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^ Nice choice. The Offshores don't get a lot of love here but I happen to like them for what they are - excellently crafted over-engineered monsters for casual wear.
I do agree with you about not abusing the forum with 'disdain-filled or complaint-filled posts' which I think ruins a thread. Just saying it would be nice to hear from G once in a while since we have a lot of loyal and enthusiastic customers here who generally have some pretty good questions that could use clarifying.Also - agree, nothing wrong with emailing CS - I've had a great record with them, and anything truly personal I make sure to email them first, never to air...
I've been thinking we haven't heard from Gustin for some time. This is one of the few affiliate threads I subscribe to where the sponsor is surprisingly quiet. Most of the other vendors on SF usually use their affiliate thread as an opportunity to discuss updates/new exciting happenings/questions about possible releases/ and handling of QC issues or other questions. Would definitely be nice to have them provide some official feedback.
Yowza. If I didn't have an FJ in navy coming from NMWA, I'd be hella all over that.
Someone talk me out of the Meridian Jacket.. I need another jacket like I need another pinky toe. But it's calling out to me..
I can understand the strong feelings about a watch, but I never understand the snap judgement/writing someone off because of what they choose to wear/don't wear, own/don't own. It's just personal style.
I'd never buy one but I'd still want to hold one in the metal. Mostly because I've never seen one.
@Belligero - Save your money for diapers, as they're more useful than any number of adorable/cute onesies and baby clothes that your baby will grow out of sooner than you know. But you'll be thankful for a plethora of diapers on hand. while it's a spectacularly fun and emotional journey, it's also completely normal to be tired all the time. That being said, I completely agree with you in that it doesn't necessarily need to be overly HARD either. Congrats again!
I like the grey and blue combination, but it's a YM so in the end... nope. Would love seeing the grey/blue combo on the Sub/SD models.
I have the white ones and they're pretty nice. I find a lot of their T shirt offerings are too billowy and lose shape fairly quickly. Perhaps it's due to the nature of the fabrics (pigment dyed,slub, etc..), which are very soft and comfortable but just too drapey IMO.However the all white cotton and all black cotton classic t shirts fit and hold shape extremely well.
New Posts  All Forums: