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Stiches - awesome macros man. Never noticed there was so much intricacy with the patisserie dial, but I shouldn't be surprised given it's an AP. Still awesome to see. Sweden - nice AT. I've been eyeing the split minute version for some time..
Right there's nothing wrong with Invicta watches either...
just backed my 2nd pair of OKS. Straights fit well but seeing if having a slim version in the rotation will work as well
Ti scratches more easily but is harder to dent if that makes any sense..
I ordered the same through BSA and got a killer price as well. Awesome boot!
Dude. Keep those! Awesome looking
Congrats. Which color?
That Longines design... Wow. I really am interested in the new Rolex YM - I bet it's pretty fantastic in person and I bet the Oysterflex strap is out of this world. Personally I'll never buy it but I can appreciate what Rolex did here. The Omega Snoopy is a great looking watch and I'm looking forward to seeing it in person, or on Frill's wrist first The Globemaster just does nothing for me. I love Omega but the Pie-pan design is something I've never warmed up to.
Those look great , also I don't know if it's the color or what, but those looks more rounded than the recent Skoak Black jumpers also on the Oscar Last..
Do it Frills!
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