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Ahh - it's a great coat. I got it last year when Saks was having a crazy sale - It's very slim FYI and I had to have the tailor loosen up the lower parts of the sleeves a bit. I took my usual suit size but not sure I could fit a suit comfortable underneath. Very soft and luxurious though.
Nice! So much win. I'm looking into a lightweight Rota as well..
which one are you referring? Are you talking about the blue overcoat in wool/silk/cashmere they have online?
^ +1, at Saks I saw "Tenero" on the 3r2 models' tags as well. This was last winter FWIW..
Same here. My wife loves her DJ, and she went with the oyster.Some AD's have a generous exchange policy about gifts - if you explain to them, that your wife my prefer the other style bracelet instead, they often understand and would let you exchange it, the watch has to be unworn of course. It's usually reserved for special occasions and not just 'change of heart'
@P. Bateman awesome watch. If you can afford it then go and get some already.
Haha. Yeaaaah riiiiight, Roger. Sure. I could throw darts randomly at your collection and find two easily.j/k thanks my friend.
X post from Vass thread. Recent transfer of title from @Shouldaville - by the way spot on with the sizing advice and all the help/info my man. I love this Valway makeup. Oxblood/Black Scotch grain with Goyser stitching and Vibram Commando sole. It's my first Vass and I'm obviously quite smitten. A few side by side Skoak Doak brotherly shots too. I wanted something slightly more casual than the EG's, and I think this will work. I'm really impressed with the craftsmanship...
Quick and dirties of my new drop courtesy of @Shouldaville. Always a pleasure my friend and thank you! Yup - I'm the new happy owner of his downright awesome oxblood/black grain F last Valways. These are my first Vass and I'm definitely seeing what all the love is about. This definitely will not be my last one. As with most new discoveries on SF, I blame/curse you guys, but not as much as my wallet. Seriously I love these boots. Wanted something slightly more casual than...
Wide angle lens too, no doubt.
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