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Yes I think I'd Exploreher.sorry, too much?
Back to the grind.
Sweet 176 @bkotsko - an ink eraser easily cleaned up the scuffs on my old 240. Looked brand new in less than 5 minutes. Ti scratches easily, but as a result of those same properties also cleans up well too.. R
Tug or tuck?
"Casual" business dinner later - figure I should lose the divers for one night. Happy Hump day
+1. Nothing more to say, NS
Gotta admit that was kinda funny.
ahh. Dat Snowflake Lovin' the JLC, Zenith and Patek - all glorious Non Rollie here
Man @no frills - you are on a tear! I know it's for your friend but congrats in order.
Found out about Gustin a few months ago. Since then I have backed 4 jeans, most recently the grey silks. I only have one in my possession the Cone Bluexblack which I must admit are pretty damn nice. Also got the natural classic belt and am waiting for their black plaid shirt to come back. So basically yeah - I'm in trouble.
New Posts  All Forums: