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@Epaulet @justinkapur Do you guys have any additional pics of the new Aero Jackets pretty please? Also does it have a front double zipper? Appreciate it, sorry if I missed the post if you guys already talked about it. Thanks!
^ are you taking orders? You should name those boots "Amazeballz"
Went with the Walts in Grey Tweed, Oxford Grey Flannel, and Stormy Wool/Cash. It took me some brainwork as I had to avoid the same grey wools from the recent MTO Rivets. I have serious issues..
PSA - crazy sale on Barney's Warehouse on some Eidos stuff. FJ, and Solaro SC to name a few. Sizes going quickly it seems.
Nice - what last is this? 2030? It looks more generous in the toe box than a 2030 though.. [[SPOILER]]
I think if you're not going to layer heavily sizing down might work out well
+1CS has been awesome allowing me to dial in the right fit on a recent Eidos coat. Thanks guys! [[SPOILER]]
I highly echo @Dino944 sentiments. I wouldn't buy something I didn't love just because of the discount. It's still a decent chunk of change you could use towards something you TRULY want. Sure a new watch at a great discount will be fun in the short term but over time I think you might regret it. Save for what you want would be my advice.. That being said, flipping it at that point down the line - you may actually break even or come out a little ahead if you're truly...
You know it's a good day when your biggest decision is which pair to wear to Disney on Ice
Went with wool cav twill and charcoal flannel. Was debating on wool rivets vs wool trousers but the 20% off on the rivets was the tiebreaker I'm trying to envision the difference between a flannel charcoal rivet with no outseam taping and a walt trouser in a similar fabric @Epaulet
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