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@benjamin831 - in this case being rose gold works in your favor. Discounts tend to be better on precious metal watches vs. their steel counterparts. Good luck and sweet choice
I've always felt the failed Ferrari experiment by Panerai would've worked better if instead of the Ferrari logo, Panerai just had a separate 'sport line'. Still with the Panerai logo, without the Ferrari cases/designs/logo, might've appealed to some who wanted a 'sportier' PAM. If that makes any sense..
I can't speak for Foo but I love the new Port chrono. Improvement over the original in every way -except price of course. Wish the silver dialed one had blued hour and minute hands though.
Nice panda , RP Foo. I also own a 5001 but agree with stitch there are prettier autos out there. I unfortunately like stitch am too lazy to prove it
TWAT spectacularly busy for a weekend. Say what you want, @mafoofan has really upped the discussion of late Anyways just wanted to share a quickie - my first sapphire crystal ding, on my DSSD no less. Must've whacked it against something pretty hard, this is where the thickness hurts I must admit. Anyways, didn't want to send it to RSC, as I heard they insist on a full service on top of any crystal work. Since the scratch seemed relatively small and shallow, and...
I've gotten discounts from my AD on all of our modern steel Rolexes. Am I missing something?
Foo - back in town for a few days and already TWAT is on fire. Love it. I tried the 372 in Cayman when it first came out so I was all excited to strap it on. It was a very nice and clean looking PAM. At that price point, it has an even greater appeal. Sat flatter and more comfortably on my wrist than my 312 (which is a thicker 1950's case)
Welcome back! Talk about completely different watches. I think the 372 is nice but as you know is gigantic. Plus I'm partial to PAMs especially when others are taking the plunge! And while that Cartier is gorgeous for the much coin I'd rather try a Reverso unless you are dead set on gold?
Get the GO its beautiful. But not if it's some quasi temporary hold me over piece until You can get an ALS. You'll regret it in that regard.
@RFX45. I love the date version of that watch in stainless with the white dial. I think the font throws a lot if people off. But I love the watch as a whole.
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