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Sweet! - Carmina GMTO is ON. Skoak saves the day.
@Leaves - and Skoak - are the price increases already in effect? We were just told our Carmina GMTO would be under the new pricing even though we seem to be a few days before the deadline. Please feel free to PM.
Agree 100%. Sorry to quote the entire thing but you took the words off my keyboard
Nabbed the Polo suede boots and a pair of brown dress oxfords. For some reason once I subscribed to this thread my older shoes all of a sudden became uncomfortable to wear. That's when I decided to replace all of them. Going to have a lot red boxes to share in the next week or two ! Bastards.
Waiting I'm fine with. Just deliver your products when you say you will. Whether it be 1 month, 2 months or 3 months. Deliver on the promise date. It's not whining, it's the expectation that a company lives up to its own end of the agreement. And it's not just one or two runs of this or that, it's been countless different jeans,chinos,jackets and so it's not just one or two people complaining. It's a whole shit ton of people and fans who've noticed this in the past several...
Killer. Who's taking the photos though?
Thanks, RP - calf my friend. Have not waded into those "shell" waters yet and nor do I want to..
The floodgates continue to open. 2nd of 5 Carminas ordered in the last 2 weeks. I continue to curse SFers. ahhhh. but dat BOX!
Thanks! It's the older Master Control at 40mm. It's since been replaced by the better-balanced 39 mm. Both are thin but neither are "Ultra-thin"Not sure of going rates these days sorry..
Grain of salt, this is all very new to me. I wear a Carmina Forest 9.5UK and I went with 9.5UK in the Galways. Skoak rec width F..
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