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@Belligero big congrats !
Also not a fan of the yacht club and I'm more or less a big fan of IWC in general. I agree that c/w the Daytona I can't say that particular IWC model is more refined or elegant. Have you tried them both on next to each other? I'm speaking of the 43.5 mm model to be sure, leave alone the 45 mm YC. When you're at that price range, a little stretch could certainly get you the Daytona if that's what you truly want. You had mentioned if money wasn't an option- but for a "bit"...
I've had good success with AB Fits. They tapered a pair of Gs for my brother and it looked great. I agree with Gaseous - would go the 'denim specialist' over a tailor for denim, exceptions not withstanding
I apologize for my part in this avalanche of pants discussion. I honestly was trying to compliment Moss on his Rotas as well as trying to highlight the awesomeness that is Rota's super comfortable and silky smooth button fly..
starting to regret buying those (suit) pants off you already..
Haha Actually I really love the Rota button fly. It's so damn smooth. I agree it's not as convenient as a zipper though
^ the Rota button fly - it has to be buttoned to be believed...
late to congratulate you, @jbarwick. Fantastic, my man
^ Congrats, great to hear how much you love it and why. That's what this forum is about after all - POR- ah.. I mean APPRECIATION
@Medoc - if it makes you feel better the Grey Silks weren't that great (for me). Had three pairs, returned or sold or donated them. I'm sure some/many here love them, but as Devastitis pointed out they're not for everyone. They're very comfortable sure, but they drape kinda funny by the ankles, too soft and they don't hold a cuff very well IMO. There are a some great grey offerings by Gustin that I'd much rather have. My point is, don't feel that bad. All this advice is...
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