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nothing against the sub, but the SD4000 is a glorious watch IMO.
Sure, apologies for the iPhone selfie. Rota brown wool flannels also. I love em. Slight pocket flare but not a big deal to me.. Hope it helps. Love the GRP.
if the Batik doesn't work out for the suits and SC, I'd kop if you guys made a short sleeve or 3/4 sleeve button up with it for spring/summer. just sayin'
Liking that fan print shirt, but not sure if the chest would be too tight..
Sorry for the late reply..I went with a 5, which I think corresponds to Large.. Kyle recommended a 4 might be okay but that would've been too tight IMO.I'm about 5'11 185. The A1 fits like a great sweater. Not tight, but not like loose outwear either.. Hope this helps.
I love the DSOM and the GSOM, but Omega really should've stopped there. Now there are like 6 different versions including the meteorite dial one. Just like others have mentioned, too many variations/editions on a theme kind of ruined the specialness of it.but to that end, I think you can get a GSOM for far less than MSRP R
@bkotsko - great pic. Gustin would be proud, man
Congrats - best gift of all time!
I think quality wise the nod goes to Rolex. Dino brings up an interesting point re: resale value. If you plan on keeping it for life, then maybe not such a big sticking point. I do like the Speedy more as a "one watch" since I think it dresses down/up better with a leather strap and seems to be more versatile in that sense. Plus the brushed bracelet is a bonus vs. the polished center links on the Daytona. That being said, the new ceramic bezel Daytona with panda dial...
Not a Ceramic Daytona but it's still the only Rolex I got and I love it. Nothing else like it my collection. Tray can barely contain the two monsters
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