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Sure - apologies for the really craptastic quality.. Ever since iPhoto because "Photos", I've had so many misplaced pics, hard to find a lot of them..
Admittedly it's not a watch for everyone but I think for it's price it's a great watch. The 7 day movement has been great (for some reason a lot more accurate than the same movement in my BP..). I agree it's a tad thick, but the diameter is perfect for my taste. Even though I have a smaller, thinner and simpler 40 mm JLC, I almost always reach for the IWC when I need to wear it with a suit/formal situations and it's fine. I have a 7" wrist and the proportions to me are...
Have it and love it. Not a true dress watch per se but a great casual piece.
thankfully out of my size..
ahhh. good eye. Mike, FWIW I think the non-sideburn look is better on you!
Congrats on the Nomos. I may in the minority here but I really prefer the lugs on yours vs. their other models.
Add me to the list!
Few months ago I nabbed the SB Tux from above. I never need/wear a tux, but if I ever need to, I'll be stoked to wear it!
Not to hijack the Gustin thread, but again that jacket looks great. I got the Epaulet/Thedi cafe racer this year and it looks a bit different than yours. Mine's horsehide I believe..
Agreed - that jacket is badass. Deets?
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