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^ - I have the grey/black and they are indeed charcoal grey with black interior. probably just the lighting. Awesome jeans.
Hi guys - seeking help. Search function is failing me at this point . Looking to pick up some Eidos suits and sport coats Does anyone have a good stockist they recommend (aside from NMWA and AK Rikks..). Especially if you have a style/sale associate at Nordstroms or Bloomingdales in NY or San Fran who knows the Eidos models well and you wouldn't mind sharing me their contact info - that would be great and much appreciated. PM would be best Thanks in advance R
Hi guys - bit of help here please. Tried the search function, but couldn't get exactly the answer I needed... Just got the Yosemite Shirts, went off their sizing specs, and it's probably because it's a pretty thick cotton, but the chest is pretty snug even without an undershirt. I plan to abuse them and wash/dry in the machine frequently and was worried that shrinkage may be an issue. Anyone recommend sizing up in the Yosemite? Thanks in advance R
completely agree. I don't like the diagonal patterns on the pocket. hoping they keep the black watch pattern lined up normally on the pockets.. But also the new workshirt fits with the heavier solid flannels would be awesome.
@gustin - love to see some of the flannels especially the heavy flannels and black watch in the newer workshirt fits
I'm a 42R as well. Unfort for me it's been a steep and expensive learning curve with G button downs.The Classic Large is great in the chest, but too long and too 'blouse-y" in the abdomen. The classic medium - sigh - some fit okay out of the bag, but after a wash some are just way too tight..Im thinking the CL Large flannels might shrink reasonably enough to fit well, maybe with some alterations after the fact. I love the fabrics, but with all said and done, value starts...
+101 People need to stop trying to dissect every little statement so they can find something by which to be offended. I didn't find it homophobic at all,but then again I'm not really sensitive to it anyways.
@Novelty77 - Congrats on a stunning watch. I agree with everyone else when I say while this is indeed a grail for most mortals, this is most likely your 'end-month' watch
Got my first but not last suit from NMWA this week. Greg - was a pleasure to do business with you and I love the Eidos Fresco suit. Thanks again R
Nonsense my friend. A Rolex Sub is an amazing watch and the ultimate beater (if you want it to be). With your collection I would accept no less
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