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If anyone bought the Monitaly Parka in Black, size 40 and had a change of mind and wants to unload it, please PM me
I wear a 52 in NMWA, Balthazar, Tipo.I wear a 54 in Tenero so I'd advise to size up..
Me too. 52r in suits, 52 in new FJ, 50 in the HJ as well.
I have the Chocolate one. It's fantastic.For the past few months I've been itching and looking for a black cafe racer but didn't necessarily want the 'same' style as I have. I've looked pretty hard and can't find a black jacket that ticks off all the boxes for me except the Thedi. And wouldn't you know it, there's an actual sale on them today.So my point? You're right, they're awesome jackets. I should know, because now I have 2 of them JUMP on it, fellas!
Couldn't hold out anymore. Monitaly Black Mountain Parka ordered. My wife is sure to ask me "Don't you have that one in grey?!?" Damn I can't resist Camo.
^ got the black SVB from Mr. Porter. 30% off is too good.
^Another vote for the Moon @P. Bateman
@Epaulet @justinkapur Do you guys have any additional pics of the new Aero Jackets pretty please? Also does it have a front double zipper? Appreciate it, sorry if I missed the post if you guys already talked about it. Thanks!
^ are you taking orders? You should name those boots "Amazeballz"
Went with the Walts in Grey Tweed, Oxford Grey Flannel, and Stormy Wool/Cash. It took me some brainwork as I had to avoid the same grey wools from the recent MTO Rivets. I have serious issues..
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