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+1. Finding a watch you love is about finding and wearing a watch that impresses you every time you look at it - rather than just impressing TWAT members. of course there are plenty of instances where you can do both !
BMW 335xi was the funnest car I've ever owned. Not a single problem. Course I leased it brand new then turned it in 3 years after (before the infamous 4 year BMW warranty expires) Tried to find a writing instrument shot but had to dig deep to find this one. Best I could do I'm sorry to say. And man do I miss the 240 sometimes
Not sure what's the difference between a Rolex collector and a real buyer - The DSSD is my one and only Rolex. I certainly am no Rolex collector and doubt I'm a 'real buyer'. I agree it's not for everyone but I love it. It's worth saying again. It's as very much Rolex as it is UNRolex..
@bespoken pa - I just got Alden on the Barrie in 10 US. Fits like my Coniston 9.5UK
I wish I could find my inner RO. Seriously it's great to hear that you guys love it as much as you do👍
yeeeeeewwwwww sunavabitch....
Stiches - awesome macros man. Never noticed there was so much intricacy with the patisserie dial, but I shouldn't be surprised given it's an AP. Still awesome to see. Sweden - nice AT. I've been eyeing the split minute version for some time..
Right there's nothing wrong with Invicta watches either...
just backed my 2nd pair of OKS. Straights fit well but seeing if having a slim version in the rotation will work as well
Ti scratches more easily but is harder to dent if that makes any sense..
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