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whew.. cause i was about to ask what are you smoking..
Healthy family, good kids and a Tesla P85d... in that order of course..
Thanks guys. Also thanks for the Galway enabling. My retirement fund really needed that
^^ +10 Get back to the basics, to what what made them successful and well loved and improve and perfect that. Then branch it out. This may be at odds with their financial mission perhaps? At the end of the day I can't fault them for trying to focus on their economics, I guess all I can do is just decide if G is still worth my money. on that note, the Japan GreyXBlacks came very late, but are still VERY awesome.. So I guess I'm on the hook a little bit longer..
I don't get to dress up too often but when I do it's nice to put on the 'little guy' (term of affection).. Trying to up the Porn content a little more I suppose.
I'll miss the community board too. When I first started I found a wealth of knowledge and good guys there. Gave me a reason to go the Gustin site besides just looking at the loot for sale. I'm a huge fan of G but honestly some of their more recent moves (bailing on the community is the latest), widespread sizing issues and product delays have really disappointed me. I wish them well but hope success doesn't make the lose their DNA, that would be a shame. Bonobos all over...
Sorry my mistake - it was the preorder for the DOAK. New to this whole shoe thing..
I blame - I mean OWE you, @RogerP - and I'll have my revenge. Here or on TWAT. mark it.
Black Carmina Jumpers orderd. First EGs ordered as well- MTO Galways. Thank you SF enablers. And curse you as well.
Carmina jumper sounds great. I'm in - vote for purple or royal blue liner
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