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Bkotsko - you're obligated to show a pic of your RS5 and your watch now. If happily take an RS5 over most Porshes any given day and on Sunday too
HRoi - well done sir. (slow clap) Frills - if you ever get into cars, we'll make a separate forum just for you. It would be bananas I'm sure. Nuke - young, single. No wife. No kids. Get as many watches and fast cars as you can now. NOW!
Always a lot of juice that flows when we talk about IWC. Controversial to say the least. I will say I've met a few of the Top Gun owners and none of them have any pretense that wearing an IWC TG Chrono makes them any more a fighter pilot than if they were wearing "Watch Y". Most just love the design in that particular model. I know personally I like the looks of the IWC Top Gun, EXCEPT for the TG branding. Thank goodness the latest model has removed the horrid TG...
NS - congrats on making a good decision. Moving pieces that no longer move you is something I wish I had the balls to do sometimes. But.. but.. she's just so pretty Seriously - I hear the criticism about the 5001-07 and admit it's not for everyone, but it's been perfect for me. Hate to hear about the Heuers though! a (final?) goodbye from mine to yours. I'm sure your Port will bring its new owner a lot of joy
Frills - if what you're saying is true, that's RIDICULOUS.
JBar - At least you can check off the Speedy on your list to own. Smart move trying them on though. At the end of the day it's all about the emotion your watch gives you. Frills - congrats on the LV. That's an awesome pair and hope you two get to swap it out often! I'd also love to hear your comparison on your Sub vs the new SD. To me, it seems that having both may be redundant, but to the more seasoned collector there may be a lot more than meets my untrained eye!
Ahhh the good ol' days. For a watch-a-holic these can be the golden years. Don't get me wrong, my wife has been fantastic about this obsession and most of my collection has been obtained during our time together, but I completely feel you.Throw kids into the mix(?) and it becomes a real balancing act for most of us.Seeing as how you're young, mobile, and successful I almost want to tell you to go all out with reckless abandon. Almost.. hint hint.
Nuke - for sure don't let us sway you. We here on TWAT (at least I do) love to live vicariously through the various new acquisitions of its members. Although I think a Rolex would look great in your stable, that's not a reason alone to plop down that much for something that doesn't really sing to you - unless you just have stacks that you need to burn through. Save for the dream. Unless you're like me and like to get distracted every now and then. But I can't say I really...
Nice comparison, Frills. I'm sure Cartier puts out a quality product.. But at $8k on a rubber.. That's SubC range
I vote new SD, Nuke. Immediate gratification is one thing, but this will be both immediate and long lasting celebrating my birthday weekend with a weekend off (finally!) with this bday present. Crappy pic, I know.
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