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@IrateCustomer - looking good. What size shirt do you wear ? I'm 5'11 180. I wear a jcrew medium slim. I've heard go medium but a fair number have recommended large as well
@Krish the Fish - I will give my bit of advice, thought it's been about 10 years or so since medical school. It's a great idea to get a nice watch (within reason), as sometimes on cold, lonely call days and call nights, it'll be a source of comfort. Silly as it sounds, if you appreciate watches, then there's something about having that extra smile on your wrist on the end of a 48 hours shift (though they don't do that anymore, do they?). I guess your first few years you'll...
Uh Oh - I've heard this song before.. Don't delay the inevitable. Just get it now so you can enjoy it sooner! (enabling mode is on FULL)
I saw it at my local AD in Northern VA. Not a boutique either.R
the DSOM - it's a love hate for me. Handling it in person is a different experience than the photos. When you take into account the extraordinary amount of engineering to fabricate pretty much everything in ceramic, coupled with a great movement, I can definitely see why it costs so much. My only drawback is it's a lot shinier than I anticipated. Many of the ceramic surfaces are polished, as opposed to the matte black ceramic cases of say IWC or JLC. I'd probably have...
Milgauss and Blackseal look great on you IMO
First and only : mccleans. Courtesy of nordstroms
Sorry to hear about that minor set back, @no frills, but good on you for not settling for anything less than virgin. Seeing that caseback sticker though brings back fond memories..
I think the Bathyscape is a nice watch, especially the dial. I just can't fall in love with that date position. I had a SINN with the same date position, come to think of it - similar hands and overall teutonic look - and I ended up moving on from it. I do like this version over the previous FF. Someone once said that the bezel on the FF reminded him of a toilet cover, and after that I could not un-see the image from my brain. Unfair judgement? probably. @no frills - of...
First Gustin - the Cone BluexBlack. One day of wear. Very saturated to begin with and the tonal stitching makes it a more formal option IMO. Comfortable out of the box, light but still stiff at first. Looking forward to how it plays out..
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