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well played... slow clap..
@Fueco - congrats - btw - where is it 70? Here in Maryland and Virginia we're iced/snowed in.
I need a nice pen like I need another watch - which is to say I really really need a nice pen..
Triple X post - Black Jumper finally got here. Exceeds my expectations for awesomeness. Thanks again, Skoak
Thanks for all the advice guys - appreciate all the input! edit: In the meantime these came today so maybe I can hold out on the brogues a bit longer until I make up my mind. Carmina/Skoak Black Calf Jumpers
lawdy, that VC..
Boot Masters, I need some help. Trying to find a brogue boot with leather sole. I'll probably get a good wear out of these since I like to wear jeans mostly and it fits my style. I'm on the fence between the Cheaney Dark Leaf and the C&J Skye. Now before you admonish me for even considering this a fair fight please indulge me as I'm rather new to this. As of now, the Cheaney's are about 300USD cheaper when all is said and done. Will I really notice the difference between...
@RogerP - love those blue laces on that suede. You're a boot genius.
Roger's boots look better than mine for some damn reason...
Well done Keith. Looks sublime. Wear in the best my friend R
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