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Done on the A1. Working on the Rota.. Think it will look good with boots. I mean it would look great with Vass boots, but I'm not there. Not even close...
Those are incredible man.
^ some freakin' fine Rolexes up in this piece..
^ I got the same in 33 straight. My first Gustin chino. Actually a bit big on me Awesome fabric. Almost a "linen" crispy feel to it, but much heavier..
- Rota Brown Herringbone still available in my size.. somebody talk me off the cliff or just push me over..
I actually think they look better in real life, i.e. actually being worn. Nice.
@Epaulet - by the way, big props for always being a pleasure to work with, and always addressing everyone's questions/concerns/critique with a friendly and grateful attitude. Never making anyone feel that a question is too redundant or "stupid". Other vendors (who shall not be named) could really learn a lot from you in terms of interacting with their SF client base. Well done and thanks again
^ Thanks, R.
New "staples" just arrived. Extremely happy with them. I need more navy and grey suits like I need a third foot, but couldn't resist. This is the Bloomingdales' "Tipo" model which is a drop 7. Much fuller in the body than the NMWA and Balthazar cuts, but I actually prefer this lapel shape/width the best. It has that classic Eidos lapel line (absent from the Balthazar cuts), but the lapel itself isn't as wide and pronounced as the NMWA one. Also maintains the 3r2 which I've...
That gold Omega is indeed gorgeous but I don't even want to know what they're asking for it. @dopey - huh?
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