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Everyone who took a 52 - my wallet thanks you.
I got the exact same one a few weeks ago from them and it's awesome. Heads up it does fit larger than the Ragosta in the same size..
- IWC AT? If so --> nice!
Lawdy, that strap! [[SPOILER]]
I say given that you bought the pin - wear it however you like.
Got the Matera Jacket today. Same fabric as the FJ I got this year (I'm a sucker for navy). Got both in a 52r and the fit on the Matera is much fuller, with more room in the shoulder, back, and chest - plus it's longer too. At first I thought I got a size too big but after taking some time to compare the two, I realized it was probably a design to give the Matera more functionality (casual comfort, movement, layering etc..). Honestly the Matera is more a light coat in...
Completely agree. Sounds strange but the distinctive turquoise pin was a small but significant selling point for me if that makes any sense..
afraid not - it's a JLC.
Portfolio from La Portegna just landed. Gratuitous watch shot too..
^ I was afraid you'd say that. I have the FJ in the same Navy Sateen from NMWA. Lesigh... - update - I'm a sucker for double zippers especially on awesome outerwear. kopped..
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