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I ordered the same through BSA and got a killer price as well. Awesome boot!
Dude. Keep those! Awesome looking
Congrats. Which color?
That Longines design... Wow. I really am interested in the new Rolex YM - I bet it's pretty fantastic in person and I bet the Oysterflex strap is out of this world. Personally I'll never buy it but I can appreciate what Rolex did here. The Omega Snoopy is a great looking watch and I'm looking forward to seeing it in person, or on Frill's wrist first The Globemaster just does nothing for me. I love Omega but the Pie-pan design is something I've never warmed up to.
Those look great , also I don't know if it's the color or what, but those looks more rounded than the recent Skoak Black jumpers also on the Oscar Last..
Do it Frills!
Just a direct comparison if anyone's interested.. Filson: Gustin: I mean...
lower price notwithstanding, it's still unsettling to copy someone else's work and sell it. Full Disclosure - I have no idea but maybe that style was made way before Filson.
Soliciting advice from the pros (again). Looking for a wingtip boot. considering the C&J Skye and the Alden Wingtip on the Barrie Last. I currently have the AE Daltons which IMO are too narrow and a bit too dressy for jeans. I'm usually in casual clothing ,mostly jeans so thought the fuller and more substantial Alden would look good. I can't tell if the Skye is too slim/svelt to be worn this way- If anyone has any experience with one or both could you please help a boot...
Thanks Budapest Going for leather soles. I have too many boots with rubber soles as is Also - the Skye's in brown - I can only find them from Crockett and Jones stores, and no way they're ever on sale.. But they look awesome..
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