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I like the Hulk and ceramic rocks, but seeing it next to the older LV made me really appreciate the older model. I like the contrast between the bezel and the black dial.
^ great stuff but my eyes went blind after that last shot of the AP
A great jacket - I'd nab it but have too much outerwear as is. Great piece and a killer price for whomever grabs this.
Raining here so why not an Eidos raincoat? I have too many navy outerwear pieces but couldn't resist..
Saks only. None of the Bloomies here carry.
I have 3 NMWA Eidos suits and I can see your point.. I hope they stand the test of time, but I admit the cut/look is very distinct..
Ahh - it's a great coat. I got it last year when Saks was having a crazy sale - It's very slim FYI and I had to have the tailor loosen up the lower parts of the sleeves a bit. I took my usual suit size but not sure I could fit a suit comfortable underneath. Very soft and luxurious though.
Nice! So much win. I'm looking into a lightweight Rota as well..
which one are you referring? Are you talking about the blue overcoat in wool/silk/cashmere they have online?
^ +1, at Saks I saw "Tenero" on the 3r2 models' tags as well. This was last winter FWIW..
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