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First and only : mccleans. Courtesy of nordstroms
Sorry to hear about that minor set back, @no frills, but good on you for not settling for anything less than virgin. Seeing that caseback sticker though brings back fond memories..
I think the Bathyscape is a nice watch, especially the dial. I just can't fall in love with that date position. I had a SINN with the same date position, come to think of it - similar hands and overall teutonic look - and I ended up moving on from it. I do like this version over the previous FF. Someone once said that the bezel on the FF reminded him of a toilet cover, and after that I could not un-see the image from my brain. Unfair judgement? probably. @no frills - of...
First Gustin - the Cone BluexBlack. One day of wear. Very saturated to begin with and the tonal stitching makes it a more formal option IMO. Comfortable out of the box, light but still stiff at first. Looking forward to how it plays out..
Yes I think I'd Exploreher.sorry, too much?
Back to the grind.
Sweet 176 @bkotsko - an ink eraser easily cleaned up the scuffs on my old 240. Looked brand new in less than 5 minutes. Ti scratches easily, but as a result of those same properties also cleans up well too.. R
Tug or tuck?
"Casual" business dinner later - figure I should lose the divers for one night. Happy Hump day
+1. Nothing more to say, NS
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