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it warms my heart to no end when RogerP posts pics of his boots and I happen to own some of the same ones. It reminds me that I have some pretty awesome boots, but that I'm just a really average photographer.
eff it - Gentry was having a killer sale on the Chiaia. Figured what the hell.. I thank-blame Mitchell
@mossrockss - awesome review man. That Chiaia looks far better on you than me when I tried it on. But you're making me hunger for it again.. @eighttrees - the BR Peacoat is one of my favorite winter wear. Skyfall notwithstanding I love mine.
^ I think the overall construction on the TS shirts are better but the forearms on TS shirts are very snug on me..
@RogerP - that is the worst. But I'm sure it's going to work out. No excuses though, that's just absolute Shite by DHL. could be worse - they could've blundered an incoming watch
^ Thank goodness I'm a firm 43.5. ps - Love the Valways. I've been waiting all year to wear mine again
^ very much appreciated guys. Great advice across the board!
Black, or dark brown? I'm not too knowledgeable on what makes a boot exactly a dress boot. I figured a lower profile sole and last as well. For example the Carmina Oscar last may be a bit too rounded? I think the EG 82 last would be a great shape, or the Vass F last..
Alright guys I'm soliciting some advice please. I'd like to get some dress boots in the near future - to wear with suits. I have some carmina black jumpers that are borderline dressy enough. I don't really like anything super chiseled or squared off but hoping for some great suggestions from you guys. I have a pair of Galways in DOAK, but need something darker and more conservative to wear with dark suits.. I like the GG Canterbury, the Carmina Balmoral boot on the...
I found it TTS. i.e. i wear a 52R in the Tipo/NMWA/Balthazar and took a 52R in the raincoat. Alas I didn't keep it because it wasn't quite what I was looking for. Got the navy one instead and have been pretty happy with it..
New Posts  All Forums: