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I've always liked GP and think the World timer you've shown is very cool, but for me the hands seem a bit short..
Great video for all the NOMOS fans.. Makes me want to buy one someday. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UwpP_s8LV_Y#t=56
I'm very curious to see how fashion houses like LV, RL, Hermes and Zegna are doing in the watch world. Some of their pieces don't look too bad but I can't think of any reason to buy one for the same cost as an Omega IWC or even JLC. I've never seen one in the wild either. Seems like a costly venture and I wonder how their return is so far. Anyone have an idea?
Congrats, MZ. Very elegant Cartier
Great pic Frills. All very different right down to the materials even! Great to see them all getting along for a sweet photo op
Kop that. Big PiKop ps - try setting the date and the time. Then wind it all the way. It's a hoot.
I also like the idea of Rolex as sports/sports casual watches and not as dressier watches. I think they are the product of their own marketing. Then again, I don't really have the numbers to see how well their dressier models sell. Maybe there's a huge market, but back here on the states, a Rolex dress watch is uber rare. Though the Cellini's are nice enough, IMO they're not nice enough to beat out their competition which is really something in that price bracket.. wait,...
awesome watch, Betterman. I thought about the POC long and hard but went with the 9300 Speedy instead. The POC still haunts me though even I admit its size is not for the faint of heart..
Put a Speedy style bracelet with their new adjustable clasp, (all brushed no polish) give it a non cyclops date and I'd be in line. As it stands now I like their 42 PO better. But maybe they wanted something different enough from that line..
Frills I agree with B - the new SD will be much sought after for some time by many. Any discount you may get by waiting would be outweighed easily by the immediate awesomeness you would have by reserving now and putting it on ASAP and then flaunting it in front of all of our envious screens. Plus then we could be SD siblings. Albeit I might be the red haired step child Consider yourself 'enabled' !
New Posts  All Forums: