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@chanoch - GO Senator Sixties is where I'd put my money on. I've had a love affair with the silver/white dial version for a while. Indeed I should've chosen that watch for my wedding watch instead of the JLC MC..
The IWC that Apropos referenced is indeed much nicer (IMO). But in the end It's your coin, so a watch has to make you happy first. Otherwise just get a Reverso and make SF happy instead.
As an IWC fan, I have to say that's far from my favorite model, but from your post it sounds like you're in love with that particular IWC, which is by far the most compelling reason to get it. If you've done your research and looked at other brands/models (Belli is right, there are many many other great watches at that price point as well that are superior win many ways to that Portofino) and that particular Portofino sings to you the loudest, then I think you have your...
I have a few Balthazar models from Bloomies, and I concur about the shape of the lapels. They appear to be similar to more 'mainstream' suit labels (for lack of a better description)
that club is gorgeous RogerP, I had the automatic version in my cart for about 5 minutes.. While it doesn't necessarily break the bank at $2400-2500 or so, I don't really need another watch right now, so I can't justify laying down that kind of dough. But it's damn tempting..
Speaking of Nomos, they just landed on Massdrop if anyone's interested. Club model. gorgeous watch. I prefer the lugs on it over their other offerings.. If you wanted a Nomos Club at a bit of a discount..
^ Awesome. I love that lapel shape and the 3r2 is killer. Fit pics when it comes please.
first one to post pics of the new leather jacket will win this forum for the next week. Just sayin'
The Heavy Indigo T is definitely a bit trimmer than the slub offerings. Curious as to how much shrinkage happens after a wash. Sleeves seems a bit short so I'm hoping nothing crazy shrink-wise
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