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^ got the black SVB from Mr. Porter. 30% off is too good.
^Another vote for the Moon @P. Bateman
@Epaulet @justinkapur Do you guys have any additional pics of the new Aero Jackets pretty please? Also does it have a front double zipper? Appreciate it, sorry if I missed the post if you guys already talked about it. Thanks!
^ are you taking orders? You should name those boots "Amazeballz"
Went with the Walts in Grey Tweed, Oxford Grey Flannel, and Stormy Wool/Cash. It took me some brainwork as I had to avoid the same grey wools from the recent MTO Rivets. I have serious issues..
PSA - crazy sale on Barney's Warehouse on some Eidos stuff. FJ, and Solaro SC to name a few. Sizes going quickly it seems.
Nice - what last is this? 2030? It looks more generous in the toe box than a 2030 though.. [[SPOILER]]
I think if you're not going to layer heavily sizing down might work out well
+1CS has been awesome allowing me to dial in the right fit on a recent Eidos coat. Thanks guys! [[SPOILER]]
I highly echo @Dino944 sentiments. I wouldn't buy something I didn't love just because of the discount. It's still a decent chunk of change you could use towards something you TRULY want. Sure a new watch at a great discount will be fun in the short term but over time I think you might regret it. Save for what you want would be my advice.. That being said, flipping it at that point down the line - you may actually break even or come out a little ahead if you're truly...
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