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saw it too, agree - quicksilver stole the show
I agree with Nuke the BLNR and Sub may be too redundant for most. Unless you're frills. Out of the two, I prefer the Sub-C with date. If I were you, and it was your first and only Rolex, maybe hold out for the new SD. I personally love the new IWC Port Chrono and find it an improvement in every possible way over its predecessor, but it's damn expensive. And I wish it had more blue. Whatever you choose you've got a fine list in mind and keep us all posted! Frills - you...
GoDSSDzilla - instant classic. All that education is really paying off:nodding:
These are the situations where a Nautilus, AP Jumbo or Speedmaster would work nicely. Subtle enough to fly by most, but awesome enough to catch the discerning eye if need be. R KeithT - congrats on Masterdom. Well deserved, my man
Frills - you didn't heed the TWAT'ers and now we're brothers What are you initial thoughts? I think it looks great on you. Are you going to get the new SD as well? Is that 4 Rolexes in less than 4 months??!! You really are your namesake Congrats again R PS - Swede and Steel - congrats on some great lookers
Agree with Hroi - watches cars and deadlifts intermixed with Kate uptom then back to watches. This thread is on fire I'm jealous. I've never lifted that heavy and ever since I tore my pec , shoulder and bicep doing BJJ, those days of crushing it in the gym are long gone I'm afraid. Owning a DSSD I still wouldn't contemplate going after 500 lbs. I'll stick with my wide grip deads - love em but also hate them like crazy
Don't do it Frills. You're stronger than that. Wait....
I wonder what a BP cost back then ? No doubt the 5002? Chilling at work today. Finally good weather here in DC and I'm stuck inside.
Bkotsko - you're obligated to show a pic of your RS5 and your watch now. If happily take an RS5 over most Porshes any given day and on Sunday too
HRoi - well done sir. (slow clap) Frills - if you ever get into cars, we'll make a separate forum just for you. It would be bananas I'm sure. Nuke - young, single. No wife. No kids. Get as many watches and fast cars as you can now. NOW!
New Posts  All Forums: