Mermaid Mission? (which I actually find interesting)
Man I should've paid more attention in English class...
JLC made MORE than one Batman Reverso ( though I love both JLC and Batman to death)
Hi @Newcomer @Keith T Generally speaking special editions and limited editions don't usually sway me one way or another. Unless there is overly garish branding itself on the case (JLC Rossi, older IWC Top Gun off the top of my head). In this case I'm not sure I see why there is so much disdain. True, the main aspect of these partnerships is in the end to marketing/ recognition, but I don't see anything wrong with also partnering and aiding a good cause while you're at it....
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