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Frills - I like where your head's at. IH and DSSD were made for each other. Love em
That VC event sounds awesome.
BSA ltd. check them out if you want tan conistons with speed hooks under 580 shipped
I think it's the dreaded face on wrist shot that is making the 57 look bigger. It's 41.5 iirc and I'm sure frills you would wear it well. I like the 57 a lot but I prefer the dial of my 44 speedy personally.
@bespoken pa - love those conistons. I like the fact they have the speed hooks. The FB ones don't (I believe)..
Sunday in church with a little Swiss-German. Oh and some 3sixteens too
I can't tell if you guys are being serious, joking or a bit of both. I'll pay for the their colleges, they pay their way through medical school. That's what I did and it worked out pretty well. Now back to those boots...
Every time I see those Edward Green Lanterns I tell myself to be strong and I have kids to put through college..
So good RogerP. Love it my man. I have the Oscar Black Jumpers - do you guys think the Oscar last is too sleek for jeans? I definitely seeing myself wearing them with trousers and such..
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