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true that..
Agree with Alexandr. Personally I do appreciate the relationships from buying loyalty with an AD, but sometimes it's about numbers. I'd much rather have a few extra grand in the pocket from one AD, as opposed to having the red carpet rolled out for me at another, maybe get a pen or cap but a much much lower discount. My friend drives a Porshe. A really really nice one. And he was the opposite. He could've shopped around more and maybe got a little more off the asking...
+1. Finding a watch you love is about finding and wearing a watch that impresses you every time you look at it - rather than just impressing TWAT members. of course there are plenty of instances where you can do both !
BMW 335xi was the funnest car I've ever owned. Not a single problem. Course I leased it brand new then turned it in 3 years after (before the infamous 4 year BMW warranty expires) Tried to find a writing instrument shot but had to dig deep to find this one. Best I could do I'm sorry to say. And man do I miss the 240 sometimes
Not sure what's the difference between a Rolex collector and a real buyer - The DSSD is my one and only Rolex. I certainly am no Rolex collector and doubt I'm a 'real buyer'. I agree it's not for everyone but I love it. It's worth saying again. It's as very much Rolex as it is UNRolex..
@bespoken pa - I just got Alden on the Barrie in 10 US. Fits like my Coniston 9.5UK
I wish I could find my inner RO. Seriously it's great to hear that you guys love it as much as you do👍
yeeeeeewwwwww sunavabitch....
Stiches - awesome macros man. Never noticed there was so much intricacy with the patisserie dial, but I shouldn't be surprised given it's an AP. Still awesome to see. Sweden - nice AT. I've been eyeing the split minute version for some time..
Right there's nothing wrong with Invicta watches either...
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