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JBar - At least you can check off the Speedy on your list to own. Smart move trying them on though. At the end of the day it's all about the emotion your watch gives you. Frills - congrats on the LV. That's an awesome pair and hope you two get to swap it out often! I'd also love to hear your comparison on your Sub vs the new SD. To me, it seems that having both may be redundant, but to the more seasoned collector there may be a lot more than meets my untrained eye!
Ahhh the good ol' days. For a watch-a-holic these can be the golden years. Don't get me wrong, my wife has been fantastic about this obsession and most of my collection has been obtained during our time together, but I completely feel you.Throw kids into the mix(?) and it becomes a real balancing act for most of us.Seeing as how you're young, mobile, and successful I almost want to tell you to go all out with reckless abandon. Almost.. hint hint.
Nuke - for sure don't let us sway you. We here on TWAT (at least I do) love to live vicariously through the various new acquisitions of its members. Although I think a Rolex would look great in your stable, that's not a reason alone to plop down that much for something that doesn't really sing to you - unless you just have stacks that you need to burn through. Save for the dream. Unless you're like me and like to get distracted every now and then. But I can't say I really...
Nice comparison, Frills. I'm sure Cartier puts out a quality product.. But at $8k on a rubber.. That's SubC range
I vote new SD, Nuke. Immediate gratification is one thing, but this will be both immediate and long lasting celebrating my birthday weekend with a weekend off (finally!) with this bday present. Crappy pic, I know.
congrats Nuke. I think the new SD would be a fantastic way to celebrate. Hey you only pass the Texas bar once, right?
Awesome Rad, KeithT
DJH - Congrats - awesome 9300! I think RogerP might have some strap suggestions. I wear mine on the OEM black strap, but the bracelet's not bad either.
Forex - as one of the very few DSSD on here (anyone?.. Anyone?..) I'll be happy to give my impressions. Keep in mind here in TWAT you won't find it gets much love so if you're looking for user reviews you should probably peruse one of the many Rolex forums. This is SF after all and well the DSSD is hardly stylish I must admit The gripes about its size and bracelet are legitimate. I would've killed to have the bracelet be an extra 2 mm wider by the clasp. That being said...
My big chunky divers for Mimo Serious the chrono diver from JLC is nice and I actually like the color scheme. I think that monster comes in at 46 mm if I'm not mistaken which is too big even for my taste. That JLC Duo is something else. Hey now that Frills has popped his Sub cherry should we egg him onto a JLC? !! Dino I agree with you about all these so called special editions. After a while it becomes an obvious marketing scheme. However I will reaffirm that I do...
New Posts  All Forums: